Data 2019: Information Technology Analysis

This year’s research into the information technology market recognises 763 practitioners for their expertise across a wide range of digital matters, including complex outsourcing issues.


The Global Elite Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has idenitified them as truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.
Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.


Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Steven De Schrijver Astrea, Brussels
2. Jürg Schneider Walder Wyss, Zurich
3. Clara-Ann Gordon Niederer Kraft Frey, Zurich
4. Susan Barty CMS, London
5. Richard Kemp Kemp IT Law, London
6. Reinoud Westerdijk Kennedy Van der Laan, Amsterdam
7. Philip Nolan Mason Hayes & Curran, Dublin
8. Peter Bräutigam Noerr, Munich

Leading Firms

Kennedy Van der Laan 

Leading IT firm at the forefront of the technology legal space, and sees nine practitioners across EMEA listed for their impressive expertise in the practice area.
Reinoud Westerdijk is a very highly regarded name in the IT space who is praised by peers as “top class,” and “highly knowledgeable”. We identify him as a Global Elite Thought Leader this year for his expertise in an array of matters including outsourcing licensing.
Patrick Wit is a brilliant IT lawyer who performs very well in this year’s research. He uses his extensive previous experience in software design, project management and consultancy to provide clients with in-depth knowledge into complex IT issues.
Hester de Vries is a technology expert who stands out in the Dutch market for her understanding of data issues and EU regulations.
Otto Sleeking is highly praised for his work in the area, with sources commending his “great knowledge of IT contract law and IT procurement law, a combination not often seen in the market”.
Alfred Meijboom is an excellent IT lawyer in both contentious and non-contentious matters. He is widely recognised as a leading name in the Dutch market on all manner of issues in the sector.

Walder Wyss

This superb Swiss firm excels in this year’s research with five practitioners listed.
Jürg Schneider is highlighted by peers as "the best" when it comes to complex IT matters. They note he is “very knowledgeable and highly experienced" when it comes to outsourcing and system integration.
Mark Reutter is a first-class IT lawyer who wins praise from sources, one of whom notes, "He is my first choice in Switzerland."
Michael Isler is commended by international peers for his strong expertise in platform projects, complex outsourcing, and technology transfer matters.
Didier Sangiorgio is "an excellent IT lawyer" who is highly respected for his strong expertise handling related transactions.
Hans Rudolf Trüeb is a much-respected IT practitioner both internationally and domestically for his expert knowledge in technology-related transactions.

Taylor Wessing

A dominant full-service firm that enjoys a superb reputation in the IT space, with 10 practitioners recognised for their work in the field.
Christian Frank is highly commended for his work in the sector by sources who call him “an excellent IT lawyer with a strong international network”. He stands out as one of Germany’s top IT lawyers thanks to his wide-ranging expertise in IP and transactional matters.
Mark Owen in London stands out for his excellent work in the IT space, according to sources who call him “a highly reputable colleague in this market”. He has extensive experience in digital media and IP.
Jörg Wimmers is a renowned name in the German market who receives high praise for his IT practice. He provides top-class advice to an array of prominent clients, such as ISPs, search engines and access providers.


A strong player in the market with six practitioners highlighted for their expertise.
Christopher Millard is a top-notch practitioner in the field of IT, emerging as one of the leading names in the UK market this year. He is praised by sources as “very knowledgeable” lawyer who is “really great with clients”.
Robert Bond is an eminent IT practitioner with over 40 years’ experience and “a thorough understanding of his subject area”. One client notes “his ability to convey key points clearly but without simplification”.
The “highly knowledgeable” Marc Dautlich is an experienced name for IT matters who provides excellent advice on risk management in the field. Sources emphasise Dautlich’s “ability to make his subject matter very user-friendly”.
Chris Holder is an “excellent lawyer” with “great outsourcing experience”, comment interviewees. One impressed peer call Holder “THE outsourcing and new tech lawyer in England!”
Toby Crick is an “excellent all-round IT lawyer” who is highly commended for his IT practice. He is considered an expert in the field, and works with a number of different clients including large IT services companies.
Mark Watts earns praise from sources around Europe as a leader in IT matters, with over 20 years’ experience in the practice area.

Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale

A “great technology firm” and “great team” that is highlighted for its excellence in the IT space, with four specialists mentioned.
Laura Liguori is widely regarded as a top figure in the IT space and stands out as the leading name in Italy in this year’s research. She is an expert in matters relating to e-commerce, information governance, data mining, and many other complex issues relating to the internet.
The “highly competent” Francesco Portolano is extremely well regarded in the IT sphere and is identified as a “leading lawyer” by market sources. He is well known for his vast expertise in transactional matters involving the digital sector.
Ernesto Apa is commended by peers for his “outstanding expertise and professionalism” in the IT sector. He advises clients on regulatory and contractual issues, on both a national and an international level.


Demonstrates a significant presence in the market and sees four practitioners listed.
Peter Bräutigam is a highly respected figure in the field of IT law and a “top name” in Germany, according to interviewees. He has in-depth knowledge of complex outsourcing matters, as well as software licence and digitalisation issues.
Thomas Thalhofer is a digitalisation expert with extensive expertise across all aspects of contentious and non-contentious IT, including contracts, compliance and outsourcing issues within the sector.
Daniel Rücker is a superb IT lawyer who is “highly recommended” for his excellent practice. He is an e-commerce, contracts and outsourcing expert, regularly providing in-depth know-how to prominent clients.
Joachim Schrey has a strong presence in the IT sphere, with expert knowledge in a range of complex matters.

SKW Schwarz

Five practitioners from this well-known German firm are recognised for their noteworthy work in the sector.
Sources describe Stefan Schicker as a “really, really good” lawyer with a wealth of expertise in the practice area. He brings a wide range of IP and digital expertise to bear for clients in the IT sector.
Matthias Nordmann receives widespread commendations from respondents to our research for his superb capabilities in transactional work in the IT field.

De la cruz beranek

Two key practitioners from the firm are recommended in this year’s research.
Carmen De la Cruz is a leading IT lawyer recognised for her superb work in both the Swiss and international markets. She is considered an expert in the field, particularly when it comes to cloud computing. She is a “great lawyer”, comment interviewees, who identify her as “certainly a leader” in the field.
Nicole Beranek Zanon is very highly regarded in the field of IT law where she stands out for her particular expertise relating to contracts and liability. She comes “highly recommended” as a “well-connected” practitioner with standout client service skills.


A significant player in the European market with two lawyers listed here.
Mika Puittinen is a “highly skilful and well regarded” IT lawyer who advises on a number of aspects of IT law, with a particular focus on outsourcing arrangements and large-scale projects.
Juha Pekka Katainen is a “great IT lawyer” who is “in the top 10” in the region according to one source. He is highly experienced in advising large-scale domestic and international outsourcing projects.


A global force that enjoys an excellent reputation in the IT space and sees six lawyers recognised for their work.
Amanda Lewis is highly commended for her “superb IT outsourcing” work. She has over 25 years’ experience in the field, and offers clients exceptional international experience.
Catherine Bingham continues to be highly regarded for her work in the IT space. Her standout practice features extensive expertise in relation to complex outsourcing and technology projects.

Leading Individuals


Axel Anderl of Dorda Rechtsanwälte garners recommendations from across Europe for his impressiveexpertise in the in the IT legal space. He offers high-quality advice to clients on all aspects of e-commerce and outsourcing matters.

Roland Marko of Wolf Theiss performs very well in this year’s research, and is recognised as an important name in IT in Austria thanks to his strong expertise in issues relating to IP and IT, including licensing and e-commerce.


Steven De Schrijver of Astrea is “the number-one IT lawyer in Belgium" as well as the top name in EMEA in our research, thanks to his combination of deep expertise and extensive experience.

