UK Bar: Labour, Employment & Immigration 2019

In this chapter we are proud to present 58 silks and 61 juniors who are recognised for their excellence in labour, employment and immigration matters that include discrimination, industrial action and restrictive covenant disputes.

Most Highly Regarded
1. Paul Goulding QC Blackstone Chambers
2. Thomas Linden QC Matrix Chambers
3. James Laddie QC Matrix Chambers
4. Christopher Jeans QC 11KBW
5. Richard Leiper QC  11KBW
6. Dinah Rose QC  Blackstone Chambers
7. Gavin Mansfield QC  Littleton Chambers
1. Amy Rogers  11KBW
2. Simon Forshaw  11KBW
3. Jane McCafferty 11KBW
4. Nadia Motraghi  Old Square Chambers
5. Claire Darwin Matrix Chambers


Cloisters Chambers is a powerhouse of labour and employment specialists this year, with 10 silks listed.
Jason Galbraith-Marten QC is singled out by respondents as a “very bright” advocate and a “personable silk” who is “great with clients and delivers results with flair”. He has over 20 years of experience in employment and equality cases.
Paul Epstein QC is described by respondents as “an excellent silk and orator” with over 30 years of experience in employment and discrimination matters.
Robin Allen QC is praised emphatically by peers as a “top claimants’ silk whose written and oral arguments are elegant and persuasive”. His expertise in employment matters includes equal pay and discrimination disputes.
Caspar Glyn QC is a respected silk for employment matters at the Var. Sources laud his “straight-talking manner, excellent technical knowledge and hands-on, team-focused approach to matters”.

Littleton Chambers also performs strongly this year and sees 10 silks recognised here.
Gavin Mansfield QC is “leading the way” in labour and employment matters according to sources who consider him “a very strong advocate and tactician in High Court cases”. One respondent calls him “the first choice for complex employment matters”.
David Reade QC comes highly recommended by sources, who highlight him as “an outstanding silk” in labour and employment matters. His practice spans all employment matters, with a speciality in restrictive covenants, discrimination and industrial action cases.
Jonathan Cohen QC is a well-respected figure at the Bar who stands out as “a superb tactician and advocate” when it comes to restrictive covenants and confidentiality matters.
Mohinderpal Sethi QC stands out for his top-tier work in commercial employment, equality and partnership disputes. Respondents describe him as “a very skilled and persuasive barrister”.

11KBW demonstrates the strength and depth of its labour and employment expertise with eight silks listed.
Christopher Jeans QC is identified as one of the key silks in the labour and employment field. He “displays excellent tactical and legal judgement, and is superb with the clients”, say sources.
Richard Leiper QC gains extensive praise as “a real star of the Bar”, and an “absolutely outstanding, confident, commercial and diligent advocate”. He is well versed in equal pay disputes, and discrimination and whistleblowing matters.
Peers call Daniel Stilitz QC “thorough, reliable, incredibly bright and always user-friendly”. He has significant expertise in employment disputes in the financial services sector.
John Cavanagh QC is “simply superb: a go-to name at the Bar”, according to respondents. He brings public law expertise to his employment practice, and excels in pension discrimination cases.
Sean Jones QC is lauded as “an excellent advocate, who provides clever arguments especially in appellate cases”. His practice encompasses the full range of employment matters.

Blackstone Chambers receives five listings here. 
Paul Goulding QC is one of the most prominent silks at the Bar for labour, employment and immigration matters. Peers describe him as “head and shoulders above the rest”, and “the doyen of breach of restrictive covenant and misuse of confidential information cases”.
Dinah Rose QC ranks prominently in this year’s research, with clients and peers viewing her as one of the top silks for employment matters. Her practice focuses on discrimination and equal pay matters.

Matrix Chambers receives six listings in total for its silks. 
Thomas Linden QC is recognised as a leading silk at the Bar for labour and employment matters by respondents. One peer effuses that he is “the best silk I have seen in the employment field”.
James Laddie QC is recognised by market commentators as “a real fighter and a tenacious cross-examiner, as well as creative and someone to have in your corner”. His focus lies in confidentiality, privacy and whistleblowing matters.
Karon Monaghan QC enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market. She draws acclaim from peers as “the best discrimination law silk in the country” and has over 30 years of experience at the Bar.

Essex Court Chambers sees four of its silks listed in this chapter.
Daniel Oudkerk QC “stands above the rest” for labour and employment disputes according to sources. His employment spans various matters including restrictive covenants, bonus litigation, privacy and discrimination.
David Craig QC is “deeply thorough in his preparation” say respondents, who consider him “a truly outstanding employment silk” and “first choice for complex and high-value employment disputes in the High Court”.
Andrew Hochhauser QC is well regarded for employment disputes, with sources highlighting him as “a top cross-examiner who is very well known in the field”.
Martin Griffiths QC has “a very good commercial practice” according to market commentators who regard him as “an excellent practitioner” in high-value contractual claims.

Bruce Carr QC at Devereux Chambers is described by respondents this year as a “clever and tactical silk”. He is particularly highlighted for his work on landmark whistleblowing cases.

Ben Cooper QC of Old Square Chambers is praised as “a fantastic silk who is good with clients”. His practice includes discrimination matters, industrial action and contractual disputes.

