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Tomislav Šunjka

Tomislav Šunjka

ŠunjkaLawSremska 4/1VojvodinaNovi SadSerbia21000

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Asset Recovery 2020

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WWL Ranking: Recommended

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Tomislav Šunjka is a distinguished commercial litigation and insolvency specialist, well versed in representing victims of white-collar crime and bankruptcy fraud.


Tomislav Šunjka is a founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw, an independent, specialised and focused law firm in Serbia. Owing to his background in business law, he understands the nature of transactions, bank transfers and financial arrangements very well, which is a huge benefit to his asset tracing and asset recovery practice. He is leading and unrivalled authority on complex investigation and litigation; a strategic thinker; and a focused professional. His knowledge of foreign laws, anticorruption exterritorial laws and resources for working internationally has validated his position as a top-class player. Tomislav is an extraordinary case manager and supervisor in multi-jurisdictional cases, and clients request him in this role even when Serbia is not one of the jurisdictions.

Tomislav Šunjka represents victims of financial fraud, and acts on matters relating to bankruptcy; financial crime; corruption; civil and commercial issues; damages; and high-level political and business crime, among other matters, all in connection to asset recovery and anti-corruption. He practises in Serbia and internationally.

Tomislav is the current senior vice chair of the IBA asset recovery subcommittee, and the former Europe representative of the IBA anti-corruption committee. He is also a member of ICC FraudNet, an international network that is ranked in the top tier of Chambers Global’s civil fraud section.

Tomislav is certified as an auditor by Ethic Intelligence according to ISO standards 19600 (compliance management systems) and 37001 (anti-bribery management systems). In addition, Tomislav has high international recognition in cases involving corruption; compliance; white-collar crime; corporate internal investigations; complex commercial investigations; enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards; corporate and financial law; integrity in sports law; and many others.

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