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Thought Leaders - Arbitration Expert Witnesses 2020
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Peers and clients say

"Tim Giles is a respected quantum expert who is appointed on high-profile arbitration and litigation engagements"
"He has a great combination of skills and experience"
"Tim is extremely effective in analysing vast amounts of data"
"He remains calm in the face of aggressive cross-examination"
"Tim is probably one of the best experts I have had the pleasure to work with"


Tim Giles is a founding partner at Independent Economics & Finance LLP (“IEF”). He has over 30 years of experience in finance and economics, focusing on valuation, damages, analysis of accounting data, profitability and discount rates in arbitration, litigation, state aid and competition cases.

Tim has substantial experience giving evidence on quantum in high-value international arbitration, including commercial and investment treaty claims.  He has provided testimony in all major arbitration forums in industries from oil, gas and fertilisers to banking, insurance, mining, hotels, car components and luxury goods.

Over his career his arbitration experience has included high profile cases such as: Saluka v the Czech Republic, Swatch v Tiffany, Koch companies v Venezuela, Yukos v former shareholders of Sibneft and Hulley v Russia (in the Dutch set aside proceedings). Tim’s appointments have come from claimant and defendant parties (both states and investors) represented by the most well-respected law firms.

In addition, Tim has acted in a number of English High Court cases involving accounting-related allegations (e.g., HP v former shareholders of Autonomy), the valuation of businesses and complex securities and criminal court cases involving market abuse investigations (e.g., R v AIT Group directors).

Prior to co-founding IEF, Tim worked in the finance industry for 12 years before joining London Economics. He then helped Charles River Associates establish its London office, where he founded the financial economics practice and co-founded the international arbitration practice.

Tim holds a first-class honours degree from Massey University (New Zealand) and a master's in finance from London Business School.

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