Stuart Ritchie QC with Fountain Court Chambers is “a star performer in and out of court” whose practice focuses on director and senior executive disputes, termination of employment and whistleblowing disputes.

Andrew Short QC at Outer Temple Chambers is a long-standing fixture in the market. Sources consider him “a tough and brilliant silk” and praise his work on discrimination matters, restrictive covenants and equal pay disputes.


11KBW achieves eight listings for its juniors here.
Amy Rogers ranks as one of the foremost labour and employment juniors at the UK bar. Peers describe her as “a terrific advocate” with expertise in team move disputes, and bonus and deferred remuneration matters.
Simon Forshaw is praised for his “great legal knowledge, impressive brain and easy-to-work-with manner”. He is well versed in employment matters before the Court of Appeal and employment tribunals.
Jane McCafferty is identified by peers as “a first-rate barrister” who specialises in high-value bonus disputes, whistleblowing and discrimination matters concerning the financial services sector.
Judy Stone comes highly recommended by peers who consider her “an intelligent barrister who is good on strategy and excellent on her feet”. Her employment practice includes restrictive covenants, bonus disputes and other contractual matters.
Patrick Halliday
is a “first-rate” advocate and impresses market commentators who note he is “great on race discrimination claims”. 

Old Square Chambers sees nine juniors recognised here for their excellence in the field.
Nadia Motraghi is identified as a prominent name at the Bar. Sources effuse that she is “an outstanding practitioner who is very skilled, extremely personable and knowledgeable” particularly when it comes to discrimination cases and whistleblowing litigation.
Simon Cheetham is a highly regarded figure at the UK Bar, praised for his “excellent knowledge of the law” – most notably in relation to discrimination disputes.
Betsan Criddle is “a formidable advocate”, praised for her “engaging and persuasive” style in employment and discrimination disputes.
Katharine Newton is a well-regarded advocate whose practice encompasses the full range of employment law matters before employment tribunals, as well as the highest appellate courts in the UK.
Stuart Brittenden earns recognition as “a thoroughly skilled advocate” who is experienced at representing individual and collective clients on redundancies, discrimination and negligence matters.

Cloisters Chambers achieves eight listings here.
Tom Brown has “a very sharp mind and thoughtful submissions that win respect at tribunal”, say peers. He is well versed in advising clients from the public and private sectors on employment issues.
Christopher Milsom is “really first-class”, effuse market sources who commend his “ability to assimilate information quickly and accurately” as well as his “fantastic legal judgement”.
Daniel Dyal draws high praise from sources who “would certainly recommend him” for his impressive work on complex discrimination and equality cases.

Littleton Chambers sees six juniors listed.
Craig Rajgopaul receives widespread recognition from peers who note he is “a team player with excellent technical knowledge of complex issues” pertaining to employment law.
Alexander Robson is “an extremely capable practitioner”, known for his expertise in discrimination, whistleblowing and unfair dismissal matters in the IT and financial services sectors.
Charlotte Davies is described as a “personable and ferociously bright barrister” by respondents. She has considerable expertise in sex discrimination and whistleblowing matters before the High Court and employment tribunals.
Niran de Silva draws acclaim from peers for his superb work on high-value dismissal and bonus matters for individuals and companies.

At Matrix Chambers, Claire Darwin impresses market commentators who recognise her as “very clever, detail-oriented, and strong on employment and public law”.
Thomas Kibling is highlighted for his “significant tribunal presence, and his well-ordered and thorough submissions”. He is known for his particular expertise in high-value discrimination and whistleblowing matters.
Andrew Smith is highlighted as “an excellent junior, and a very tough opponent in court” by peers. His practice encompasses bonus disputes, restrictive covenants and fiduciary duty matters.

Richard Hignett with No5 Chambers is a standout name at the Bar for employment and discrimination matters. Sources call him “a very good advocate with strong interpersonal skills”.
Helen Barney has over 15 years of experience representing private and public sector clients in dismissal claims and disability discrimination, among other matters. 

Seamus Sweeney from Parklane Plowden Chambers is an accomplished practitioner with a well-developed employment law practice. He is identified as “an expert in equal pay matters” by market commentators.

Thomas Cordrey at Devereux Chambers impresses peers with his “excellent approach with clients” as well as his superb work on the full range of employment matters.

Andrew Allen at Outer Temple Chambers has over 20 years of experience in a range of employment and discrimination disputes, including equal pay, unfair dismissal and restrictive covenant matters.
Naomi Cunningham enjoys a strong reputation for her work representing individuals and trade unions across the private and public sectors on employment and discrimination matters, including whistleblowing, working time and equal pay issues.

Jane Russell at Essex Court Chambers is described as “a great advocate” by market commentators this year. She has experience in representing banks, listed companies, public bodies and trade unions in complex discrimination, equality and whistleblowing proceedings.


At River Chambers, Richard Powell is commended for his “strong advocacy skills”. He commands over 25 years of expertise in general employment and discrimination matters from first instance through to the Court of Appeal.
Nick Cooksey is “a well-prepared and capable advocate” who is instructed by some of the UK’s largest employers in the retail, defence and healthcare sectors.
Jonathan Walters is counted as “a high-level performer in the market” by sources who commend his work on discrimination disputes and internal disciplinary hearings.

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