Construction – Quantum and Delay 2018

In this section we shine the spotlight on 189 eminent delay experts with unparalleled expertise in quantifying delay costs. In our Future Leaders category, a new section of this year’s research, we also highlight a further 24 experts who, all being under the age of 45, have been recognised as the future leaders of the profession by peers, counsel and clients.


The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.


Thought Leaders
1. David Barry Blackrock Expert Services, London
2. Michael Stokes Ankura, London
3. Paul Barry GB2 LLP, London
4. John Mullen Diales Expert Witness Services, London
5. Joanne Prior Blackrock Expert Services, London
6. Franco Mastrandrea HKA, London
7. Liam Holder Ankura, London
8. Andrew Yendall Yendall Hunter Limited, London
9. David Merritt HKA, Dubai


Construction specialists HKA achieves 17 listings in this section.
David Atkinson is a standout name in the United Arab Emirates. He draws praise for “his impressive ability to get a handle on the facts in very large construction projects and his ability to identify the critical path to deal with the issues".
Mark Dixon draws praise as “a superb expert” with a strong reputation for his construction expertise in the shipping and maritime sector.
David Merritt is highlighted for his excellent testifying abilities. Peers say, "David is very composed under cross-examination and gives his evidence with a great deal of gravitas."
Franco Mastrandrea occupies a prominent position in the UK market. He draws praise as “a well-known quantum expert” with a strong arbitration practice.


Prominent advisory firm Ankura achieves 11 listings here.
Michael Stokes is a revered quantum expert who “leaves no stone unturned in his analysis”. Clients say, “He is extremely bright and commercial and is an excellent witness on the stand.”
Robert McKibbin stands out for his “strong skills” in delay analysis. He is a highly experienced expert witness and has advised major industry players in construction projects relating to commercial and residential properties, hotel developments and energy and transport infrastructure projects.
With decades of experience advising on complex disputes, Mark Pontin is highlighted as “a big name” in the UK market. Peers say, “He is very experienced in UK litigation cases and is very strong on the quantum side.”
According to interviewees, Liam Holder “is the most user-friendly quantum expert around”. Clients say: “He is able to guide the client and the barrister with skill and ease, and is skilled at presenting evidence to courts and tribunals.”

Six distinguished consultants from consultancy firm Blackrock Expert Services are listed here.
David Barry stands out as “a delay expert of very high repute” among peers, one of whom describes him as “the very best in the market”. He is among the leading names in this year’s research and is highlighted for his “excellent experience in some very substantial arbitrations”.
Rob Palles-Clark is held in high esteem as “a fantastic expert” who comes “highly recommended” for his superb expertise in delay analysis. He is a seasoned expert witness with experience across a broad range of construction projects and jurisdictions.
Joanne Prior is an exceptional expert who wins praise for her “very sensible insights and collaborative approach”, according to interviewees. She is particularly noted for her quantum expertise.

GB2 is an outstanding firm of quantum experts specialising in the construction industry. It achieves three listings here.
Colin Byford is well known as “a fiercely independent and technically sound” delay expert who boasts a strong testifying practice. A quantity surveyor by background, he has vast experience in the construction industry.
With over three decades of experience, Charles Gurnham is a long-standing expert in the construction market. He is experienced advising on delay claims before UK courts and international arbitration tribunals and enjoys a superb reputation for his work in the space. 
Paul Barry draws praise as an “excellent” delay analyst by peers, who add, “He is very fair and great to work with.”

Three prominent experts from prestigious consulting firm Accuracy are listed here.  
Hervé de Trogoff “is intellectually excellent and will always go the extra mile to ensure the analysis is robust”, say peers, who hold him in high regard as a leading expert in infrastructure and construction matters.
Jas Cheema is an esteemed quantum specialist who stands out for “his ability to be creative and pragmatic whilst maintaining independence, professionalism and integrity”.
Stuart Appelbe enjoys a superb reputation in the UK market. He is known for his deep expertise in delay analysis and is regularly engaged to advise on major construction projects.

Yendall Hunter specialises in complex construction and engineering projects. Its two co-founders are listed here.
Andrew Yendall enjoys an excellent reputation among peers, who “can’t recommend him highly enough” for his vast experience in construction disputes. Market commentators add that “he is very well informed and well regarded” for his excellent work in the sector.
With over two decades of experience advising on projects around the world, the “excellent” Martin Hunter stands out for his superb expertise in large-scale infrastructure projects. He is a seasoned expert witness with vast experience in complex litigations and arbitrations.

