Brazil: Arbitration 2018

This year’s research shines a spotlight on 41 leading lawyers, known for their expertise as counsel and arbitrators in complex commercial and investor-state disputes.

Most Highly Regarded
1. Marcelo Roberto Ferro Ferro Castro Neves Daltro & Gomide Advogados, Rio de Janeiro
2. Carlos Alberto Carmona Marques Rosado Toledo Cesar & Carmona Advogados, São Paulo
3. Eduardo Damião Gonçalves Mattos Filho Veiga Filho Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, São Paulo
4. Renato Stephan Grion Pinheiro Neto Advogados, São Paulo
5. Pedro A Batista Martins Batista Martins Advogados, Rio de Janeiro
6. José Emilio Nunes Pinto Jose Emilio Nunes Pinto Advogados, São Paulo

Demarest Advogados performs well this year with three lawyers listed.
Carlo de Lima Verona is widely praised by sources who note he “always shows his command of arbitration law” and “has a deep knowledge of arbitration”.
Rafael Villar Gagliardi is well known in the Brazilian market for his excellent work handling complex litigation and arbitration proceedings across a range of sectors.
Celso Xavier also gains recognition in this chapter for his impressive work in arbitration proceedings, where he receives high praise from peers.

Mattos Filho Veiga Filho Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados sees two top lawyers listed here.
Eduardo Damião Gonçalves is a big name in the Brazilian market. He is recognised as “a great arbitrator” with a first-rate advocacy practice by peers and clients.
Flávio Pereira Lima is highly visible in the market and receives wide-ranging endorsements for his broad expertise in commercial arbitration.

Two lawyers from Pinheiro Neto Advogados are recognised here.
Renato Stephan Grion is a top name in the arbitration space. He is endorsed for his “extensive experience” in cross-border disputes and comes highly recommended for his strong international practice.
Gilberto Giusti stands out as “one of the most high-profile arbitration lawyers and arbitrators in Brazil”. Peers say, “He is a long-standing fixture in the arbitration community and is highly sought after by premier clients.”

LO Baptista Advogados achieves two listings in this chapter.
Mauricio Almeida Prado draws praise for his “international outlook and strong connections”. He is an experienced arbitrator with broad expertise in commercial disputes.
Adriana Braghetta is a distinguished arbitration lawyer. As both counsel and arbitrator, she impresses peers with her expertise in complex dispute resolution.

At Batista Martins Advogados, Pedro Batista Martins is widely known as “a leader in the field” and enjoys an excellent reputation for his work as arbitrator. According to market commentators, “He is one of the best arbitrators in Brazil and is an excellent counsel.”

Marcelo Roberto Ferro at Ferro Castro Neves Daltro & Gomide Advogados is described by peers as “an outstanding lawyer” who is “one of the most highly sought-after advocates for high-stakes arbitrations”.

João Bosco Lee is a leading light at Lee Taube Gabardo Sociedade de Advogados. He draws praise as “one of the most complete arbitrators in Brazil. He renders excellent decisions and is fast and precise at hearings.”

At Marques Rosado Toledo Cesar & Carmona Advogados, Carlos Alberto Carmona enjoys an excellent reputation and is celebrated as “one of the best arbitrators” in Brazil.

Hermes Marcelo Huck is a long-standing fixture in the market and a standout name at Lilla Huck Otranto Camargo Advogados. Peers say, “He is very well connected in the industry,” and highlight his broad experience as arbitrator.

At Fonseca e Salles Lima Advogados Associados, Rodrigo Garcia da Fonseca “is definitely one of the best arbitrators in Brazil”, say peers, who add, “He is skilled in civil, commercial and corporate law, and renders precise and complete decisions and awards.”

José Emilio Nunes Pinto of Jose Emilio Nunes Pinto Advogados is “highly respected by any and all lawyers in Brazil”. According to one market commentator, “His mere presence is a guarantee of a smoother case.”

Selma Maria Ferreira Lemes of Selma Lemes Advogados stands out as “a very well-regarded arbitrator” and is praised by peers who consider her a highly knowledgeable practitioner in the space.

At Wald, Antunes, Vita, Longo e Blattner Advogados, Arnoldo Wald is a distinguished arbitrator with an excellent reputation for his extensive experience and sophisticated dispute resolution expertise.

At Lauro Gama Advogados, Lauro Gama is widely endorsed as “a leader in the field”. Peers speak highly of his broad arbitration expertise and say, “He is an excellent lawyer and arbitrator.”

Andrade & Fichtner Advogados is home to José Antonio Fichtner, who comes highly regarded as “a leading individual” for counsel work in high-stakes arbitrations and is well known for his “very distinguished career”.

Nanni Advogados’ Giovanni Ettore Nanni is highlighted for his experience acting as arbitrator in sophisticated commercial disputes. According to market commentators, “He is very smart and erudite on all subjects related to arbitration.”

Ricardo de Carvalho Aprigliano at Aprigliano Advogados is a leading arbitration lawyer. He impresses respondents with his “impressive knowledge of the law and his firm attitude, as both arbitrator and counsel”.

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