Gerrit Vandendriessche of Altius is a standout name in the field who is recognised by peers as “one of the best IT lawyers in the country”. He is also praised for being extremely “bright and efficient”.


Ole Horsfeldt of Gorrissen Federspiel is highly commended by sources who consider him “without a doubt a thought leader in the field of outsourcing”. They applaud him for his “commercial, legal, and strategic insights” in the IT sector.


Susan Barty of CMS is an exceptional IT practitioner, and is recognised as a Global Elite Thought Leader in this year’s research. She has experience of working with customers as well as suppliers in technology disputes, including breach of contract, project delay and other contentious IT-related matters.

Richard Kemp of Kemp IT Law is highly commended for his “strategic advice” and ability to “marry the law with the commercial implications in often yet to be known areas”. He is an expert in providing solutions across a range of technology-related legal problems.

Jeremy Morton of Harbottle & Lewis is a first-rate IP lawyer, with extensive expertise in various IT related matters. He emerges as one of the top names in the market according to our research this year.

Michael Peeters of DAC Beachcroft is widely recognised as key figure in IT who has “built an extremely impressive practice”, according to peers.

Robert Bratby of Arnold & Porter is a highly skilled IT lawyer who provides exceptional counsel on a number of issues, most notably transactional matters and investments involving complex technologies, and offers clients superb international experience.

Daniel Preiskel of Preiskel & Co is a well-regarded IT practitioner who is “very active in the tech space”, according to interviewees. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the area.

Vanessa Marsland of Clifford Chance is an “excellent IT lawyer, with vast experience”. She is particularly well known for her IP-related expertise.

Eduardo Ustaran of Hogan Lovells stands out as one of the industry’s foremost IT lawyers. Sources note him as “a great professional with a level of knowledge that allows him to be decisive”.

Joanne Vengadesan of Penningtons Manches is an IT and technology expert with superb experience handling all aspects of sophisticated commercial transactions.


Pia Ek of Castrén & Snellman Attorneys is a top name in the Finnish market recognised for her superb work within the field of IT. She has over 15 years’ experience assisting clients with all aspects of outsourcing and digitalisation, including cloud-related issues.
Kimmo Rekola is a leading expert in IT matters who is “skilful and highly regarded” when it comes to providing solutions to complex IT legal issues, according to impressed sources.

Arto Linnervuo of Roschier is an expert on outsourcing matters who also has broad experience in many other aspects of IT law. He is applauded by interviewees as “extremely skilful,” and “one of the standout practitioners in the field”.


Stefan Weidert of Gleiss Lutz is a “prominent name” in the market who is “very active in the market.” He is an expert in matters relating to outsourcing, procurement projects, and carve-outs.

Niko Härting of Härting Rechtsanwälte garners widespread recommendations from our sources as “an excellent IT lawyer with a strong international network”. Other peers describe Härting as “a very important figure in the market”.

Peter Huppertz of Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner is a highly capable figure in the field of IT and one of the top names in the German market. He is recommended for his in-depth knowledge of transactions and outsourcing issues.


Philip Nolan of Mason Hayes & Curran continues to be recognised as a leading figure in the field of IT law, and is the top name in Ireland this year. Sources are quick to point out his roster of “major clients” and note his wide-ranging experience working on large-scale international cases.

Maureen Daly of Beauchamps is a “very strong” lawyer who is recognised as a leader in the field of IT. She gives first-rate advice on a number of issues within the practice area, with particular expertise on matters with complex IP elements.


Naomi Assia of Naomi Assia & Co Law Offices is a top-tier practitioner in the field of IT in Israel. Sources identify her as “very qualified and familiar with the law”.


Domenico Colella of Orsingher Ortu Avvocati Associati is highly recommended by peers, with one source remarking that he is “possibly the strongest IT lawyer” in Italy. He has particular expertise in relation to M&A deals and outsourcing projects with significant IT elements.

Daniela De Pasquale of D&P Studio Legale is a respected name in the Italian market with wide-ranging European experience in IT-related issues, including regulatory matters.