Mike Saulsbury of Secretariat International is an esteemed practitioner in the United Arab Emirates. He is an experienced expert witness, and commended as “a highly skilled delay expert who is excellent to work with”.

The “excellent” John Boultwood is a standout name at Turner & Townsend in the UAE. He boasts a strong advisory practice and is a highly regarded figure in the construction sector.

At Diales Expert Witness Services in London, John Mullen is held out as “a skilled and experienced expert” who is highlighted for his “pragmatic and objective” approach. He has deep technical knowledge of delay claims and decades of experience in the construction industry.

Ian Robinson heads the practice at Tempus Delay Analysis. He stands out as “a very highly regarded delay expert” with an “excellent” expert witness practice.

At FTI Consulting in Munich, Thomas Hofbauer is described as “the best expert in the market”. Lawyers say, “He is very poised and convincing in his assessment and presentation,” and speak highly of his intricate technical knowledge.


North America

Thought Leaders
1. Jeffrey Fuchs Delta Consulting Group, Washington
2. Don Harvey Secretariat International, Atlanta
3. Ted Scott Secretariat International, Los Angeles
4. Patrick McGeehin FTI Consulting, Rockville
5. John Livengood Ankura, San Francisco
6. Christopher Larkin FTI Consulting, Toronto

Ankura is a leading player in the North American market, with nine listings this year.
Global managing director Greg Crider is highlighted as “a bona fide construction expert” by peers and clients alike. He is known for his deep expertise in scheduling and delay analysis and is a go-to adviser to major US contractors.
Sources say Peter Badala is “a real standout” in the US market. With decades of experience advising on complex cases, he is widely regarded as “a first-rate construction expert”.

Expert advisory firm Secretariat International sees three highly regarded practitioners listed here.
Don Harvey is widely regarded as “a quality construction expert”. He boasts a strong expert witness practice and is described by one peer as “the best scheduling expert in the world”.
Ted Scott’s experience spans North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. He enjoys a superb reputation in the market for his “excellent” analysis of complex delay claims.
Meera Wagman is a standout name in the firm’s New York office. According to one market commentator, “She is keenly intelligent and very sensitive to the business needs of our clients. She is also very good at presenting to clients and tribunals and can really command a room.”

Delta Consulting Group is home to six highly regarded experts.  
Co-founder Jeffrey Fuchs is a long-standing expert in the construction space. He draws on experience from over 35 years in the industry and is highlighted for “his pragmatism and willingness to think outside the box, while keeping objectivity and independence firmly in mind”.
In Washington, Dakus Gunn is a highly regarded testifying expert with broad delay experience. Clients say “Dakus thinks laterally, has clarity in his vision for analysing complex issues and effectively executes to meet deadlines. He cuts through reams of data to produce a coherent and sensible analysis."
Mark Dungan impresses peers and clients alike with his “careful analysis of materials, well-written reports and excellent forensic skills”. He has extensive on-site experience as a construction manager and market commentators say, “He has great subject matter knowledge and credibility as a witness.”

HKA achieves nine listings.
John McTyre stands out as “one of the top technical analysts” in the US market. He boasts vast testifying experience in litigations, international arbitration and mediations and draws praise for his “excellent presentation and performance under cross-examination”.
Robert Dieterle impresses market commentators with “his superb ability to identify and dissect the issues which are decisive for the case”. He is a seasoned delay expert who stands out for his “responsiveness and proactivity”.
With decades of experience as a civil engineer, William Cook “is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the construction industry”. He is a highly regarded delay expert who “is able to present his conclusions in an understandable and persuasive fashion".

Richard Sieracki is a go-to adviser at The Kenrich Group. Peers describe him as a “top-notch” construction specialist with an impressive depth of delay analysis expertise.

Trauner Consulting’s founder Ted Trauner is a long-standing fixture in the market who is widely endorsed for his “excellent” delay practice. His experience as an adviser and expert witness spans a broad range of jurisdictions and he enjoys a superb reputation for his work in the construction sector.

The Brattle Group’s Washington office is home to Darrell Chodorow, an experienced delay expert with a superb reputation in the market. According to clients, “He is instrumental in helping us to develop strategy, provides extraordinarily fair and balanced assessments and produces top-quality written work.”

