Economics - Competition Economists 2018

This year we identify 360 competition economists from 144 firms and institutions across 32 countries considered to be the best consultants, experts witnesses and advisers in the world. They are highlighted for their provision of expert knowledge and testimony in complex antitrust matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.


The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.


Thought Leaders
1. Simon Bishop RBB Economics, Brussels
2. Miguel de la Mano Compass Lexecon, Brussels
3. Adrian Majumdar RBB Economics, London
4. Cristina Caffarra Charles River Associates, Brussels
5. Benoît Durand RBB Economics, Brussels
6. Neil Dryden Compass Lexecon, London
7. Gunnar Niels Oxera Consulting, London
8. Raphaël De Coninck Charles Rivers Associates, Brussels
9. Jorge Padilla Compass Lexecon, Madrid
10. Zoltan Biro Frontier Economics, London

RBB Economics is a world-leading firm in competition economics, with a raft of experts working on the gamut of complex issues across the globe. We recognise 18 names in our research this year.
Simon Bishop is an authority on market definition, mergers and restraints, and bidding markets, and has vast experience in advising on cases before competition authorities around the world. One source says, “Simon is a star who is on top of his game,” while another notes, “He is very well known and respected within the market.”
The “very experienced and highly intelligent” Adrian Majumdar has in-depth experience from his time at the UK competition authority. He is a widely reputed authority in competition economics and “remarkable at what he does”.
Benoît Durand is an “absolutely fantastic” economist who is praised highly for his work on merger reviews, abuse of dominance cases and horizontal and vertical agreement matters. He frequently advises a range of leading multinational corporations.
Francesco Rosati’s expertise reaches across several industries including financial services and TMT. He is sought after for his advice on merger investigations and anti-competitive agreements and is recommended for his advisory work, where sources say he is “to the point and explains things in a way that is easy for non-specialists to understand”.
Petter Berg has “a good knowledge and experience of how the authorities think and react to various arguments and methods” and is “accessible and delivers on time”. He is praised for his work on mergers and behavioural cases and has in-depth experience in working on complex matters in the field.
Andrea Lofaro is “a big name” in the industry who has significant expertise in EU competition policy including Phase II merger regulation and Article 102 cases. His portfolio includes large-scale and complex investigations in the space.
Derek Ridyard is a long-standing and well-respected practitioner with a strong practice in the field of cartels and restrictive agreements, with particular experience in matters before the European Commission. One source calls him “a fantastic testifying expert”.
Bojana Ignjatovic is a well-known and respected expert with experience in both private and public practice. She has notable expertise in quantitative techniques in transactional matters.
Patrick Smith is praised for his expertise in economics, econometrics and industrial expertise relating to competition policy. He also provides valuable support in competition-related disputes.

Compass Lexecon is recognised as one of the most dynamic firms operating the field today. It sees 16 names recommended in Europe.
Miguel de la Mano is identified a “leader” in the field by sources. He has unique expertise in European competition policy, having co-drafted the guidelines of the Commission’s analytical framework on merger control, vertical and horizontal agreements and abuse of dominance. He has over 15 years’ experience.
The “extremely knowledgeable and creative” Neil Dryden is frequently involved in complex, high-value cases in the banking and finance, energy, TMT and pharmaceuticals space. He is praised as “a leading voice in international competition economics”.
Jorge Padilla is a go-to name on European competition policy. He regularly provides expert testimony before the authorities on cartels, merger control and abuse of dominance. One source calls him “the leading light on a European level”.
Kirsten Edwards-Warren has 17 years’ experience in economic consulting, with in-depth expertise in mergers on both a UK and European level. One respondent says, “Kirsten is highly strategic, tireless, proactive and very user-friendly."
Respondents “would not hesitate to recommend” Lorenzo Coppi for his expertise on EU, US and UK merger cases and anticompetitive practices. He is recognised as a strong analyst.
Thilo Klein is praised as “a really brilliant economist” recognised within the field for his depth of expertise in merger matters.
Justin Coombs has significant experience in acting on cases before the UK and the European competition authorities. He is a specialist in economic regulation with over 25 years’ experience.
Enrique Andreu is a well-known name in the application of economic and econometric analysis. He is widely praised for his expertise on the market impact of cartels and mergers.