Claire Bernier of ADSTO is highly regarded for her work in contractual matters in the IT sector, handling a range of complex disputes. She is also well known for her data protection expertise.

Alexander Blumrosen of KAB - Kuckenburg Bureth Boineau et Associés is a highly rated arbitrator and litigator who stands out in our research this year as one of the top dispute resolution specialists for IT-related cases.

“Super litigator” Alexandra Neri of Herbert Smith Freehills has “a very strong reputation” as a leading IT litigator. She represents a number of high-profile clients in the sector.


Polo van der Putt of Vondst Advocaten is an “excellent lawyer” who is “well liked” by peers for his top-tier expertise in IT law. He is an expert in both international and domestic contracts issues.


Arve Føyen of Advokatfirmaet Føyen Torkildsen is recommended by interviewees for the extensive experience and deep expertise he is able to bring to IT mandates. He advises on a variety of sophisticated transactional matters, including due diligence.


Johan Kahn of Advokatfirman Kahn Pedersen is “the top choice in Sweden” according to one source, a conclusion reflected in our research this year. Sources add that Kahn is a “a strong name in the field” and “a very good lawyer, who understands the clients” when it comes to complex IT mandates.

Fredrik Roos of Setterwalls is a top-tier IT lawyer in the Swedish market who sources describe as a “great, dynamic guy”. He has expertise across varied aspects of IT law, including licensing, outsourcing and procurement.

Agne Lindberg of Advokatfirman Delphi is “one of the strongest names in the field”, say sources, thanks to his “great knowledge and long experience” in outsourcing and contracts matters, as well as mergers involving IT clients.
Peter Nordbeck is an “excellent IT lawyer” with a wealth of experience in the practice area. He performs very well in this year’s research and is recommended for his work in non-contentious and transactional IT issues.


“Great lawyer” Clara-Ann Gordon of Niederer Kraft Frey is among the pre-eminent names in the market this year and is identified as a Global Elite Thought Leader. She has a wealth of expertise and is “very knowledgeable” in advising clients on system projects, outsourcing, and technology transactions.

Ursula Widmer of Dr Widmer & Partner is a very highly regarded practitioner in the IT space and a “great professional”. She has over 35 years of experience handling all aspects of IT and internet law.

Christian Laux of Laux Lawyers is highly respected for his work in IT-related issues. He is praised by peers for his “extremely structured” approach to matters, while they note that he is “particularly experienced in software matters”.

Rolf Auf der Maur of Vischer is a “long-standing expert in the field” who “clearly” deserves his place in the listings, comment interviewees. He is particularly well regarded for his expertise in internet-related matters.

Lukas Bühlmann of Meyerlustenberger Lachenal is a high-quality lawyer who possesses wide-ranging expertise in IT and data-related matters, particularly on the transactional side.

Gianni Fröhlich-Bleuler of Gianni Fröhlich-Bleuler Rechtsanwalt wins widespread praise for his IT practice with sources commending him for being “extremely good, particularly in software matters”.

Wolfgang Straub of Augsburger Deutsch & Partner has "tremendous technical expertise in the IT world", comment clients. He is particularly lauded for his "creativity and diligence in contract drafting," as well as his "brilliant analytical ability".

Lukas Morscher of Lenz & Staehelin is a top name in the Swiss market who receives plaudits for his exceptional work on major transactions across the IT sector.

Roland Mathys of Schellenberg Wittmer is a standout name in IT, particularly when it comes to large-scale technology projects and outsourcing transactions, and is praised by peers for his “excellent client-handling”.


José Ramón Morales of Garrigues stands out among peers in Europe as one of the industry’s foremost IT lawyers. His technology practice focuses on regulatory, corporate, and transactional legal issues and he wins praise for his “very technical and business-minded” approach.

Enrique Batalla of Audalia has over 40 years’ experience in the field and remains an important name in the practice area. He provides outstanding advice to a number of prominent clients in the IT sector.


