UK Bar: Arbitration 2019

This year’s research into the arbitration practices of UK barristers sees 66 silks and 28 juniors highlighted for their outstanding work across a range of industry sectors in arbitral seats around the globe.

Most Highly Regarded
1. Toby Landau QC  Essex Court Chambers 
2. V V Veeder QC  24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields 
3. Judith Gill QC   20 Essex Street Chambers 
4. Julian D M Lew QC  20 Essex Street Chambers
5. Hilary Heilbron QC  Brick Court Chambers
6. Charles N Brower  20 Essex Street Chambers 
7. Peter J Rees QC  39 Essex Chambers
8. Sophie Nappert  3 Verulam Buildings
9. Klaus Reichert SC  Brick Court Chambers
10. J William Rowley QC  20 Essex Street Chambers
11. Zachary Douglas QC Matrix Chambers

Mainly Acting as Arbitrator

20 Essex Street Chambers performs strongly this year with several outstanding arbitrators highlighted in our guide.
Julian Lew QC is a distinguished individual and is highlighted as one of the Most Highly Regarded individuals in our research. A “deeply informed arbitrator”, he is “thorough and very experienced” on matters as diverse as joint ventures and international trade finance.
Bernard Rix QC is “a very sharp advocate” and “diplomatic in the way he presses a point” according to one source. He garners widespread praise from peers this year for his adeptness on matters across sectors such as banking and finance, and shipping.
William Rowley QC is "a top arbitrator" with a stellar reputation for his expertise on contentious matters arising from the energy sector, and investment disputes. He has vast experience in the field and a formidable reputation among sources globally.
Michael Lee is “a very safe pair of hands” and a “top name in the space”. He possesses “an extremely good practice” covering areas such as insurance and finance, which sources “would definitely endorse”.
Judith Gill QC is a “really excellent” arbitrator with a plethora of experience across scores of arbitral institutions worldwide. One instructing solicitor says: “Judith is in my personal top 10.”
David A R Williams QC is a “very bright and practical” arbitrator who impresses sources with his preparation and case management, as well as his near-unrivalled industry experience.
Charles Brower is a distinguished arbitration specialist who commands great respect for his vast experience handling complex contentious proceedings.

One Essex Court is home to a plethora of standout arbitrators.
Ian Glick QC is one of the premier names in the field and is much praised by peers this year for his wide-ranging experience across a range of arbitral rules, and in disputes covering sectors including banking, energy and insurance.
Christopher Style QC is a prominent figure in the market who wins plaudits from sources across the market for his adept arbitration of matters arising from construction, natural resources and telecommunications disputes, among other areas.
Alan Redfern is an long-standing and revered figure lauded by peers as “a leading practitioner in international commercial arbitration”.
Andrew Foyle has “a very good reputation” according to market players who highlight him as “an excellent arbitrator”. Respondents “have a great deal of time for his practice”, which sees him involved in joint venture, construction and energy disputes.

Atkin Chambers’ Humphrey Lloyd QC is a pre-eminent figure who receives effusive praise from commentators this year for his fantastic work as arbitrator on significant international trade and investment disputes.
“Terrific arbitrator” Douglas Jones AO is among the greats of construction arbitration, with more than four decades of dedicated global experience. He is perennially recommended by peers as a pre-eminent practitioner across all manner of disputes in the area.

Brick Court Chambers’ Leonard Hoffmann QC is one of the pre-eminent names in our research who is commended by peers across the market for his sheer depth of understanding of investment treaty disputes, and his assured approach as arbitrator.

Keating Chambers’ Robert Gaitskell QC is “without doubt a star in arbitration” and is “greatly in demand” as a result. “Vastly experienced” in complex construction matters, he is “efficient and firmly conducts cases” in a “well-organised and diligent manner”, report interviewees.

At Matrix Chambers, Philippe Sands QC is described as “a specialist in international law matters” who is adept on matters touching areas such as energy and construction disputes. Peers call him “an excellent arbitrator” and a “godfather of the space”.

3 Verulam Buildings is home to Sophie Nappert, one of the Most Highly Regarded names in the market. She is highlighted by commentators as “a leading arbitrator”, whose practice features a wealth of understanding of investor-state disputes.

Monckton Chambers’ Thomas Sebastian receives much applause for his “excellent drafting and industry knowledge” with respondents describing him as “a leading practitioner in public international law and WTO matters”.

At 24 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, V V Veeder QC is a go-to individual globally and a Global Elite Thought Leader in our research. His practice features first-rate knowledge of a range of arbitral rules in sectors including energy and transport.

