Transactional Services - Due Diligence Accountants 2017: Analysis

In this year’s chapter, we feature the world’s leading due diligence accountants, highlighting 228 prominent names from 49 firms across 48 jurisdictions. The Big Four accounting firms – PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, EY and Deloitte – once again dominate the research, comprising almost three-quarters of the total listings between them. Meanwhile we also highlight smaller outfits who are home to some of the foremost names in the field. 

Thought Leaders
1. Jan Muyldermans PwC Enterprise Advisory, Brussels
2. Jorge Sawaya PricewaterhouseCoopers, São Paulo
3. Yann Dekeyser KPMG, Brussels
4. Allan Lopez Bordin Assessor-Bordin Consultores Empresariais, São Paulo
5. Carlos Asciutti EY, São Paulo
6. Mark Collins KPMG, Dublin
7. Chao Choon Ong PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore
8. Konstanze Nardi EY, London
 The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.

PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS boasts the foremost due diligence accounting offering internationally, achieving a sensational 52 nominations across 30 offices in our research this year.
The firm’s Asia-Pacific teams excel particularly in this edition. In Australia, Troy Porter gains recognition from peers for his top-tier deals practice that focuses on assisting domestic, inbound and outbound businesses in all aspects of the deal process.
Charles Humphrey leads the regional private equity practice, and is highlighted for his extensive transactional experience.
Chao Choon Ong boasts a stellar reputation in the Singaporean market and draws widespread praise from respondents for his world-class deals advisory practice.
The “fantastic” Lie Kok Keong is another major player in the field, and is considered a business valuation specialist.
Head of the capital markets group Tham Tuck Seng is also recognised for his excellent work in the space.
Brussels-based Jan Muyldermans is the top name in the European market. Sources regard him as a due diligence specialist, with vast experience on both the buy and sell side.
We also highlight Lieven Adams for his fantastic work handling the whole gamut of deals matters from management to valuation and due diligence.
Jorge Sawaya in Brazil is one of the world’s leading due diligence accountants, according to our research. He receives huge praise from the international market for his great transactional expertise.
Having spent over 30 years handling transactional matters, Luis Madasi is noted for his invaluable deals experience.
In the firm’s Atlanta office, Carrie Parker leads the firm’s M&A tax practice in Atlanta and is well versed in deal management, due diligence investigations and transaction structuring.

KPMG also performs exceptionally well this year, with 45 of its leading experts highlighted for their excellent work in the field.
Earl Fagan Jr is a fantastic financial adviser known for his expert handling of due diligence matters, most notably regarding post-acquisition disputes.
In Atlanta, Christian Tostenson continues to impress sources with his excellent work dealing with commercial and transactional disputes, as well as investigations.
Dublin-based Mark Collins is a widely recognised name in the market. He heads the transactional services group and is well known for his exceptional expertise handling both buy-side and sell-side due diligence matters.
Yann Dekeyser in Brussels leads the firm’s due diligence group and is recognised for his outstanding work in relation to business and financial valuations.
José Carlos Simões is one of the leading names in the Brazilian market. He possesses extensive experience handling the due diligence aspects of foreign acquisitions of domestic companies, divestitures, market entry assistance and privatisations.
In Singapore, Diana Koh boasts a first-class transactional services practice, and is noted for her dedicated and professional approach.

We identify 38 prominent experts at EY in our research this year, illustrating the exceptional depth of the firm’s expertise in the area.
In India, Nitin Savara is considered “a very practical individual”. One respondent notes: “He really understands the business and knows instinctively what the client needs.”
Ajit Krishnan is praised by respondents who admire his “unique ability to pinpoint and focus on the really important matters at hand.”
Arpinder Singh also receives praise from sources for his top-tier work in the field.
Singapore-based Harsha Basnayake heads the regional transaction advisory services group and is one of the best in the market when it comes to due diligence reviews and valuations.
Purandar Rao also stands out for his exceptional work on global M&A transactions, handling all aspects of the process from deal structuring to due diligence.
Carlos Asciutti in Brazil is one of the most highly regarded names according to our research this year and has over 25 years’ experience in the area.
In the London office, seasoned expert Konstanze Nardi is highlighted for the meticulous and thorough nature of her work.
In Lisbon, Paulo Mendonça is considered a prominent name in the Portuguese market and receives huge praise from peers and clients alike.
Miguel Farinha is also noted for his impressive practice.

DELOITTE achieves a fantastic 36 listings this year across 23 jurisdictions, showcasing its extensive global footprint.
In Canada, president of the Quebec office and national vice president Pierre Laporte is widely recognised for his terrific work on complex multi-jurisdictional matters.
Ivor Luk wins praise from respondents for his great expertise handling M&A transactions, disputes and valuations.
Brad Gordica possesses over 23 years of experience in the corporate space, and is known for his particular strength in the mining sector.
In Brussels, managing partner Lieve Creten is internationally recognised for her terrific practice, which focuses on a wide array of M&A transaction services, from due diligence and valuations to negotiations.
Hong Kong-based Joseph Chan delivers precise and well-considered counsel to clients who consider him an asset on any transaction.
Soo Earn Keoy enjoys a great reputation in the Singaporean market and leads the regional M&A group. He is experienced in dealing with valuations and accounting matters in relation to disputes work.
In India, Hemal Mehta is a tax specialist who wins praise for his exceptional work handling M&A transactions and private equity matters.

Although the Big Four feature heavily in our research this year, we also recognise smaller outfits who are home to leading names in the field.

Standout individuals include São Paulo-based Allan Lopez Bordin at ASSESSOR-BORDIN CONSULTORES EMPRESARIAIS, who is “the go-to man” for foreign companies looking to conduct business in Brazil.
Founding partner Antonio Carlos Bordin at the same firm is also highlighted as one of the leading experts in Brazil.

Taiki Hirashima at HIRASHIMA & ASOCIADOS is noted for his longstanding audit and corporate consulting practice. 

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