Trademarks 2018: Attorneys & Agents Analysis

Our research this year highlights over 150 practitioners across 30 jurisdictions. In Europe, Irish firm FRKelly is the leader in the field by number of nominations, while Canadian firm Gowling WLG dominates in the North American market. Attorneys and agents in the list advise across the range of trademark needs from their inception through registration, through to oppositions and prosecutions.


Thought Leaders
1. Julius Stobbs Stobbs IP Limited, Cambridge
2. Katie Cameron Maucher Jenkins, London
3. Emma Pitcher Boult Wade Tennant, London
4. Carrollanne Lindley Kilburn & Strode LLP, London
5. Steve Lane Lane IP, London
6. Peter McAleese AKRAN Intellectual Property SrL, Rome

 Leading Firms


A prominent name in the Irish market with a strong European footprint. Its practitioners excel in field and this year receive six nominations.
Brenda O’Regan is an excellent trademark attorney who receives strong support from respondents to our research this year. She offers clients extensive insight into matters such as domain name registration and counterfeiting.
With nearly 20 years spent as a partner at the firm, Shane Smyth is a dominant force in the Irish market. His enviable practice sees him involved in matters concerning computer technology and design and copyright.
Niamh Hall has a strong reputation both domestically and internationally. She is adept in matters relating to technology trademarks with a particular focus on EU regulations.
Mary Bleahene has an outstanding international reputation with a number of sources giving her strong support in our research this year. She has a comprehensive practice which sees her advise on matters including clearance, acquisition and defence of trademark rights.
Another impressive name at the firm, Gavan Ferguson is highly respected by market sources. He has a distinguished practice and is known for his work on issues ranging from trademark clearance through to enforcement.
Sumi Nadarajah is a prominent name in the Irish market with an exceptional reputation for her specialist insight into issues relating to food and FCMG. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Boult Wade Tennant

An excellent firm whose practitioners continue to receive outstanding praise from our sources. The firm receives four nominations this year, all of whom are based in England.
The “excellent” Emma Pitcher is praised as an attorney who is “really good to work with”. She has a highly reputed practice which covers industries including retail, travel, and engineering and provides insight on matters such as re-branding, enforcement and domain name disputes.
Tony Pluckrose is “an absolutely great attorney” according to commentators this year. His “super” practice offers clients over 20 years’ of specialist insight into fields including publishing, music and computer games.
Catherine Wolfe is praised by sources as “a standout trademark attorney”. She has a strong international reputation, with a practice that involved matters relating to automotive, theatre and telecommunications.
Adept in a range of matters including filing, prosecution and maintenance, Charlotte Duly maintains a strong reputation in the market. She has “excellent” experience, having worked on matters in courts both domestically and in Europe relating to the prosecution and maintenance of trademarks.

Other Leading Individuals


Stobbs IP’s Julius Stobbs is “a legend” in the trademarks space and praised by one commentator as their “favourite trademark attorney in the UK”. His practice is “in a class of its own”, offering specialist expertise in contentious proceedings as well as oppositions and cancellations.
Emma Pettipher is a highly thought of practitioner who receives strong praise from sources this year. She has an enviable practice in which she offers clients deep insight into matters such as community trademarks and portfolio audits.

Maucher Jenkins’ Katie Cameron is a “great attorney” according to sources who rate her highly in this year’s research. She is multilingual, speaking English, French and German and offers clients expertise in matters concerning domain names and designs for a range of clients.

At Lane IP, Steve Lane is listed as a Thought Leader in the field, with sources praising him strongly in our research. “A real sports specialist”, he offers clients extensive experience on matters relating to commercial agreements and trademark design.
Rob White has nearly 20 years of experience working in trademark matters, handling work for a range of clients both internationally and domestically. He is highly regarded by market players and offers experience on issues including negotiation of settlements and domain name actions.

Thought Leader Carrollanne Lindley of Kilburn & Strode is praised by commentators as “very efficient, high quality and responsive”. She has a distinguished practice and has worked on matters relating to domain names and designs for which she is described by one source as “one of the most experienced practitioners we have worked with”.
Iain Stewart has an excellent reputation in the market with respondents stating they “rate him highly”. His practice covers a wide-range of industries and offers specialist expertise in negotiating settlements and opposition actions.

Cleveland Scott York’s Jonathan Clegg has impressive experience gained over more than 25 years across a range of matters including negotiations and portfolio management.
Another outstanding individual at the firm, Lorna Hobbs maintains a strong position in the market. She has a wide-ranging practice that covers the breadth of trademarks work, with particular strength on matters such as rebranding.

Catherine Wiseman of Barker Brettell is a distinguished name in the trademarks space, with a depth of experience in handling multi-jurisdictional trademark filings and infringements.
Lucy Walker is a highly thought of attorney who receives high praise from respondents in our research this year. Her practice sees her engaged by clients of all sizes, with recent successes including a trademark infringement win for Comic Enterprises against Twentieth Century Fox.

D Young & Co’s Jeremy Pennant is an eminent practitioner in the English and European market with over 30 years’ experience to his name. He offers clients expertise in industries as diverse as tech, energy, maritime and technology.

Osborne Clarke’s Mark Foreman is a distinguished name who one source describes as “our favourite prosecution attorney in the UK”. Interviewees state, “Very few individuals have so much experience handling so many complex portfolios as he does.”