With over 25 years' industry experience, Christopher Larkin of FTI Consulting is widely endorsed as "a real construction expert", who enjoys an outstanding reputation for his expertise in contractual matters.
Patrick McGeehin enjoys an "excellent" reputation for his sophisticated quantum advice, with sources calling him "among the best there is". He is a seasoned testifying expert and often called upon in large-scale and complex cases.


Asia Pacific and Latin America

Thought Leaders
1. Wendy MacLaughlin Atrasado, Brisbane
2. Jon Prudhoe Ankura, Singapore
3. Amit Garg Secretariat International, Singapore
4. John Molloy Construction Expert Services Limited, Hong Kong
5. Garry Crossley FTI Consulting, Singapore

HKA achieves a further eight listings in the Australian, Singaporean and Brazilian markets.
Derek Sharp is a leading delay expert in Australia. According to one lawyer, “The technical standard of Derek’s programming and delay expert work is very high.” One commentator adds, “He is calm under pressure, and has great attention to detail and a flexible thought process.”
Paul Roberts stands out as “a very capable and diligent individual” with vast delay analysis experience in complex international disputes. Peers say, “He is very credible under cross-examination and deals persuasively with clients and tribunals.”
In Singapore, Lee Baker boasts a “robust knowledge of forensic delay analysis” and impresses market commentators with “his client-focused approach and ability to communicate complex issues in a clear and succinct manner”.

Global heavyweight FTI Consulting achieves six listings here.
Mike Allen is a standout name in Hong Kong, known for his “very impressive experience” in quantum and delay-related matters. He has over three decades of experience in the construction industry and is regularly engaged to advise on major projects.
In Singapore, Garry Crossley draws praise for his “fantastic expertise” in the construction sector. With nearly 30 years’ experience, he has evaluated claims spanning European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets and boasts exceptionally broad industry knowledge.

In Singapore, Secretariat International’s Amit Garg occupies a prominent position in the market. He has vast expertise in international construction disputes and, with extensive on-site experience, he is recognised as “an excellent delay expert”.

Construction Expert Services is home to the “excellent” John Molloy, a distinguished delay expert with “an outstanding reputation” in Hong Kong.

Singapore-based Jon Prudhoe is a prominent figure at Ankura. He impresses peers with his strong expert witness practice and is held in high esteem as “an outstanding delay expert”.

Delay superstar” Wendy MacLaughlin of Atrasado leads our research in the region this year. She is described as “one of the best experts out there” by peers, who say, “She is excellent at getting into the detail and adds innovative thinking to any problem."


Future Leaders

Five of HKA’s leading experts under the age of 45 are listed here.
In England, John Delaney is known as an “extremely good practitioner who is very comprehensive in his data analysis”. He is regularly engaged to provide delay advice in high-value disputes.
David Dellar is an experienced structural engineer who is held in high esteem for “his detailed understanding of delay analysis and his strong analytical skills”.

Ankura achieves two listings.
Matthew Finn is a "very enthusiastic and on-the-ball" practitioner who has a strong practice in the litigation space. Clients comment that "he pays good attention to detail and his ability to think creatively is very helpful”.
In London, Colin Marden stands out as “a very sharp mind” with broad experience in construction matters.

Two highly regarded practitioners from FTI Consulting are listed here.
In the firm’s Hong Kong office, Ben Burley is a well-known delay expert with strong expertise in the construction sector. He advises on domestic and international projects and enjoys an excellent reputation in the space.
Thierry Linares is a highly regarded practitioner in Paris and is well known for his international arbitration experience.

Spain is home to two highly regarded experts from KPMG Asesores.
Fernando Cuñado has broad experience advising and testifying before courts and arbitral tribunals. Peers say, “He is a guaranteed success in hearings and is technically remarkable.”
Alberto Rábano stands out as “an outstanding expert in financial matters” and has broad experience preparing expert reports for high-profile disputes.

David Halford is a highly regarded expert at Time | Quantum Expert Forensics. He leads the firm’s delay analysis team and peers highlight his “excellent” knowledge of the construction industry.

Accuracy is home to Taoufik Lachheb, a highly regarded expert who is held in high esteem for his “very thorough and robust analysis”. Sources add: “He does not accept information at face value and probes forensically to ensure analysis stands up.”

Javier Trapero Perez is a go-to consultant at Altran. Clients speak highly of his “technical rigour and sector knowledge. They add, “He has a superlative ability to work in a team and an innate facility to convey technical and complex questions in a simple way.”

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