Mixed practice or mainly acting as counsel

Essex Court Chambers is a leading set for arbitration with a market-leading 17 individuals featured in our guide.
Joe Smouha QC stands out as “an obvious inclusion for the guide” according to peers. His practice covers both onshore and offshore disputes in a range of industry sectors.
David Joseph QC is a top-notch practitioner who comes in for high praise from peers. He is “extremely well known” in the market, and possesses deep knowledge of disputes in the financial services sector.
Toby Landau QC is “a fantastic counsel” with a “very good reputation” according to sources familiar with his work. He runs an enviable practice that sees him involved in disputes at both the English and Singapore Bars.
David Foxton QC is “an outstanding performer” who observers give strong support to this year, highlighting his “low-key and effective style”. He has superb knowledge of insurance-related arbitration.
Salim Moollan QC is a distinguished name in the space with commentators lauding his profound ability as both counsel and arbitrator under a range of arbitral rules.
Ricky Diwan QC is a widely recognised and recommended figure in the market. He has broad understanding of matters arising from investment and international commercial arbitration.
Lucas Bastin is "undoubtedly one of the leading juniors at the bar in international arbitration" according to sources who specifically deem him "the outstanding junior in investment treaty arbitration".
Vaughan Lowe QC is a reference at the Bar for investment arbitration and other international law issues. According to one peer, “Vaughan is a very bright man and a great advocate, and is loved by tribunals.”
Samuel Wordsworth QC is a vastly experienced name in the arbitration arena who is frequently extolled by interviewees in our research, having acted in some of the most significant investment arbitration cases of recent decades.

Four impressive silks from Brick Court Chambers are recognised in this year’s guide.
Hilary Heilbron QC has a stellar reputation and is lauded for her fantastic ability on international transport, energy and joint venture disputes.
Mark Howard QC does “very strong court work” according to observers who hold him in high regard for his excellent knowledge of commercial and financial disputes, as well as matters in the energy and insurance sectors.
Klaus Reichert SC is an “extremely good counsel and arbitrator” who excels on issues arising from mining, energy and joint ventures. Sources highlight him for his “responsiveness and ability to manage a case well”.

39 Essex Chambers remains a strong name the market for arbitration, with four of its leading barristers receiving listings this year.
The “very capable” Peter Rees QC has highlighted by respondents to our research as “an excellent arbitrator”, standing out construction and investor-state disputes across a number of different arbitral rules.
John Tackaberry QC is a “very well-known” figure who commands a great reputation in the space. He runs an excellent practice with specialist expertise on the construction side of matters.
The set is also home to Stuart Catchpole QC, a “top-tier” practitioner and a “really excellent advocate”, report commentators. His “outstanding practice” in arbitration features a particular focus on construction, energy and insurance.
David Brynmor Thomas is “notable for his work in the construction field” in an arbitration context, winning widespread recommendations from market observers for his deep understanding of the subject matter.

20 Essex Street Chambers’ Duncan Matthews QC is an outstanding barrister who is commended by market players for his adept handling of arbitrations across a range of rules, covering matters arising from the financial services, insurance and energy sectors.
The “very experienced” Daniel Bethlehem QC “knows how states work inside out”, which comes in useful in his busy practice in international and investor treaty law.

XXIV Old Buildings’ Michael Black QC is “very impressive” and is noted for his “breadth of expertise” as both arbitrator and counsel. He offers specialist understanding of construction, energy and financial services disputes.

Market observers are “very impressed by” Ali Malek QC of 3 Verulam Buildings who they note has “an excellent command of cases” and “addresses tribunals in a very helpful and effective way”. His practice features deep experience on investment treaty disputes.
Christopher Harris QC is a “hard-working and bright” lawyer who is “super user-friendly” and is “heading for arbitration’s top table”. He is “a complete star” in both commercial and investment arbitration, according to peers,
Kaj Hobér is a “top-notch practitioner” who one peer effuses has become “one of the leading arbitrators in Europe”. He is particularly adept on issues arising from the CIS region, with expertise on construction and joint venture disputes.

Roger ter Haar QC of Crown Office Chambers is “an excellent advocate with an excellent reputation”. He is “very measured, accessible and a pleasure to work with” according to peers who laud his “highly analytical and strategic approach” to construction disputes.

One Essex Court’s Alex Gunning QC is “a superb advocate” who sources state is “very sharp and extremely capable when cross-examining technical experts”. Respondents note that he is “remarkably effective” and “exceptionally well-prepared” in hearings.

Clients praise Doughty Street Chambers’ Paul Barker as "a seasoned arbitration practitioner with wide knowledge and excellent skills", commenting that they would "recommend him without hesitation" for his "strength on investor-state disputes".
Emilie Gonin’s “enthusiasm is matched with a razor-sharp mind”, effuse clients. She comes in for particular commendation for her “great breadth of knowledge” that observers note “promotes cross-fertilisation from extradition to investor-state disputes”.

Zachary Douglas QC at Matrix Chambers is “a big name” in the market, possessing “great ability” in the handling of significant disputes in arbitration across areas including public law and sport.
Angeline Welsh is a “gifted lawyer” who is “bright, hard-working and extremely personable”, according to sources, who also highlight her “great client-handling skills”.

4 New Square’s Matthieu Gregoire is “thorough and detailed” and “able to distil large amounts of information into compelling arguments”, report interviewees. A “diligent and hard-working barrister”, he is praised for his “comprehensive knowledge” of energy disputes.
George Spalton is "an excellent advocate" who is "well established in this area" and "extremely convincing in his arguments". He excels in construction and insurance disputes, among others.

11KBW have a superb barrister in Sean Aughey who peers variously describe as “very able” and “a great team player”. Sources describe him as “clearly one of the leading juniors in international public law”. 

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