Mediation 2018

The eighth edition of WWL: Mediation features 388 practitioners, across almost 300 firms in 51 countries, who have been identified as prominent figures in the market.

JAMS International once again showcases its strong transatlantic presence in our research this year, achieving 18 listings across the US and the UK. In Place of Strife and CEDR Chambers also stand out in this edition, receiving 12 and 10 nominations apiece, illustrating the depth of mediation expertise on offer. Brick Court Chambers is the foremost mediation set at the UK Bar while full-service outfits Clifford Chance, Dentons and Herbert Smith Freehills also perform well.



Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual practitioners. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research. We highlight individuals at other firms who also scored very highly in our research.
The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.


Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Bill Marsh Independent Mediators, London
2. William Wood QC Brick Court Chambers, London
3. Rosemary Jackson QC Keating Chambers, London
4. Michel Kallipetis QC Independent Mediators, London
5. Jane Andrewartha Clyde & Co LLP, London
6. Mark Lomas QC Independent Mediators, London
7. John Sturrock QC Core Solutions Group Ltd, Edinburgh


Leading Firms

Independent Mediators

This mediation chambers performs well this year, achieving nine listings.
Bill Marsh is widely recognised as “an excellent practitioner” with one source noting that his approach “engenders the trust of the most difficult clients”. Peers consider him “an outstanding and very creative mediator” and say, “You get the full package with Bill.”
Michel Kallipetis QC wins high praise from his peers as “a huge presence” in the mediation market who is “always on top of the legal issues”. He brings over 19 years of international mediation experience across a wide range of disputes, making him one of the market heavyweights.
Phillip Howell-Richardson has nearly 30 years of expertise in the field, and is highlighted by market sources as “a natural mediator” who boasts a prominent position in the market.
Mark Lomas QC is an “exceptional” mediator and wins praise from sources who highlight his particularly impressive experience in mediating insurance and professional negligence disputes.
Nicholas Pryor is considered “a consummate professional” by respondents this year. He is “very highly rated” for “his calmness in situations of stressful negotiations” as well as his “ability to establish the trust of all parties involved”.  
Kate Jackson has over 20 years' experience in dispute resolution and has successfully mediated disputes internationally across a variety of commercial sectors. She is widely regarded as a leading mediator in the field by peers, who describe her as “exceedingly good”.
Charles Dodson is “a thorough and engaging mediator” who peers highlight for his particular expertise in professional negligence, commercial contract and fraud cases.
Jonathan Lloyd-Jones is recognised for his “natural ability to engage with parties” and is a firm favourite among sources who note, “He is readily able to analyse a case and arrive at the principle barriers to settlement.”
Andrew Paton stands out as “a first-class mediator” who wins high praise for “the energy he injects into the process” in addition to his “well-prepared and hard-working approach”.

In Place of Strife

This top-tier mediation chambers stands out in the international market, and sees 12 of its practitioners recommended this year.
Mark Jackson-Stops is “one of the best mediators” operating in the market according to sources who commend his extensive experience in the field and consider him “a seasoned operator”.
David Richbell is “an excellent mediator” who possesses impressive experience handling a wide range of international commercial cases.
Lawrence Kershen QC is a widely recognised figure in the international mediation space who is recommended by peers for his expert handling of civil, commercial and criminal cases.  
Jon Lang is “consistently good” according to respondents who he impresses with his strong experience and excellent work when it comes to both domestic and international disputes.   
Stuart Chapman is described as “calm, considered and extremely bright” by market sources who praise his “excellent preparation and understanding of the legal issues and personal dynamics of a case”. One respondent effuses: “He never let the momentum slip and was excellent at finding ways around apparent logjams.”  
Charles Middleton-Smith is described by peers in the mediation market as “everyone’s favourite” and is recognised for his particular expertise handling disputes relating to the media and entertainment and banking and finance sectors.
Amanda Bucklow is highlighted by peers as an “excellent mediator” who stands out for her work across a range of sectors from automotive and construction to financial services.  

CEDR Chambers

This leading outfit sees nine mediation experts listed this year.
Karl Mackie CBE gains recognition as one of the titans of mediation. He possesses over 20 years of mediation experience across a diverse range of sectors and jurisdictions.
Eileen Carroll QC is regarded as “one of the most popular choices in the mediation world" by respondents. She is a pioneer of mediation techniques in the UK, with experience in a broad spectrum of commercial sectors.
Tim Hardy stands out as an “amazing” practitioner who “possesses broad experience and immediately gains the confidence of participants in the process”.
Nick Pearson “absolutely deserves to be included” according to respondents one of whom commends his work noting, “He got to grips with the key issues very quickly which brought focus to the mediation.”
Eve Pienaar is described as “charming and very bright” by respondents who praise her work handling a range of insurance, property, and professional negligence disputes. One source comments, “She exhibits great empathy with the parties and always thinks around the problem.”  

