Patents 2018: Analysis

In the 15th edition of Who’s Who Legal: Patents, we highlight 870 standout patent law specialists drawn from 63 jurisdictions around the world. The practitioners featured are the leading figures in the global patents market, and boast vast experience assisting domestic and international clients on a wide range of matters, including portfolio management, licensing and litigation.

This year our research reveals that almost half of our top-rated lawyers are based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with those in Europe accounting for 44 per cent of our total listings. Lawyers in the US also continue to hold a strong market position, achieving the greatest number of individual listings of any jurisdiction. Bird & Bird once again emerges as the global leader in patent law, with 30 preeminent practitioners listed from across its European and Asian offices. Specialist European IP boutique Hoyng Rokh Monegier and international powerhouse Hogan Lovells also rank prominently, achieving an impressive 19 and 16 nominations respectively.


Thought Leaders
1. Brian Cordery Bristows LLP, London
2. Penny Gilbert Powell Gilbert LLP, London
3. Dominic Adair Bristows LLP, London
4. Nicola Dagg Allen & Overy LLP, London
5. Andreas von Falck Hogan Lovells International LLP, Düsseldorf
6. Tim Powell Powell Gilbert LLP, London
7. Justin Watts WilmerHale, London
8. Jane Mutimear Bird & Bird LLP, London
9. Robert Burrows Bristows LLP, London
10. Richard Ebbink Brinkhof NV, Amsterdam
11. Nicolai Lindgreen Kromann Reumert, Copenhagen
The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.

Leading Firms

Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.

Leading international law firm BIRD & BIRD is renowned for its strong global IP offering, and is home to more than 300 specialist IP practitioners worldwide. The firm once again tops our listings in the EMEA region, achieving 26 listings from across its European offices.
Jane Mutimear is recognised as a Thought Leader in our research and stands out in the international marketplace for her vast expertise. Sources describe her as “the go-to practitioner” for complex cross-border patent litigation.
Sources describe Richard Vary as “a leading individual” who “really knows what his clients want thanks to his extensive experience in-house”. One respondent notes: “Richard understands the global strategy of patent assertion in the wireless telecoms sector better than almost anyone else in the industry.”
Mark Hilton is “the standout star at the firm” according to one impressed source, thanks to his exceptional skill as a litigator. He is “a leader in the field” who focuses his first-class practice on patent litigation and advisory work in the life sciences space.
Morag Macdonald boasts “a global presence” in the market, with one international commentator describing her as “the star of the show in England right now”.
In the firm’s Düsseldorf office, “experienced litigator” Oliver Jan Jüngst is warmly endorsed for his focused and professional approach to advocacy.
Christian Harmsen is “one of the best out there”, thanks to his “extensive experience handling multi-jurisdictional patent litigation”, say interviewees.
Neil Jenkins is “a top lawyer” who is “strong across the board” due to his vast experience handling complex patent disputes. He is “a pleasure to work with” according to commentators, who applaud his “excellent practice”.
“Sharp strategic thinker” Massimiliano Mostardini is “a valued practitioner in the field” who wins praise for his “extensive knowledge of national and international IP law”.

European intellectual property boutique HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER is home to some of the key players in the market, achieving 19 listings in this year’s edition.
The “outstanding” Klaus Haft is a key figure in the market, and receives accolades for his “superb ability to understand highly technical concepts”.
Simon Dack is “an excellent pharmaceutical patent litigator”, who one international source describes as “a formidable opponent”. He is “a real standout” in the industry thanks to his breadth of experience assisting life sciences companies.
Willem Hoyng is a leading expert in the field of patent litigation and is widely considered one of the top litigators in the Netherlands. He also boasts extensive experience advising domestic and international clients on their European patent strategies.
Martin Köhler is a top name, recommended for his “great wealth of knowledge and experience in managing diverse IP issues”. According to sources, “He is a pleasure to work with,” thanks to his “responsiveness and client-oriented manner”.
The “excellent” Christian Osterrieth is an intellectual property expert who is particularly well regarded for his “brilliant work in the chemicals area”.
Kay Kasper is “an exceptional lawyer” who stands out for his top-tier work handling complex multi-jurisdictional patent disputes across a range of industry sectors.
Carl De Meyer is “an eminent IP litigator” who is warmly endorsed for his “hands-on mentality” and technical expertise. He counts some of the world's best-recognised life sciences and technology companies among his clients, including AstraZeneca, Philips and Procter & Gamble.
Steven Cattoor “stands out” in the international marketplace as a leading name in the region, according to interviewees. He frequently assists prominent clients in the technology and life sciences sectors with a wide range of patent law issues.