Thirteen practitioners at Charles River Associates are listed across its European offices.
Cristina Caffarra is one of Europe’s foremost competition economists. She is highly skilled in her application of industrial economics to competition law and market analysis. Her economic advice is widely renowned, with one source noting, “Cristina is an obvious inclusion on the list.”
Raphaël De Coninck is a go-to expert witness with in-depth expertise in mergers and Phase II merger investigations, IP and quantum of damages matters. He is recognised as a key adviser for clients thanks to his Europe-wide practice.
Lars Wiethaus frequently advises on complex transactions, big data issues and platform markets. Sources state, “Lars understands business logic and provides very sound economic advice," and also note that “he has strong analytical skills and his advice is crystal clear”.
Matthew Bennett is respected for his work in financial statistics and econometrics and his abilities to build and develop relationships with his clients.
Kai-Uwe Kühn is a known authority on merger matters, state aid and competition policy at the European level. He also has an in-depth knowledge of the Directorate-General for Competition’s analytical methods from his time there as chief economist.
Diana Jackson is widely respected for her work on European Commission investigations and mergers before the UK courts. One source says, “Diana is a very smart economist.”

Oxera is a top economic consulting firm that achieves eight listings this year.
Gunnar Niels has over 20 years’ experience in competition policy and litigation support. He is an authority on state aid, mergers, abuse of dominance and damages resulting from such matters.
Helen Jenkins is praised as a key strategist with an in-depth knowledge of competition investigations and disputes in a range of sectors including energy, financial services, TMT and life sciences.
Pascale Déchamps is a well-respected economist with significant expertise handling merger investigations at the European level. She receives praise as “a great economist”.
Enno Eilts is “one of the best” in the field of competition economics, with a focus on litigation, in which he advises both claimants and defendants.

Frontier Economics sees seven leading names recognised here.
Thought Leader Zoltan Biro is a standout name in competition inquiries at both the UK and European level. He has in-depth expertise in Article 101 and 102 matters including IP and tax disputes. One respondent says, “Zoltan is one of the fathers of competition economics.”
David Foster is recognised as “an outstanding economist and very gifted communicator” with a significant expertise in the TMT space. He has over 10 years of experience in the field.
The “excellent” David Parker is well regarded for his work in complex competition investigations involving mergers, abuse of dominance and sectoral enquiries.
Rachel Webster is a widely respected economist with experience acting on EC and UK merger control matters and UK market investigations. One respondent says, “Rachel is extremely impressive on mergers and is very client-friendly.”

Four leading practitioners at AlixPartners are recommended this year.
Mat Hughes has over 25 years’ experience in the field, with significant knowledge of how to handle cases before both the UK and EU authorities. One respondent says, “Mat is able to work to tight deadlines and gives good sensible advice on how clients should approach the CMA.”
Liam Colley is a well-regarded expert in the field of follow-on damages. He is also an experienced testifying expert and has a practice that encompasses Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Four go-to practitioners from E.CA Economics are listed here.
Vincent Verouden is an expert in merger control and state aid matters. He has significant experience of European competition policy from his time working at the Directorate-General for Competition, which he adeptly deploys to aid clients across the continent.
Rainer Nitsche is a key adviser on economic matters and litigation. He is a well-respected name in merger control, enforcement and cartel matters, and abuse of dominance cases.

Four top economists are listed from NERA Economic Consulting’s offices in Germany, France, the UK and Italy.
The “highly experienced” Frank Maier-Rigaud is esteemed for his knowledge of EU competition policy and his expertise in mergers, cartels and mandates involving abuse of dominance, state aid, and quantum of damages issues.
Marc Ivaldi is well known for his proficiency in policy matters. He is one of Europe’s go-to economic analysts with a focus on the delineation of markets, measurement of unilateral and coordinated effects and the impact of cartels.

Four members of the Institute for Industrial Economics are listed.
Jean Tirole is a distinguished name in competition economics. He is recognised for his expertise in industrial organisation, regulation, macroeconomics and banking.
Patrick Rey receives widespread praise for his work in industrial organisation and the economics of information. He is one of France’s premier minds on matters of economics.

Three leading academic economists from the University of Oxford are listed this year.
John Vickers is recognised as “a superstar academic” in the field. His areas of expertise include regulation and the combination of theory and policy, an area which is greatly informed by his time as Chief Economist at the Bank of England.
Mark Armstrong is a widely respected figure with in-depth expertise in microeconomic theory and behavioural economics.
Paul Klemperer draws praise for his work on EU, US and UK competition policy. He is well known as a leading figure on auctions in relation to climate change and the economic challenges arising out of such matters.