Brick Court Chambers

This leading UK set achieves four listings this year.
William Wood QC is described as “the number-one mediator in the UK today” by clients and peers. He brings his “rare blend of good humour, professionalism and experience” to an expansive scope of disputes on an international scale.
Geoff Sharp is lauded as a “leading mediator” in the field by peers, with clients praising his “engaging manner, charm and intelligence”. He has considerable expertise as a mediator in international commercial conflicts.
The “always excellent” Stephen Ruttle QC is “outstanding” and has nearly 20 years of experience as a mediator on an array of matters across the public and private sector.
Tony Willis gains recognition from peers as a top practitioner in the market, specialising in commercial and regulatory disputes. He has over 20 years' mediation experience.

Other Leading Individuals


At Graf & Pitkowitz Rechtsanwälte, founding partner Nikolaus Pitkowitz is noted by peers for his strong expertise in construction matters and his work in international dispute resolution.  


At Koan, Helena De Backer is highlighted by peers as “an excellent mediator” who they “rate highly” for her top-tier work in handling commercial mediation disputes.

Marie-Anne Bastin at Bastin is well regarded among peers who she impresses with her expert handling of mediation disputes and conflict-prevention matters.


Rosemary Jackson QC at Keating Chambers is regarded as a “super mediator” by peers who highlight her “diligence, intellect and charm”. One source comments, “She is clear and effective at defusing any emotion from the parties that might create a barrier to settlement.”

Jane Andrewartha at Clyde & Co is a “very experienced and well-regarded” practitioner. Peers note she is “in everyone’s top five” and say, “Every bit of her stellar reputation is fully deserved.” 

Independent practitioner Jane Player is held in great esteem by fellow practitioners who praise her as “an organised and experienced mediator with masses of experience of a wide variety of disputes”.

Elizabeth Birch at 3 Verulam Buildings comes highly recommended by peers across Europe for her work as a mediator. She specialises in corporate disputes, joint ventures, maritime law and mining disputes, to name a few.

Edwin Glasgow CBE QC at 39 Essex Chambers has “tremendous gravitas” as a mediator. He has extensive experience with many high-profile cases involving major disasters and is considered “one of the leaders of mediation at the Bar”.
Peter Rees QC is “undoubtedly a top practitioner” who peers consider “one of the most highly regarded practitioners in the commercial/construction world”.

Beverly-Ann Rogers at Serle Court enjoys “a huge reputation as a mediator” and wins praise for her “thoughtful and insightful approach”. One source notes, “She tackles some very difficult cases and gets the best results.” 

Tony Allen of is an “outstanding” mediator in the medical negligence field where he brings extensive experience as a mediator to his cases.
Heather Allen is recognised by peers for her 25 years of mediation expertise, particularly for her work on commercial disputes regarding contracts, shareholders and employment issues.

Christopher Newmark of Spenser Underhill Newmark stands out as “an effective mediator” with “a lovely style”. One source comments, “He is very good at knowing which techniques to deploy at the right moment.”

Independent practitioner Jane Gunn is an “excellent” international mediator. She is considered “a huge name” in the field and is recognised for her “great expertise in family disputes”.  


Thierry Garby from Mediation & Resolution is praised by peers for his “profound knowledge” of mediation. He boasts considerable experience as an international mediator and draws praise for his “great understanding of the theoretical basis of mediation practice”.

At VDV Avocats, Fabienne van der Vleugel is “an excellent mediator” who comes highly recommended for her work on both ad hoc and institutional cases.


At McCann Fitzgerald, Helen Kilroy is “very well regarded” in the market where she is considered “one of the best”. One source effuses: “Without doubt she is a fantastically good mediator.”

Eileen Roberts at A&L Goodbody is “one of the top names” in the mediation space. She wins praise from clients who say, “She has an excellent ability to articulate a complex legal issue in an understandable way.”


Manon Schonewille at Schonewille & Schonewille Legal Mediation Amsterdam is a “very impressive” and innovative practitioner who is “highly regarded internationally”. She is recognised for her excellent work on contract disputes, business issues and labour disputes.


Independent practitioner Irena Vanenkova is highlighted by global market sources as a prominent and skilled commercial mediator who is known for her “great mediation style”.