Top-tier London law firm BRISTOWS is renowned for its members’ work assisting innovative companies from a range of industries with their intellectual property needs. In this year’s research, 11 industry-leading experts have been recognised for their patent law expertise, including three Thought Leaders.
Brian Cordery is “a renowned figure in the market,” who is internationally regarded as “a standout name”. With more than 20 years’ experience he is one of the best known litigators in Europe, and is renowned for his excellent work litigating patents for successful pharmaceutical products.
Clients are consistently impressed with Dominic Adair’s “exceptional ability to quickly grasp the key issues of a case”, which allows him to “devise optimal international litigation strategies to bring his cases to a successful end”.
Robert Burrows really impresses thanks to “superb organisational and communication abilities”. One impressed source also notes: “His intelligence and good humour helped the team to cope with any problem with ease.”
Liz Cohen is “a brilliant lawyer and a leader in her field” according to respondents who appreciate her impeccable understanding of the technical and commercial issues faced by her clients.
Andrew Bowler has “a great reputation and is very easy to work with”, according to one interviewee, who goes on to add: “His ability to present cases in a simple and comprehensive way is simply first class.”

Specialist intellectual property boutique POWELL GILBERT is internationally recognised for its outstanding patent law practice. This year sees eight individuals selected for their vast experience handling complex patent litigation for high-profile clients.
“Exceptional lawyer” Penny Gilbert is a “leading name” in the international patent litigation space, and is described by commentators as “an excellent tactician with a strong track record”.
“Top-tier” lawyer Tim Powell is named as a Thought Leader and is “held in high regard” thanks to his expansive expertise. Peers name him “a calm, authoritative and knowledgeable practitioner” with “a market-leading practice”.
Tim Whitfield is also “outstanding” in this space, with sources widely endorsing him as an authority in contentious IP matters. He is particularly well known for his outstanding work on patent litigation and strategy.
Bethan Hopewell has “an excellent understanding of the law” and is recommended by one commentator for her “superb ability to communicate complicated concepts clearly and concisely”.
Ari Laakkonen is “extremely experienced, diligent and proactive”, according to one impressed respondent who goes on to name him as “the best patent litigation solicitor in London”.

Ten superb lawyers from international powerhouse ALLEN & OVERY are recommended for their strong track record handling complex cross-border patent disputes.
The “absolutely excellent” Nicola Dagg is “probably the most innovative patent litigator in Europe”, say sources. She is regarded as a firm client favourite, thanks to her “knowledge, diligence and personable nature”.
Marc Döring is “a major player” in the international patent litigation arena who is readily endorsed by sources thanks to his “exceptional” experience in the field.
Peers have “the utmost respect” for Marjan Noor, describing her as a “top-tier” patent litigator who really “stands out” in the market. She is particularly well regarded for her excellent work in the life sciences sector thanks to her background in pharmacology.
“Outstanding patent litigator” Laëtitia Bénard is a widely respected name in the international patent law community. Her deep knowledge of the life sciences industry means that she is the go-to practitioner for pharmaceutical companies litigating in France.
Mark Ridgway is “a rising star” who boasts a strong reputation thanks to his “brilliant” IP litigation practice. He regularly advises innovative clients on a wide range of cross-border patent disputes.