MAPP achieves three listings in this edition.
David Spector is a go-to name on mergers and is also a recognised authority on efficiency defences, buyer power and the impact of non-coordinated effects.
Anne Perrot has significant expertise in policy matters on a European level and uses her experience at the Competition Authority when advising clients.
Laurent Eymard is a leading mind on merger, antitrust and state aid cases. He frequently acts before the European Commission and on cases across Europe.

Three consultants from the University of East Anglia are listed.
Amelia Fletcher is a well-known presence in the field who is widely respected for the depth and breadth of her expertise. With experience in both the public and private sector, she frequently advises on matters of competition and consumer policy and behavioural economics.
Bruce Lyons focuses on the economics of market structure and analysis of competition policy, where he is a recognised authority.
Stephen Davies is praised for his work on cartels, mergers including remedies and issues relating to the European single market.

Two leading lights from Cornerstone Research are recognised.
Peter Davis is esteemed for his expertise in competition economics, follow-on damages and regulatory matters at a European level. He is also highly skilled in handling international disputes.
The “extremely good” Boaz Moselle is an experienced testifying expert and is particularly well regarded for his work on international arbitrations concerning competition-related issues.

Two of Lademann & Associates’ practitioners are listed this year.
Rainer Lademann is one of Germany’s foremost experts in competition economics. He deals particularly with the operation and analysis of mechanisms for market stimulation.
Niels Frank has over a decade of experience working on antitrust matters including cartel damages, the effects of mergers and abuse of dominance cases.

Nicola Mazzarotto at KPMG has in-depth experience of providing advice in both the public and private sector. He is a widely reputed expert on competition policy analysis and is praised for his “great grasp of detail”. Sources say, “Nicola has a good ability to communicate complex matters in a simple yet compelling way.”

John Fingleton of Fingleton Associates draws praise as a “well-regarded” and “extremely respected and senior member of the competition field”. He is a trusted adviser on issues of merger regulation, enforcement and consumer protection.

Deloitte sees François Lévêque recognised for his stellar work in the field of competition economics. He also has in-depth knowledge of energy and power-related matters.

Frédéric Jenny at the Essec Business School is a go-to name on competition economics and law. He has significant experience on international competition matters including those relating to the World Trade Organisation.

Justus Haucap at the Düsseldorf Institute For Competition Economics is a well-known name in German competition policy and is recognised as a national authority on infrastructure-heavy markets.


North America

Thought Leaders
1. Dennis W Carlton Compass Lexecon, Chicago
2. Janusz A Ordover Compass Lexecon, Washington DC
3. Carl Shapiro University of California at Berkeley – Haas School of Business, San Francisco
4. Jonathan M Orszag Compass Lexecon, Washington DC
5. Jerry Hausman MIT, Cambridge

Compass Lexecon is a joint-leader in North America in terms of listings, with 19 practitioners recognised across its offices in the United States.
Dennis Carlton is widely regarded as a star in the field of competition economics. He advises on matters of microeconomics and industrial organisation and is a long-standing figure in the field. One source says, “Dennis is a brilliant economist who is very good at explaining complex issues.”
Janusz Ordover draws high praise for his expertise in antitrust enforcement, privatisation and international trade and competition policy. He is recommended as “the number-one pick” in the market by sources as well as “a great jury witness” who is “still innovative and hardworking”.
Jonathan Orszag is a go-to name on complex antitrust matters that require acute economic and financial analysis. He is also a seasoned testifier before US and international courts and is praised as “a commercial, smart, accessible economist” who is “great to work with”.
Daniel Rubinfeld is “an excellent economist” who is recommended for his user-friendly approach. He has over 20 years of experience in the field and has a distinguished history of acting for private parties and public agencies on issues of economics and econometric models.
The “brilliant” Robert Willig specialises in industrial organisation, government-to-business relations and welfare theory. He is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the US.
Richard Gilbert is a widely known name in the field of antitrust, IP and US competition policy. He has a strong reputation founded on decades of experience in the field.
The “superb” Jonathan Baker has experience serving both at the FTC and on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. He brings this experience to the private sector where he advises on antitrust policy and industrial organisation economics.
Margaret Guerin-Calvert is well recognised for her expertise on market definition and power, class certification and damages in numerous industry sectors. One source says, “Margaret is very smart, commercial and easy to work with.”
Mark Israel is recognised as “a leader in every respect” who is widely reputed for his prowess in economic analysis and applying econometric tools to complex antitrust matters.

