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Sources heap praise on Stefano Sbordoni, applauding him as an "expert in gaming and betting" law. 


Mr. Stefano Sbordoni has an established and highly-qualified reputation in the Gaming and Betting industry in Italy and internationally.

He is a Supreme Court attorney-at-law and until May 2014 was a professor of information tecnology law in the political science department of the University of Tuscia. He is currently a professor at the University of Salerno

In his multi-year experience it has played a substantial role in the introduction of Bingo in Italy, in the re-organisation –including tenders- of the gambling licensing sector, in the privatisation of the instant and traditional Lotteries, in the marketing of new pool games and lottery networks in foreign countries.

His firm has been working on almost all the legislative amendments of gaming law since year 2000 to now, and on the the harmonization of Italy’s new Penal Code (articles 718-721 on games of chance) with the existing gaming regulations (statutes and decrees), and on a project promoted by CNEL (National Counsel of Economy and Labor) and by Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato for the drafting and adoption of white papers on gaming in Italy.

Its practice includes Legal and business affairs advice and assistance to all major gaming licensees in Italy, Mergers and acquisitations, Amicable resolution and management of disputes, International arbitrations, Joint-venture agreements, Drafting law proposals on Gaming and Betting, Handling relations between main players and governmental agencies in introducing and utilizing property rights on Games and Lotteries and Studies and researches on new games projects (bets, lotteries, pool games). Technical and legal advice to all major gaming licensees in Italy and abroad.

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WWL Ranking: Recommended
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