Full-service international law firm TAYLOR WESSING also boasts a strong IP practice. This year 11 patent specialists are highlighted.
With more than 30 years’ experience, James Marshall is a long-standing fixture in the market and is heralded for his “strong presence in the technology sector”.
The “outstanding” Simon Cohen is a greatly respected lawyer who receives plaudits for his expertise handling complex patent disputes for major clients in the life sciences space.
In Munich, Sabine Rojahn highly regarded by peers, having worked on some of the biggest patent litigation cases in Germany over the course of her career.
Nigel Stoate is “highly recommended” by commentators thanks to his proven track record litigating in patent law disputes in the engineering, telecommunications, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Matthew Royle is “a seriously good practitioner,” according to one interviewee. He is an experienced patent litigator who is particularly well regarded for his work acting for clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Leading intellectual property law firm MARKS & CLERK also impresses this year, achieving seven nominations from its ranks of patent law specialists.
Gregor Grant is “a legend” in the patent litigation space, according to one impressed peer, who applauds his personable nature and technical expertise.
The “excellent” Will James is a “well-known” IP lawyer who is a specialist when it comes to advising prominent pharmaceutical, biotechnology and electronics companies on a range of patent issues.
Sources describe Graham Burnett-Hall as “a brilliant lawyer” who effortlessly navigates complex patent disputes relating to highly technical products.
Mike Gilbert really “stands out” in the market according to peers, who appreciate his calm and methodical approach to tackling complex patent strategies and litigation.

Six top practitioners from SIMMONS & SIMMONS have also been recognised by our research.
Scott Parker is widely recommended by commentators as “a top lawyer” in the contentious and non-contentious IP space. He is particularly well regarded for his experience defending patents held by originator companies.
Rowan Freeland is “a brilliant patent litigator” who is “very highly rated” by interviewees across the globe. He primarily represents life sciences companies with the strategic coordination of pan-European litigation.
The “excellent” Bas Berghuis van Woortman is “a superb lawyer,” say sources. He handles a wide variety of patent issues for clients, including patent prosecution strategy, negotiation of research and development agreements and cross-border litigation.
Michael Burdon is also very highly regarded by commentators, who consider him “a superb patent litigator”.

HOGAN LOVELLS is well known for its first-class patent law practice, and it sees 14 standout practitioners from its offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany selected for inclusion.
Andreas von Falck is a prominent name in the international IP arena, described as “a highly experienced litigator who is exceptionally strong in court” by respondents.
“Top-tier” practitioner Stephen Bennett is “highly rated” by sources who appreciate his “outstanding” ability to navigate complex patent disputes in the pharmaceutical sector with ease.
Bert Oosting is a renowned figure in the international life sciences community who is highly sought after in the market thanks to his wide-ranging experience litigating in sophisticated patent law disputes.
The “outstanding” Klaus Haft is a key figure in the market, and receives accolades for his “superb ability to understand highly technical concepts”.
Daniel Brook is “an active player in the market” commended for his “excellent work handling really high-profile patent litigation cases”.
The “exceptional” Klaas Bisschop has more than 20 years’ experience handling complex disputes and wins praise for his expertise in technology patents.

Danish law firm PLESNER boasts a strong IP practice, and sees four standout patent law experts recommended.
Sture Rygaard is described as “a very experienced patent litigator” by sources, who particularly highlight his work in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.
Seasoned lawyer Peter-Ulrik Plesner is praised as “the grand old man” of the Danish IP bar by one source. He is internationally well regarded for his vast experience handling contentious patent law matters.
Jeppe Brinck-Jensen is another key name at the firm who is praised for being “extremely skilled and passionate about his field”. One commentator notes: “It is always a great pleasure working with Jeppe as he is an experienced and outstanding patent and life science lawyer.”
Mikkel Vittrup is also recognised for his excellent work handling complex patent issues for companies in the life sciences space.

BRINKHOF is home to three noteworthy lawyers with a proven track record handling complex patent disputes in a range of innovative industry sectors, including life sciences and technology.
The “outstanding” Richard Ebbink is “a top lawyer” according to sources, who rate him highly for his leading European patent litigation practice.
Daan de Lange is “a strong litigator” who navigates complex cases with ease. He focuses on patent litigation in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, and draws praise for his strength at leading technically complex cases.
“Superb litigator” Mark van Gardingen is also recommended for the depth and breadth of his experience in the area.