Ceylin Beyli of CBL Law Office receives high praise internationally for her work in the IT field, with strong expertise in IP-related matters. Sources are quick to recommend her for her “great knowledge of the relevant laws”.


North America

Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. John P Beardwood Fasken, Toronto
2. Richard Allan Horning Reed Smith, Silicon Valley
3. Sandra A Jeskie Duane Morris, San Diego
4. Peter Brown Peter Brown & Associates PLLC, New York
5. Dov H Scherzer Polsinelli PC, New York
6. Edward R McNicholas Sidley Austin LLP, Washington, DC

Leading Firms

Fenwick & West

A prominent firm that enjoys an excellent reputation in the IT space. Six lawyers are listed for their expertise in the area this year.
Stuart Meyer is a “very solid” IT practitioner who is well known for his IP expertise within the IT sector. He provides expert advice to small organisations, as well as prominent multinationals.
David Hayes is “an outstanding IT lawyer with many years of experience”, report interviewees, especially for matters relating to transactions. He is highly praised by sources who remark that he is “a go-to lawyer for IT in California”.

McCarthy Tétrault

A market leader in Canada with four practitioners recognised for their work in the field.
Barry Sookman is held in high regard by commentators who consider him a “clear thought leader” in the field. He is recommended for his ability to “bring an encyclopaedic knowledge to the practice of IT law”.
“Great lawyer” Charles Morgan is a well-known name in the field who offers clients specialist expertise in matters involving transactions and outsourcing, as well as on fintech issues.

Sidley Austin

A leading firm that enjoys a fine reputation for IT work, with eight lawyers listed this year.
Edward McNicholas is a Global Elite Thought Leader in the field and a superb IT practitioner with a wealth of experience in the field. He is held in high regard for his standout work on both contentious and non-contentious matters.
Anne Sutton is highly commended by peers around the world for her strong IT practice. She is well known for her understanding of complex IP matters and her expertise in transactional mandates.

Blake Cassels & Graydon

Two specialist IT lawyers are mentioned.
Sunny Handa is “an excellent IT lawyer with a great working knowledge of IP matters”, report interviewees. He has extensive experience advising on transactional and other contentious issues.
Hélène Deschamps Marquis is a well-regarded name in the Quebecois market for her expertise in contractual and M&A matters in the IT sector.

Leading Individuals


John Beardwood of Fasken is a highly esteemed lawyer in the IT space, praised for his “great outsourcing abilities”. He also has extensive expertise and skill in transactional issues, including licensing matters and technology transfers.

Mark Hayes of Hayes eLaw is a “very well-known” lawyer with over 25 years’ experience providing specialised advice to the technology sector.


Sandra Jeskie of Duane Morris continues to be known as a leading IT litigator and is recognised as a Global Elite Thought Leader for her exceptional skill in the field. She handles litigation, arbitration and mediation matters and has in-depth knowledge of software matters.

William Tanenbaum of Arent Fox has a wealth of experience in the IT matters and is an expert in sophisticated transactions matters in the space. He stands out as a pre-eminent figure in the New York market in this year’s research.

Jenna Karadbil of Law Office of Jenna F Karadbil is a very well-respected practitioner in IT. She brings in-depth knowledge of the practice area, in particular on issues relating to transactions, as well as the enforcement of IP rights.

Richard Allan Horning of Reed Smith earns praise from peers in the US and globally for his highly regarded IT practice. He has extensive experience representing technology companies on a range of corporate and transactional issues.

Peter Brown of Peter Brown & Associates is a superb practitioner who has a wealth of experience representing a number of clients in transactions and disputes in the sector, including arbitrations. We identify Brown as a Global Elite Thought Leader for his exceptional skill in the sector.

Dov Scherzer of Polsinelli offers top-class advice to clients ranging from technology start-ups to large multinational corporations, and is highly praised for his work on transactional matters.

Diana McKenzie of Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn is considered a key figure in the field of IT, both in the USA and worldwide. She is highly skilled in providing first-rate advice on outsourcing matters.

