UK Bar: Civil Fraud 2019

In this chapter 85 exceptional silks and 21 leading juniors are recognised for their excellent work advising and litigating in large-scale civil fraud disputes in the UK and abroad. All are held in exceptionally high regard for their work in the space.

Most Highly Regarded
1. Stephen Smith QC  Erskine Chambers
2. Mark Howard QC  Brick Court Chambers
3. Robert Miles QC  4 Stone Buildings
4. Justin Fenwick QC  4 New Square
5. Jonathan Crow QC   4 Stone Buildings
1. Tim Akkouh  Erskine Chambers
2. Michael Lazarus   3 Verulam Buildings


One Essex Court performs very well this year with nine silks recognised for their civil fraud practice.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC is “universally regarded as a star in the field”. He is considered an expert in civil fraud matters, and performs a lot of international arbitration work.
Michael Fealy QC is a “very highly rated commercial litigator” who is well regarded for his civil fraud practice. He stands out for his expert handling of both litigation and arbitration proceedings.
Neil Kitchener QC is a “go-to for civil fraud” say peers who consider him “an outstanding cross-examiner”. He is commended for his expert handling of commercial and civil fraud disputes.
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC is an “outstanding barrister” and “extremely diligent”. He frequently works on offshore litigation and international arbitration proceedings.

Blackstone Chambers also sees nine silks listed for their work in the field.
Anthony Peto QC is “extremely well versed in fraud matters” and often acts as lead counsel in the commercial court on high-value fraud cases.
Andrew George QC is “a clear and persuasive advocate” who “thinks very well on his feet”, according to sources. His experience spans large claims across a number of industries including pharma.
Ian Mill QC has an “excellent fraud practice” and is a “great heavyweight name” when it comes to working with both claimants and defendants in high-value cases.
Robert Howe QC is an “excellent barrister” who is “very good in court” according to respondents who commend his in-depth knowledge of civil fraud and asset recovery matters.
Robert Anderson QC has over 30 years’ experience advising and representing clients a wide array of civil fraud, asset recovery, and injunctive relief matters.

This chapter sees nine silks from 3 Verulam Buildings listed for their brilliant work.
Ali Malek QC is praised by peers as “very impressive”, and a “brilliant and persuasive advocate”. With a wealth of experience in the field, he is an expert on various matters including injunction and letters of credit.
Hodge Malek QC is “a great opponent” say peers who praise his impressive work acting on the side of claimants, as well as defendants, in the UK and internationally.
Adrian Beltrami QC is “plainly a leader” say peers who is “excellent at everything he turns his hand to”. He is often instructed on cases relating to breach of fiduciary duty.

Eight lawyers from Fountain Court Chambers are recognised for their superb work in civil fraud.
Jeffrey Chapman QC is a key name in the civil fraud market. He is highly praised by peers who remark that “he is extremely good and covers all the material”.  
David Railton QC is recognised for his brilliant civil fraud practice. He has over 35 years’ experience in the field, and is regularly instructed for both litigation and arbitration proceedings.
Charles Béar QC is “a very smooth and clever advocate,” who is “good at arguing difficult points”. He covers a broad range of civil fraud matters, and represents both individuals and institutions.
Richard Handyside QC is a “big name” in the civil fraud field. Sources note that he is “unflappable, and very technically strong”.
Michael Brindle QC is “very senior and well known” in the market, say sources. He stands out for his vast experience in cases involving money laundering and Ponzi schemes. 

Essex Court Chambers achieves seven listings in this chapter.
Paul McGrath QC is recognised as “very smart” and “a brilliant fraud litigator”. He has worked on a wide range of complex fraud and asset recovery cases involving very large claims.
Richard Millett QC draws high praise from market commentators who highlight him as an “extremely fluent advocate, with fantastic style”.
Nathan Pillow QC is an expert in matters relating to asset tracing and recovery, interim relief, and proprietary claims. Sources remark that he “does a fantastic job, and knows freezing injunction principles extremely well”.
Joe Smouha QC is “a star” in the field of civil fraud. He often appears in offshore courts such as the Cayman Islands, as well as the UK High Court. 

Maitland Chambers performs well this year with seven barristers recognised for their work in the field.
Paul Girolami QC is “a very clever and impressive barrister” who is commended for being “very effective in front of the High Court and Court of Appeal judges”.
David Mumford QC is a “very clever and sensible civil fraud silk” who is recognised as a standout name when it comes to high-value claims.  
Richard Morgan QC is very well regarded for his work in the field of civil fraud. He has a wealth of experience, and particular expertise in freezing orders and interim relief.
Matthew Collings QC is highlighted as “a great choice” when it comes to fraud and insolvency-related proceedings, both in the UK and a cross offshore jurisdictions.  
George Hayman QC is a “very persuasive advocate” who stands out for his “excellent manner” when handling fraud cases relating to asset tracing, interim injunctions, and freezing orders.

4 Stone Buildings performs well with four members listed.
Robert Miles QC acts as an adviser and advocate in complex domestic and international disputes and is praised by peers as “one of the best around” for civil fraud work.
Jonathan Crow QC is “among the very best” in the field, say respondents, who praise his extensive experience handling complex civil fraud claims and note he is “very thorough, and knows his stuff”.
Richard Hill QC is very well regarded in the civil fraud legal sphere and is highlighted for his first-class work on large cross-border litigation proceedings.  
Orlando Fraser QC is a superb civil fraud silk, with extensive experience handling cases involving freezing injunctions, trading, and asset tracing.