Charles River Associates is one of the premier consulting outfits on the continent which sees 19 stellar practitioners listed.
Steven Salop is “a leading name” in competition economics whose experience spans over 40 years. He is a respected authority on issues of microeconomics, antitrust and regulation and has in-depth knowledge of market power and exclusionary conduct.
Andrew Dick is a standout consultant when it comes to M&A antitrust litigation. He frequently advises on pre-transaction litigation risks and aids clients in seeing the deal through to the end. He is also a seasoned testifying expert.
Peter Boberg is an expert on mergers in various industries including telecoms and life sciences. He has significant knowledge of IP rights in relation to competition matters and is praised as “a clear communicator with great technical skills”.
Michael Salinger acts for both the private and public sector and is highly praised for his consistently superb output. One source says, “We always look for an excuse to work with him.”
Gregory Vistnes is a widely respected name in the economic analysis of antitrust matters. He is frequently retained by the DOJ as an expert witness, where he has significant experience.
Michelle Burtis is a top name for economic analysis, antitrust litigation and damages matters and is a highly distinguished figure in the US market.
Gary Roberts is also recognised for his expertise in regulatory matters and his superb analysis on a range of complex antitrust matters.

NERA Economic Consulting achieves 11 listings in this year’s research.
The “terrific” Lauren Stiroh is a standout name for her expertise in antitrust, IP matters and commercial damages. She is widely respected for her work on damage calculations and impact assessments.
Lawrence Wu is a seasoned testifying expert and is well known for his in-depth knowledge of IP economics, transactions and mergers. He is a specialist in matters of class certification.
Thomas McCarthy is a national authority on competition matters within the healthcare sector. This includes mergers, regulation, economic analysis and litigation where he draws widespread praise for his work.
Ramsey Shehadeh is an authority on economic policy, mergers and enforcement matters. He is considered “definitely one of New York’s leading economists” and his research has been presented to agencies including the DOJ and FTC several times.
Sumanth Addanki is also recommended for his expert analysis of numerous matters relating to mergers and competitive consequences in a range of industry sectors.

Eight standout economists are recognised from Bates White.
Douglas Bernheim is a national authority on mergers and regulatory matters. He frequently advises clients on high-stakes competition litigation, market definition and antitrust liability and is recommended by sources as “a very good economist and testifier”.
Cory Capps draws high praise for his work in the healthcare industry where he has in-depth expertise of mergers, price fixing and market allocation. He is regarded as “an excellent economist”.
Joseph Farrell is regularly retained by national and international clients in both the public and private sector for his superb counsel and testifying prowess on numerous competition matters including mergers and network effects.
Michael Whinston is a well-known figure in the fields of regulation, industrial organisation and microeconomics. He has a distinguished record and regularly advises at the highest levels of the US trade and competition authorities.

Six superb economists from Stanford University are recommended.
Jonathan Levin is one of the market’s most eminent competition economists. He is an authority on industrial organisation in areas such as sub-prime lending and health insurance.
Susan Carleton Athey is an expert on industrial organisation, microeconomic theory and applied econometrics, where she is a noted and distinguished voice.
Timothy Bresnahan is a well-respected name in competition economics relating to technological change and is recommended as “an excellent testifier”. He also acts as a senior adviser to Cornerstone Research.

Cornerstone Research achieves six listings, five of whom are based in its California offices.
The “highly accomplished” Andrea Shepard is a leading name on antitrust matters including price fixing, horizontal conduct and monopolisation. Her presence in the field is long-standing, spanning over 20 years.
Michael Topper is recognised for his expertise on numerous issues surrounding liability and damages in relation to competition issues. He has industry-specific expertise in the telecoms, IT, energy and finance spaces.

Berkeley Research Group has a strong showing with six listings across the US and two top names in California.
David Teece is “extremely highly regarded” for his long-standing prowess in the field of competition economics. He focuses on the global marketplace, technology and IP policy and strategic management in relation to antitrust matters.
David Scheffman has decades of experience working with the public sector and is a seasoned testifying expert. He is widely praised for his superb consulting on matters of competition policy.