D E Boehling of Levine Blaszak Block & Boothby is a highly experienced IT lawyer with extensive knowledge of the practice area. She is particularly well regarded for her depth of expertise in transactions and contracts issues.

Miriam Wugmeister at Morrison & Foerster is a “very practical attorney” who enjoys a superb reputation in the US technology space.

Alan Sutin at Greenberg Traurig is a highly esteemed practitioner with broad and comprehensive technology expertise. He advises clients on a complex technology projects and transactions, particularly involving IP issues.

Mark Radcliffe of DLA Piper is a prominent name in the Californian market for IT and technology matters and brings over 30 years of experience to bear for clients. He is particularly well regarded for his work with start-ups.


Latin America

Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Diego Fernández Marval O’Farrell Mairal, Buenos Aires
2. Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher Mattos Filho, São Paulo

Leading Individuals


Diego Fernández of Marval O'Farrell & Mairal is a leading international expert in IT matters and a Global Elite Thought Leader in our research for his work. He offers clients exceptional expertise across a range of technology mattes, including complex IP-related issues.

Emilio Beccar Varela of Beccar Varela is a standout IT practitioner with a wealth of experience in the field. Sources commend his “excellent knowledge of the practice area”.


Fábio Luiz Barboza Pereira of Veirano Advogados has a superb IT and digital practice, with our research identifying him as one of the very best names in the Brazilian market. He handles a variety of complex mandates including cloud-computing issues.

Renato Opice Blum of Opice Blum, Bruno, Abrusio e Vainzof Advogados Associados has “extensive experience in IT” and is recognised as a key name in the field in Brazil. He advises on a number of complex matters within the practice area.

Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher of Mattos Filho is the top Brazilian lawyer in this year’s edition and a prominent expert in the field of IT, offering “great knowledge”. He proficiently handles both contentious and non-contentious matters.

Dirceu Pereira De Santa Rosa of Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello is an esteemed IT practitioner who is applauded by peers for his “extensive experience and high level of specialisation”.



Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Sajai Singh J Sagar Associates, Bangalore
2. Philip Catania Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Melbourne
3. Yoshifumi Onodera Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Tokyo
4. Probir Roy Chowdhury J Sagar Associates, Bangalore

Leading Firms

J Sagar Associates 

A superb firm that enjoys a strong reputation in the Indian market for IT work, and sees three lawyers mentioned.
Global Elite Thought Leader Sajai Singh draws widespread recommendations from around the world for his expertise in the field of IT and his extensive experience handling cross-border matters. Sources call him “a unique, and excellent, lawyer”.
Probir Roy Chowdhury is recognised as an outstanding practitioner in the IT space, and is highly praised by peers in this year’s research. He is an expert in transactional IT work, and advises a number of prominent clients in the field.
Vivek Chandy receives widespread recommendations in this year’s research and for his strong expertise in the IT field.

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

A significant firm in the Japanese market for IT matters. Two of its top lawyers are listed here.
Yoshifumi Onodera is a pre-eminent name in the practice area, with a strong reputation domestically as well as internationally. Sources note his “proficient language abilities” and his “ability to give his judgement on a matter quickly”, providing “very practical and effective advice”.
Masakazu Masujima is recognised as an excellent IT practitioner with notable expertise in transactional matters in the field.

Other Leading Individuals


Philip Catania of Corrs Chambers Westgarth is a standout name in the IT space with an impressive practice. He is highly praised by peers for being “commercial, pragmatic, and easy to work with”.

Hong Kong

Gordon Milner of Morrison & Foerster has gained a sterling reputation in the field of IT. He has experience of working on major technology projects and assisting clients with highly complex cross-border transactions.

Gabriela Kennedy of Mayer Brown is a highly regarded IT lawyer with expert and broad-based knowledge of outsourcing, transactions as well as disputes.


Rahul Matthan of Trilegal is a leading figure in the IT space and is particularly strong in matters relating to outsourcing. Peers remark that they would “highly recommend” him for his excellent analysis.

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