John Sturrock QC at Core Solutions Group is a “spellbinding mediator and great thinker” according to peers, who consider him “by far the best in the market”. They comment, “His encouraging and calm way of working brings people along the road of mediation without them feeling under pressure.”


Mercedes Tarrazón of Dispute Management SL is “an outstanding mediator” who has comprehensive experience sitting as a mediator for the International Court of Arbitration and the International ADR Centre.


Clients "strongly recommend" independent practitioner Thore Brolin for the "impartial, calm and clear" manner in which he conducts himself as a mediator.


Birgit Sambeth Glasner at Altenburger LTD legal + tax is co-head of the dispute resolution team, and has considerable expertise in international and domestic disputes that are commercial, familial or criminal in nature.

Jeremy Lack from Lawtech is noted by peers as “a highly skilled communicator and negotiator” and is frequently engaged in handling mediation disputes across a broad spectrum of industries.


North America

Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Kenneth R Feinberg The Law Offices of Kenneth R Feinberg, PC, Washington, DC
2. Linda Singer JAMS International, Washington, DC
3. Lela Porter Love Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law, New York
4. Layn Phillips Phillips ADR, Corona Del Mar
5. Cliff Hendler ADR Chambers, Toronto
6. Jeff Kichaven Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation, Los Angeles
7. Allan J Stitt ADR Chambers, Toronto

Leading Firms

JAMS and JAMS International

This mediation chambers dominates North America in terms of the number of listings, with 16 practitioners highlighted for their excellence.
Linda Singer gains praise around the world as an “excellent mediator”. She is a Thought Leader in the field and is commended for her extensive experience handling a range of disputes.
Michael Lewis is commended by peers who highlight his “well-deserved reputation as a mediator”. He has acted as a mediator for disputes that span matters ranging from employment disputes to environmental issues.
Michael Young receives praise internationally as a “standout practitioner and is frequently engaged in handling commercial, professional liability and construction disputes among other areas.
Robert Davidson is a well-established figure in the US market who boasts considerable experience mediating complex commercial disputes across a range of sectors including construction and IP.
Market sources in the US describe Zela Claiborne as a “wonderful mediator” and highlight her strong expertise in domestic and international business mediations.
Richard Chernick is a respected US mediator who has significant experience of mediating disputes in a wide variety of areas including the entertainment, technology and construction fields.
Terrence Lee Croft is a "well-regarded" mediator across the USA among peers. His experience as a mediator spans disputes in the construction, employment and insurance fields among others.

ADR Chambers

This outfit sees two practitioners listed this year.
Cliff Hendler receives widespread plaudits from international peers who consider him an “outstanding mediator” and highlight his almost 30 years of experience in the mediation market.
Allan Stitt attracts international praise as a distinguished figure in the mediation market. His areas of expertise include employment, corporate governance, banking and sports disputes.

Other Leading Individuals


Peers hold Duncan Glaholt of Glaholt in high esteem as a “natural resolver” of disputes and commend his particular expertise in the construction field, where he boasts nearly 30 years of experience.

Harvey Kirsh of Kirsh Construction ADR Services is a standout mediator in the Canadian market, especially when it comes to construction-related disputes.

George Adams QC at Adams ADR Services is described by peers as “one of the best in Canada” and is well versed in handling a range of commercial disputes. One source notes, “He is simply at the top in every way.”

Barbara Cornish at Cornish Marbolis Boyd Mediation & Arbitration is widely regarded as a “very experienced and successful” mediator. She has 15 years of experience mediating in insurance and employer disputes.

Warren Winkler QC from Arbitration Place is well respected among peers in Canada. He boasts significant experience mediating some of the country’s largest and most complex labour, corporate and class action disputes.

Independent practitioner Paul Iacono QC is recognised for his “vast experience” as a mediator. His familiarity with civil disputes is extremely broad, including commercial, personal injury and employment disputes.

Stanley Naftolin QC JD CS at Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber is praised by respondents as a renowned expert in construction law, and is frequently sought as a mediator in construction disputes.

Gerald Ghikas QC of Vancouver Arbitration Chambers is well regarded for his “great gravitas” and client skills as a practitioner. He brings nearly 40 years of specialised experience to complex commercial disputes in Canada.


Kenneth R Feinberg at The Law Offices of Kenneth R Feinberg, PC is lauded as “a household name” in the mediation market, with a “legendary” aptitude for tort cases and complex claims facility work.

Lela Porter Love at Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law attracts international acclaim as an “outstanding mediator” with a fantastic reputation in the market. She focuses her top-tier practice on a broad range of matters including civil and commercial disputes. 

