Patents Agents & Attorneys 2019: Analysis

We are delighted to present our fifth year of research into the leading patent agents and attorneys from across the globe. In this edition, we recognise 329 individuals from 188 firms across 33 jurisdictions.


The Global Elite Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.
Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.


Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Kristina Cornish Kilburn & Strode LLP, London 
2. Cameron Marshall  Carpmaels & Ransford, London 
3. Ulla Klinge Inspicos, Copenhagen 
4. Hugh Goodfellow    Carpmaels & Ransford, London 
5. Thorsten Bausch Hoffmann Eitle PartmbB, Munich

Leading Firms

Carpmaels & Ransford

This full-service IP firm performs well this year and sees six individuals highlighted for their leading work in the field.
Cameron Marshall is “an excellent attorney” according to peers who add they would “recommend him highly”. His practice spans a spectrum of sectors from pharmaceuticals to biotechnology.
Hugh Goodfellow “has a well-deserved and great reputation” in the patents area. He is “a strong practitioner in the field” who is well versed in handling prosecution matters across the life sciences sector.
Edward Oates draws high praise from sources who consider him “an original thinker” and “a very good advocate in the EPO”. One respondent effuses: “He is a powerful intellect with great SPC knowledge.”
James Warner “does a very good job” and “really stands out” in the European market for his impressive work on complex patent opposition proceedings.
John Brunner is “a fantastic patent attorney” who is “very much at the top”, affirm peers. He is “a standout name” who is frequently engaged in matters relating to the engineering, technology and chemistry industries.
Managing partner Richard Jackson is “well respected and a well-known name” in the market who impresses sources with his 30 years’ experience handling sophisticated EPO proceedings.  

Kilburn & Strode

This European patent and trademark firm stands out in the EMEA market with six listings here.
Kristina Cornish is highlighted as the foremost patent attorney in the region. She is “very highly regarded” for her work advising on EPO proceedings spanning appeals, oppositions and prosecutions.
Gwilym Roberts enjoys “a very good reputation” among peers and clients alike, and “stands out” for his first-rate work managing patent portfolios and filings. His experience includes frequently engaging with the EPO and UK Patent Office.
Alison Care is highly thought of among market commentators who applaud her “fantastic” work on patent opposition and appeals proceedings.
Nick Lee has a “high profile” in the European patent market, say sources, and is commended for his expertise when it comes to the biotechnology and medical devices sectors.
Nick Bassil comes highly recommended by sources as a top name in the patents arena. His practice spans a range of matters from patent applications and filings to opposition proceedings.
Richard Howson is endorsed by market sources as a key name in the market who stands out for his “high performance” when it comes to advising on patents across the electrical and mechanical space.


A leading Danish IP firm that sees four standout names highlighted in this edition.
Ulla Klinge gains widespread recommendations from peers across the European market in our research this year. She is credited for her work handling complex patent litigation across the pharmaceutical sector.
Jakob Pade Frederiksen has over 20 years of experience advising on a range of IP-related matters including infringement proceedings, oppositions and appeals.
Founding partner Peter Koefoed is rated by sources for his impressive experience when it comes to patent litigation proceedings as well as his strong expertise in the biotechnology sector.
Peter Hertling garners recognition here for his first-rate practice, which spans a spectrum of IP-related matters from patent applications to opposition proceedings.

Hoffmann Eitle

This firm has one of the top offerings in the German market for patents work, and sees five individuals listed here.
Thorsten Bausch is “a very active individual” in the European market who is endorsed for his “excellent knowledge of UPC-related matters”.
Peter Klusmann is a well-established name in the patents area, where he enjoys a great reputation for his excellent work advising on matters in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Leo Polz draws high praise from sources who “would rate him highly” for his work on contentious matters relating to patents, including oppositions and appeals.

Other Leading Individuals


Daniel Alge at Sonn & Partner Patentanwälte is “a fabulous biochemist” say market commentators. He is renowned among peers for top-notch work before domestic and European patent authorities.
Helmut Sonn is a long-standing figure in the Austrian IP market. He is commended for his extensive experience advising clients on all aspects of IP law from rights to agreements.
Peter Pawloy continues to impress respondents to our research who hold him in high regard for his excellence when it comes to advising on patent application and litigation proceedings.


At Høiberg, founding partner Susanne Høiberg focuses her first-class practice on patent prosecutions, applications and licensing matters, areas in which she is recognised for her “great experience”.
Claus Elmeros is “a very capable patent agent” who is well thought of for his expert handling of patent applications and infringement proceedings.

Mikkel Bender at COPA: Copenhagen Patents is a “renowned and respected” patent specialist who is earns adulation for his “very good skills in chemistry and pharmaceuticals”. One source comments: “He does a lot of litigation work and has a high profile.”


Potter Clarkson’s Richard Bassett specialises in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and is hailed as “a very good defence advocate in opposition proceedings”.

Arnie Clarke at Gill Jennings & Every is “great for life sciences patents work” say sources, who add he is “very strong” when it comes to advising on contentious proceedings.
Peter Finnie is “very well known” among peers who describe him as “a great strategic guy”, adding that he is “great with SMEs”.

At J A Kemp, Ravi Srinivasan is applauded as “a very good and well-organised advocate” and comes highly recommended by sources for his “great client skills”.


François Pochart at August & Debouzy is “a big name” in the French market who is considered by sources to be “the go-to man” for patent litigation in the life sciences sector.