Brick Court Chambers sees three silks listed for their work in civil fraud.
Mark Howard QC is highly praised by peers for his leading expertise in civil fraud matters, with one source remarking that “he’s one of the best barristers I’ve ever seen”.
Charles Hollander QC is a “big hitter in the market” who “can cut through to the heart of the matter at hand”, most notably when it comes to search orders, asset tracing and freezing injunctions.
Roger Masefield QC is “an excellent advocate,” who offers “practical advice” on issues arising out of jurisdiction changes, seizure orders and tracing claims.

Erskine Chambers achieves four listings in this chapter.
Stephen Smith QC is “right there at the top” in the civil fraud space. He is highlighted as “the go-to man for heavyweight fraud matters” and is recognised for his “huge intellect”.
David Chivers QC is a “standout at chambers”, say peers who commend his impressive work on offshore fraud cases. He is described by peers as “extremely effective and very clever”.

20 Essex Street Chambers sees three barristers recognised for their work.
Paul Lowenstein QC is “a very strong advocate” who works on both international and domestic cases, and has particular expertise in freezing injunctions, asset tracing and interim remedies.
Duncan Matthews QC is described by one peer as “an impressive barrister and very smooth advocate”. Sources note that “he goes from strength to strength”, particularly when it comes to issues relating to receiverships and freezing orders.
Stephen Atherton QC is an “extremely good” civil fraud barrister “with a strong offshore practice”. He has worked on large-scale cases relating to issues such as asset concealment and misappropriation of assets.

4 New Square sees two silks recognised here.
Justin Fenwick QC is one of the most highly regarded barristers in the field of civil fraud. He is “an extremely impressive advocate” who “gets results” and has a “very sharp mind”.
Graham Chapman QC is “both a leader and a team player” who is “great to work with”, say peers. He is an expert in cases involving injunctive relief, breach of fiduciary duties and misappropriation of assets.

Wilberforce Chambers has five barristers recognised for their work in this chapter.
John Wardell QC is very well regarded for his work in civil fraud matters. He is praised as “a quick thinker” who is “able to distil the crucial issue extremely well”.
Tim Penny QC is an expert in freezing orders and search orders. He is highly respected for his work in the field, and often works on cases with a cross-border element.

Serle Court achieves five listings in this chapter.
Alan Boyle QC is recognised as “one of the top people at the Bar” by market commentators who commend his “top-tier” work on commercial chancery proceedings.  
Philip Marshall QC is “very well regarded” by peers for his strong international fraud practice, which sees him advising on claims spanning various overseas jurisdictions.
Hugh Norbury QC is a brilliant civil fraud silk praised as “tactical and detailed in his strategy and execution”.

Elspeth Talbot Rice QC of XXIV Old Buildings is an “extremely good barrister with a strong offshore practice”. She is often involved in tracing actions, and has acted for trustees and shareholders, among other clients.

Charles Samek QC of Littleton Chambers is very well regarded in the field of civil fraud. He is recognised for being “vastly experienced in all matters related to asset tracing and freezing injunctions”.


Essex Court Chambers performs well with four juniors recognised for their work in civil fraud.
James Willan is an exceptional junior and highly commended by peers who remark that he is “extremely bright” with “excellent drafting skills”.
Anna Dilnot has a “super sharp mind, and is very impressive on her feet in complex proceedings”, say peers who commend her first-class commercial chancery practice.
James Sheehan is a brilliant civil fraud junior whose impressive practice encompasses a wide range of matters including disclosure orders, asset tracing, and freezing orders.
Ciaran Keller has “excellent litigation instinct” and is “a superb all-round lawyer” say peers. He regularly works on cases involving conspiracy, misappropriation of assets and allegations of dishonesty.

3 Verulam Buildings achieves three listings in this year’s civil fraud chapter.
Michael Lazarus is highly regarded for his work in the field. “He is hugely intelligent” and “has an extraordinary precision of thought which he applies to the facts and his legal analysis”.
Rajesh Pillai is “deeply experienced in fraud matters” and stands out for his expert handling of breach of warranty matters. He is praised as a “standout junior” with “a brilliant intellect”.
Matthew Parker is a very well-regarded civil fraud junior with experience in matters relating to asset tracing, injunctive relief and equitable relief.

Erskine Chambers sees two practitioners listed here.
Tim Akkouh is an exceptional civil fraud barrister, who comes top of our research this year as one of the most highly regarded practitioners in the field. He is “absolutely top of the tree” and has a “wide experience of fraud matters”.
Ben Griffiths is recognised for his civil fraud practice, and particularly stands out for his impressive work in arbitration and litigation proceedings.

Two lawyers from Serle Court are recognised here for their fraud practice.
Adil Mohamedbhai is a top-tier civil fraud junior. He is highly praised by peers who remark that he is “clever and diligent”, and “on top of absolutely everything”. 
Dan McCourt Fritz is an “exceedingly good” civil fraud junior who is “fantastic to lead and work with”. He is particularly knowledgeable with regards to civil contempt proceedings and freezing injunctions.

20 Essex Street Chambers sees two practitioners listed in this chapter.
Chris Newman is “technically and strategically smart” say sources who note he provides “first-class, clear and pragmatic advice” to clients on several complex matters including breach of fiduciary duty.
Harris Bor is very well regarded in the field of civil fraud. He is “excellent with clients” say peers, who add that he is “devastating in cross-examination” and “extremely bright with a creative mind”.

Thomas Munby of Maitland Chambers is a “wonderfully clever” civil fraud junior who works on a number of offshore matters involving high-value claims.  

Nico Leslie of Fountain Court Chambers is an "extremely hardworking” advocate. He is “great to work with” according to peers who consider him “a very smart and truly impressive junior”.

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