At Yale School of Management six outstanding figures are recognised.
Fiona Scott Morton is a distinguished figure in competition economics. She advises on issues of competitive strategy, pricing and product differentiation. She is praised as “a very good economist with lots of experience”.
Edward Snyder is recognised for his work in educating leaders on competition matters to generate better business and build strategy. One source says, “Edward is one of the finest testifying economists – just superb.”

Five economists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology are highlighted for their expertise.
Jerry Hausman is one of the leading authorities in the US on econometrics. His expertise in using statistical models to analyse competition policy has built him a reputation within the sector as a go-to name on such matters.
Stellar economist Richard Schmalensee receives high praise from sources for his advice on antitrust and regulatory matters, with specific regard to energy and the environment.

University of California at Berkeley - Haas School Of Business sees two leading minds recognised.
Carl Shapiro is an authority on industrial organisation and competitive strategy and is a well-known expert on US competition policy. He is recommended by one peer as “certainly one of the world’s top names”.
Michael Katz receives praise for his long-standing presence in the market. He is noted for his keen intellect and his knowledge of competition matters in the business and telecoms sectors.

At Edgeworth Economics two economists are recommended.
Gregory Leonard is a seasoned consultant with expertise spanning the gamut of competition economics. He specialises in microeconomics and econometrics and has in-depth knowledge of IP matters, class certification and labour economics.
John Johnson is also recognised as one of the most knowledgeable economists operating on issues of antitrust, class actions and damages matters today.

Church Economic Consultants’ founder Jeffrey Church is recognised as a leader in the fields of merger simulation, network economics and competition policy. He draws widespread praise as one of Canada’s foremost authorities on competition economics.

Kenneth Elzinga at the University of Virginia is a recognised authority in the field of pricing strategy and market definition. He is widely praised as one of the best in the US.



Jennifer Fish at Charles River Associates is highly sought after for her advice on the gamut of competition matters including merger control and assessment of damages, with expertise across a variety of industry sectors. One source says, “Jennifer is insightful and thorough, with written output that is clear, concise and thoughtful. She is also a pleasure to work with.”

HoustonKemp Economists founder Greg Houston draws praise as a “commercial, experienced and respected” practitioner with an in-depth knowledge of the competitive effects of proposed merger transactions. He is also a well-respected expert witness.

Compass Lexecon’s Derek Ritzmann is a well-known figure across the Asia-Pacific region, where he leads the firm’s activities. He is an expert in competition economics, law and policy with over 20 years of experience.

Axiom Economics’ Hayden Green is a widely respected name in competition proceedings in the national market. He is an expert on mergers, enforcement proceedings and the economic regulation of network service providers. One source says, “Hayden has a very sharp mind and a deep knowledge and understanding of his subject.”

Julian Wright at the National University of Singapore is an esteemed figure in the fields of competition policy, network economics and multi-sided platforms. He is one of Singapore’s most distinguished names.

Genesis Analytics’ James Hodge is an authority on competition economics with a focus on sector-specific regulation. He is also a seasoned expert witness and has provided testimony before competition regulators on a wide range of industries.

Latin America

Juan-Pablo Montero at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is widely respected for his work in competition economics and policy relating to the energy industry. One respondent says, “Juan-Pablo is always well prepared and is very good at his job.”

Former head of the national competition authority Eduardo Perez Motta at SAI Law & Economics is an authority on Mexican competition policy and has experience of analysing proposed scenarios affecting competition in the regional market.


Richard Murgatroyd at RBB Economics has in-depth experience of advising clients on matters before the South African competition authorities alongside other national authorities around the world. He is widely respected for his work on mergers, abuse of dominance and the unfettering of regulation.


Future Leaders

This year we identify 53 competition economists from 30 firms and institutions across 16 countries. The featured economists are considered the future leaders in the space. They are highlighted for their provision of expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.


Most Highly Regarded
1. Mihael Raveggi RBB Economics, Brussels
2. Avantika Chowdhury Oxera Consulting, London
3. Alexander Gaigl Oxera, Berlin
4. Nicole Robins Oxera, London
5. Enrique Cañizares Pacheco RBB Economics, Madrid

RBB Economics is a market leader with five economists recognised for their expertise in competition economics.
Mihael Raveggi is an authority on high-profile EU mergers and Article 101 and 102 cases. Sources call him “a standout” who is “very responsive, great to work with and always on top of the data.”
Enrique Cañizares Pacheco receives praise for his economic analysis and his experience in applying such analysis to competition policy. One respondent says, “Enrique is professional, rigorous and technically impeccable” and is great acting as an expert before the courts and regulatory authorities.
Michael Dietrich comes “highly recommended” as a “technically expert” practitioner with a vast expertise in handling competition cases before authorities across the world.