Didier Intès at Cabinet Beau de Loménie is deemed “a very brilliant and skilled individual” by sources. He stands out for his impressive work advising on patent contracts, portfolios and related litigation.


At Vossius & Partner Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte, Hans-Rainer Jaenichen is a seasoned expert in the patents space, where he revered for his “excellent contentious work”.

Heinz Goddar at Boehmert & Boehmert is applauded as the “very best” in patents in the German market. He possesses vast experience advising clients on patent and licensing issues.


FRKelly’s Philip Coyle is well known across the European market, where he has a strong reputation for his profound ability in patents across the engineering and physics fields.

Barry Moore at Hanna Moore & Curley is a skilful practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience advising clients on patent application and prosecution proceedings.


At Reinhold Cohn Group, Ilan Cohn “of course should be on the list” effuses one source while another compliments his “vast experience and unique ability to pinpoint the right way for defining an invention”.

Cynthia Webb at Webb & Co has a strong profile in the European market and is highlighted for her “outstanding” work on portfolio management and patent strategy.

Sanford Colb at Sanford T Colb & Co is “a very competent individual” who focuses his impressive practice on a range of complex IP and licensing matters.


At Arnold + Siedsma, Hans Prins is a key name in the patents market who is recognised by peers as “a good advocate who is very strong in the life sciences sector”.

Ferry van Looijengoed at De Vries & Metman draws high praise from widespread sources who comment, “He’s brilliant,” noting him as “the go-to guy in the field of telecoms”.

Koen Bijvank at Brinkhof NV is “calm and practical” and “knows the EPO case law inside out”, says one client. He is credited for his “invaluable experience” as well as being “a great team player”.


At Kransell & Wennborg, Martin Holmberg is recommended by sources who “really respect him” for his work on the whole gamut of patent-related matters from applications to infringement.
Anders Wirén is well versed in advising clients on patent contracts, infringement proceedings and strategy, and is regarded by respondents as “very competent and easy to cooperate with”.

North America

Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Stephen Perry PCK Perry + Currier Inc (PCK IP), Toronto 
2. Konrad A Sechley  Gowling WLG, Vancouver 
3. John Knox  Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh, Vancouver

Leading Firms

Gowling WLG

This full-service Canadian firm performs well this year with seven individuals recognised for their excellence in the field.
Konrad Sechley is one of the most prominent patent specialists in the North American market. He commands great respect from peers who endorse his leading expertise in the biotechnology field.
Stephen Ferance is an “excellent” practitioner who is highly sought after for his patent expertise. One source effuses: “He is so knowledgeable about patenting software.”
Peter Milne is regarded with enormous respect by peers who consider him a key figure when it comes to handling patent prosecution proceedings in Canada. 

Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh

This outfit sees eight practitioners highlighted for their impressive work in the patents arena.
John Knox is a leading figure in the Canadian patents market. His world-class practice encompasses a wide array of related matters from design protection to prosecutions.
Christopher Robinson has over 30 years’ experience advising clients on patent-related issues, and is well acquainted with handling matters pertaining to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
David Schwartz gains recognition here for his first-rate patents practice that spans the gamut of related issues including appeals proceedings and regulation. 

Other Leading Individuals


At PCK Perry + Currier Inc (PCK IP), Stephen Perry ranks prominently this year as the foremost patent attorney in the region. He is highlighted as “an excellent attorney” who pays “huge attention to detail”.  One impressed source comments, “He is a gentleman and is very generous with his time.”

Anna Wilkinson at Norton Rose Fulbright is a well-respected patent agent who can be relied upon to provide first-rate counsel to clients on patent applications and prosecutions.

Blake Cassels & Graydon’s Santosh Chari is internationally recognised as a top name for patents in Canada. Patent protection, licensing and infringement are just some of the areas in which he excels.

Roseann Caldwell at Bennett Jones has a strong background in the patents sphere, and is highly sought after for her expansive knowledge of related enforcement and procurement matters.


Leading Firms

Marks & Clerk

This firm performs well here with 10 individuals recognised from its offices across the Asia-Pacific region.
Singapore-based Upasana Patel is “very responsive and provides clear and accurate advice” say sources, one of whom adds, “She understands the technical aspects of inventions and translates that well into the patent language.”
Daniel Poh is a well-recognised figure among peers with a far-ranging skill set when it comes to patents. Her practice spans application filings and prosecutions.
In Hong Kong, Michael Lin is well versed in advising clients on patent strategy and infringement matters. He is particularly highlighted by peers for his excellence when it comes to patent prosecution.
Mike Flint focuses his practice on patent prosecution and application, and is well known for his particular expertise in the electronics and telecommunications industries. 

Soei Patent & Law Firm

This Japanese outfit sees two impressive individuals listed this year.
Yoshiki Kuroki possesses a great international reputation for his expert handling of prosecutions, litigation and appeals across the mechanical devices sector.
Yoshinori Shimizu is among the “very best” in the Japanese market say sources. He possesses considerable expertise in patents issues in the chemistry and biotechnology industries. 

Other Leading Individuals

Hong Kong

At Deacons, Jeffrey McLean is a top name for patents in Hong Kong who is congratulated for his excellent work on patent prosecutions and filings.


At Kyowa Patent and Law Office, Takeshi Sekine is as well-respected name in the Japanese market who stands out for his expertise across the electrical sector.

Yoshiyuki Inaba at TMI Associates is a key name in the patents arena according to sources who “would rate him highly” for his work on strategy, transactions and contentious matters.

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