Layn Phillips at Phillips ADR is an “outstanding mediator” who is “hugely impressive” across an extensive range of disputes and sectors. One source notes, “As a former judge he brings great gravitas to situations where the parties need strong mediator input.”

Jeff Kichaven at Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation is highly regarded by international peers for his impressive work as a mediator and is considered “one of the top mediators in the US”.

Peers highlight Jonathan Marks at MarksADR for his ability to mediate complex multi-party disputes. His experience as a mediator runs from professional malpractice disputes to construction and antitrust claims.

Kenneth Cloke at Center for Dispute Resolution gains praise as “an excellent mediator” from international sources. He is well versed in handling a wide array of matters including marital, familial and workplace disputes.

Paul Lurie at Schiff Hardin enjoys a “great reputation” as a mediator in construction dispute cases, with 50 years of experience. His practice includes a focus on contract negotiation and dispute resolution in the real estate, environment and construction industries.

Eric Green of Resolutions is highly esteemed as an “excellent” mediator in the field. His areas of expertise span securities, financial, antitrust, professional negligence and construction disputes.

Respondents around the world identify Edna Sussman at the Fordham Law School as one of the most prominent mediators in the global mediation market. She specialises in both domestic and international commercial disputes.

Bennett Picker at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young gains recognition from around the world for his excellent work handling business disputes involving corporate and commercial transactions and securities matters.

Lawrence Watson Jr at Upchurch Watson White & Max is praised by peers in the domestic market as an “excellent” mediator. He has a wealth of experience in commercial and construction disputes which he has built over nearly 50 years of practice.
Respondents regard John Upchurch as a prominent practitioner in the domestic market. His focus as a mediator falls largely on commercial and construction disputes in the US.

Peter Phillips of Business Conflict Management is a standout practitioner who is a well-respected authority on conflict management, especially in the case of franchise, employment and insurance disputes.

Independent practitioner Dwight Golann is praised for his strong mediation expertise that spans cases relating to insurance, employment, construction, franchise and personal injury disputes.

Jeffrey Krivis at First Mediation Corporation boasts “an excellent reputation” in the market and is described by respondents as “one of the best mediators in the USA”.

Independent practitioner Lee Jay Berman is “an excellent mediator” who stands out for his strong understanding of the mediation process and is impressive work handling a range of commercial disputes.



Global Elite Thought Leaders
1. Alan Limbury Strategic Resolution, Woolloomooloo
2. Norris Yang ADR International Limited, Hong Kong
3. Nadja Alexander Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy, Singapore
4. Danny McFadden CEDR Chambers, Hong Kong
5. George Lim SC Wee Tay & Lim LLP, Singapore

Leading Firms

Strategic Resolution secures two listings in this year’s edition.
Alan Limbury is viewed not only as a “leading light” in the Australian mediation market, but is also praised as “one of the best mediators in the world” by practitioners globally. He possesses over 30 years of experience in commercial and IP disputes. 
Rosemary Howell is “extremely well regarded” by peers and clients alike who commend her top-notch work as a mediator, as well as her breadth of knowledge regarding ADR methods.

Other Leading Individuals


Independent mediator Joanna Kalowski is one of Australia’s foremost practitioners, whom peers describe as an “exceptional mediator” that they would recommend “very highly”.

Hong Kong

The founder of ADR International Limited Norris Yang is lauded by peers as a “leading mediator in Hong Kong” who boasts 30 years of experience practising international commercial law and operating as a mediator in the commercial sphere.

Danny McFadden of CEDR Asia Pacific is held in high esteem as “an excellent mediator” by international sources, who note him as a prominent figure in the regional market.

Peter Scott Caldwell at Caldwell is recommended as an “outstanding mediator”, especially in the field of construction mediation. His experience of mediation also extends to a range of other sectors including insurance and aviation.

Christopher To at Gilt Chambers is identified by peers as one of the standout names in the Hong Kong mediation market. He is particularly well respected for his work as a mediator in construction and infrastructure disputes.


George Lim SC of Wee Tay & Lim is identified as a market leader in Singapore, and as a prominent figure in the international mediation sphere by global market sources. His expertise as a mediator extends across a broad spectrum of areas, from family disputes to cross-border commercial cases.

At the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy, Nadja Alexander is recommended as an “extremely powerful” Thought Leader figure within the international mediation market.


Latin America

Leading Individual


Diego Faleck at Faleck & Associados is an “internationally recognised mediator” and a “definite inclusion” in the listings, say sources. He is praised for his wide-ranging expertise in alternative dispute resolution and his understanding of economic law.

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