From Oxera, five leading lights at the firm are acknowledged.
The “excellent” Avantika Chowdhury is recognised for her superb competition and litigation skills. She is a go-to name on horizontal and vertical agreements and abuse of dominance, particularly in a litigation context.
Alexander Gaigl is widely respected for his economic modelling skills and his work on mergers, abuse of dominance and damages. One source says, “Alexander's economic skillset is impressive; he is incisive, exacting and efficient.”
Nicole Robins is praised for her “great state aid experience”. She has in-depth knowledge of economic and financial issues arising out of state aid cases and is “very technical” and “an outstanding economist”.

Four economists from Frontier Economics’ London office are listed.
Malcolm Tan is a well-regarded economist when it comes to market investigations and mergers. He has significant experience acting on abuse of dominance matters before the European Commission.
Luís Campos receives plaudits for his cartel damages litigation work. He is highly experienced acting before both the EU and national competition authorities.

Copenhagen Economics sees two leading lights recognised in its Helsinki office.
Emmi Martikainen is widely respected for her counsel in the fields of mergers, abuse of dominance and compliance matters. She is one of the region’s most highly regarded competition economists.
Anssi Kohonen is frequently instructed to advise on disputes in the competition field. He is noted for his superb quantitative analysis and statistical modelling.

North America

Most Highly Regarded
1. Joanna Tsai Charles River Associates, Washington, DC
2. Elizabeth Bailey NERA Economic Consulting, San Francisco
3. Yianis Sarafidis Charles River Associates, Washington, DC
4. Loren Smith Compass Lexecon, Washington, DC

Charles River Associates is a leading global consulting firm that sees three standout practitioners recognised.
Joanna Tsai is a go-to name on damages, mergers and antitrust liability with over 10 years of experience in the field. One source says, “Joanna offers a great balance of being insightful in her analysis, practical in her dealings with clients and clear in her advocacy.”
Yianis Sarafidis is recognised as “a big up-and-comer" and a well-respected name in antitrust economics and econometrics. He advises clients on all aspects of mergers and market analysis.
Josh Lustig is also praised for his work in applied econometrics and his standout market analysis work.

Cornerstone Research is a formidable economics outfit that achieves two listings.
Kostis Hatzitaskos receives plaudits for his econometrics expertise and his work leading on high-stakes merger reviews. He also has significant experience of analysing large datasets and is considered “a great young economist, great communicator and a pleasure to work with”.
Maria Salgado is an authority on the pharmaceuticals space and is frequently called upon for her knowledge of complex litigation relating to competition matters.

NERA Economic Consulting sees two of its leading economists recognised.
Elizabeth Bailey is highly recommended for her economic analysis and antitrust knowledge. She is credited as a market leader who “can gain the trust of c-suite and board-level clients”. One source says, “Elizabeth is very sharp and can help to get deals over the line with her creative thinking.”
Paul Wong handles mergers in the healthcare and life sciences sector. He has extensive experience in merger challenges and is recognised as “a razor-sharp economist”.

Loren Smith at Compass Lexecon in Washington, DC is esteemed for his expertise in horizontal and vertical mergers, vertical restraints and exclusionary conduct. He is widely respected for his experience in using economic and econometric tools to navigate competition matters.



Luke Wainscoat at HoustonKemp has over 10 years of expertise in antitrust analysis relating to regulatory matters, merger clearance and damages. One respondent describes him as “a pre-eminent practitioner”.

Warwick Davis of Frontier Economics is widely recognised within the market for his industry knowledge and his experience in economic modelling and market analysis. Sources recommended him for his “strong competition expertise, particularly in access regulation” and his reputation as a user-friendly practitioner.


Latin America

Most Highly Regarded
1. Gustavo Madi Rezende LCA Consultores, São Paulo

Gustavo Madi Rezende of LCA Consultores has over 15 years of consulting expertise and is a known expert in the field of competition economics. One respondent says, “I was impressed by Gustavo’s ability to deliver work of a high standard even within short deadlines,” while another remarked, “He is very responsive and professional, with excellent technical skills.”

Butelmann Consultores’ Ana Maria Montoya is recognised as “probably the best economist for merger control procedures” and is well known as “a very proactive and hands-on” economist.


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