At Carpmaels & Ransford, Roger Lush is a top name in the English market with experience spanning from trademark registration through to enforcement of oppositions. His practice sees him engaged by clients in a range of industries including media, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

Jonathan Thurgood is a distinguished name at HGF with an enviable practice featuring an international focus. He has a wealth of experience handling EU matters, with issues such as enforcement strategies and comparative advertising being just some of the areas in which he is adept.

Sources describe Gill Jennings & Every’s Rowena Price as a go-to practitioner in the UK. She offers impressive experience advising clients of all sizes on matters including brand protection, negotiating settlements and managing portfolios.


Papula-Nevinpat’s Jussi Mikkola is a prominent name in the trademark space and the leading name in the Scandinavian region in our research this year. He is a highly experienced individual whose practice involves matters such as trademark registration, domain names and oppositions.

Roschier Attorneys’ Kaisu Korpua receives strong praise from market commentators. She has nearly 20 years of dedicated trademarks experience, working on matters such as portfolio management and protection strategy with an international focus.
Asta Uhlbäck is an outstanding trademark attorney with a strong reputation in the European market. Her practice offers clients specialist insight into cancellations and oppositions.


William Lobelson of Germain & Maureau is praised by sources as an attorney with “impressive attention to detail” and is noted to be someone who possesses “strong knowledge of clients’ business realities”. He has extensive experience in the field, with experience of practising in England and France, and offers insight on brands, contracts and domain name issues.
Hugues Pouzet is a distinguished name in the French trademarks space, with over 30 years’ experience in the field. He is a qualified lawyer and offers clients insight into matters such as trademark design, brands and contracts.


At Tomkins & Co, Simon Gray has an eminent reputation in Ireland and continues to receive high praise from market players. Praised as “a great prosecution strategist”, he is “very attentive to the needs of the client” and “knows how to resolve issues at the Irish Patent Office” according to sources.
Seamus Doherty is “a star in Ireland” and the “number-one go-to attorney” according to respondents. He is “highly experienced and pragmatic” with a “strategic and responsive approach” to matters including prosecutions, licensing and domain names.
Another outstanding practitioner at the firm, Judy McCullagh maintains an enviable practice offering insight on a range of matters including prosecutions, trademark searches and oppositions.


Akran Intellectual Property’s Peter McAleese is a practitioner with a strong reputation in the European market and is the top Italian attorney in our listings. He offers clients specialist expertise in trademark prosecutions and litigation support.
“Fantastic, practical and commercial”, Andrea Klein is a much-respected name in the trademarks field. He has a wealth of experience in domain name and copyright matters and is praised by peers as “a delight to work with”.


Knijff Trademark Attorneys’ Boudewijn van Vondelen is praised by sources as “a great trademark attorney” and “one of the main names” in the field. He has a distinguished practice that offers clients insight into issues including trademark transfers, among other areas.


North America

Thought Leaders
1. Janice Bereskin Bereskin & Parr LLP, Toronto
2. Jennifer Morton Gowling WLG, Toronto
3. Margaret Fitzpatrick Gowling WLG, Vancouver

Leading Firm

Gowling WLG

A dominant force in the North American market advising clients across the full range of trademark needs. Three of its practitioners are recognised this year.
Jennifer Morton is a Thought Leader who is praised by sources for being “very experienced” and a “well-known practitioner in Canada”. She has an “extensive practice” and is praised by market players for her “expertise in trademark prosecution and strategy”.
Margaret Fitzpatrick is one of the top three names in North America and a Thought Leader in the field. She offers clients specialist insight into a range of matters including registration and management of trademark portfolios and licensing work.
Commentators say that Karin Binder is their “first choice in Canada” and is a “fast, responsive and efficient” attorney. She is fluent in English and German and has outstanding experience on issues such as registrations and oppositions.

Other Leading Individual

Janice Bereskin at Bereskin & Parr “always stands out” in the market as a “very impressive” trademarks specialist, according to interviewees. She boasts expansive experience providing strategic advice to domestic and international players on the management of their global trademark portfolios.



Thought Leaders
1. Yoshiyuki Inaba TMI Associates, Tokyo


Leading Individuals


Rouse’s Linda Chang is “one of the best attorneys” in the market who colleagues state they have “the utmost respect” for. She is described as “really excellent” and a “knowledgeable person” who offers insight into the consumer goods and automotive industries among others.


TMI Associates’ Yoshiyuki Inaba is “a very, very competent guy” who is a “senior name” in the Japanese market. He “does a good job in difficult cases” with particular expertise on matters relating to heavy industry and pharmaceuticals.

Atsushi Aoki at Seiwa Patent & Law is a highly respected attorney who receives strong praise from sources in the field this year. He has decades of specialist experience and is noted for his “very wide knowledge of trademarks and brand establishment” by colleagues.

Yuasa and Hara’s Hiromichi Aoki is “an excellent attorney” according to respondents who praise his “clear, commercial advice”. He has an enviable practice with “very high-profile clients”, offering expertise on matters relating to domain names and designs.

Soei Patent & Law Firm have an outstanding name in Tomoya Kurokawa who receives strong support from colleagues this year. He has extensive experience in the field, with specialist insight into industries such as mobile communications and IT.


Latin America

Thought Leaders
1. Mercedes Bullrich Berton Moreno + Ojam, Buenos Aires

Leading Individual


Mercedes Bullrich at Berton Moreno + Ojam is a prominent figure in the market who wins praise for her strong track record assisting domestic and international clients with trademark prosecution and portfolio management.

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