Italian law firm TREVISAN & CUONZO sees two exceptional patent lawyers highlighted for their superb work in the field.
Gabriel Cuonzo is “a valuable practitioner in this space” thanks to more than 30 years’ experience litigating in complex multi-jurisdictional IP litigation.
Luca Trevisan wins praise for his “sharp strategic thinking”, coupled with his “extensive knowledge of national and international intellectual property law."

UK Bar

8 NEW SQUARE is the largest specialist IP chambers in the UK and boasts an acclaimed patent litigation practice. This year, 13 outstanding silks and juniors have been recognised by our research.
Michael Tappin QC is “an excellent adviser and a formidable advocate” according to respondents, who note that his “preparation is absolutely excellent and his drafting abilities are unmatched”. He has worked on some of the leading patent cases of recent years and is commended for being “technically excellent on the biotech side”.
“Top barrister” Andrew Lykiardopoulos QC is “a fantastic team player and very smooth litigator”, say sources. He has considerable experience handling complex patent disputes.
Richard Meade QC “stands head and shoulders above the rest” according to one impressed commentator, with another effusing: “He is a fantastic lead counsel and in super-high demand.”
The “exceptional” Daniel Alexander QC is “a superb counsel” who is especially well known for his excellent work litigating in a wide range of patent disputes across the technology sector.
Adrian Speck QC is one of the leading names at the IP Bar, and garners praise for his strong patent litigation practice. One interviewee describes him as “very talented, calm and collected”.

3 NEW SQUARE is another leading IP set that is recognised by our research thanks to its members’ strong track record advocating in complex patent law disputes. This year, eight leading lights in the field have been highlighted. 
Andrew Waugh QC is “a top barrister” who is widely recommended by sources internationally as “a highly experienced pharmaceutical patents expert”.
Tom Mitcheson QC is “an absolute standout QC,” and is described by one commentator as “one of the strongest players at the IP Bar” thanks to his “creative and commercial” approach to tackling complex patent cases.
The “exceptional” Thomas Hinchliffe QC is “the go-to barrister” for handling high-tech patent work, according to one commentator. He has been instructed in many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology cases in the past decade.
“Excellent junior” Joe Delaney is a leading IP specialist who is particularly “highly sought after” when it comes to patent work in the pharmaceutical, biotech and telecoms fields.

Leading IP specialist chambers 11 SOUTH SQUARE also stands out in the patent litigation space, with eight prominent barristers receiving accolades for their skilful advocacy.
Iain Purvis QC is “a favourite” among many instructing solicitors thanks to his “very methodical and calm manner”. He is “a passionate advocate” with a wide-ranging practice covering the full spectrum of contentious IP issues.
Piers Acland QC is “one of the senior figures of the IP Bar” and is commended for his exceptional patent law practice. One source effuses that he is “an outstandingly brilliant lawyer”.
Michael Silverleaf QC is “brilliant to work with” according to one interviewee, and is appreciated for his technical prowess and patent law expertise.
The “excellent” Anna Edwards-Stuart enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market as one of the leading juniors at the IP Bar. Thanks to her biotechnology background, she is well placed to advise clients in the life sciences area on technically complex patents.

Other Leading Individuals

We highlight individuals at other firms who also scored very highly in our research.


Christian Gassauer-Fleissner at GASSAUER-FLEISSNER RECHTSANWÄLTE is internationally renowned as a leading figure in the Austrian market, and draws praise for his “vast expertise in patent law”.


Nicolai Lindgreen at KROMANN REUMERT is internationally regarded as a leading light in the field. He is often called upon to represent life sciences companies in a range of complex patent disputes.

Kenneth Kvistgaard-Aaholm at GORRISSEN FEDERSPIEL is a top-tier patent law expert who wins praise for his “pragmatic and global approach”. Clients are consistently impressed by his “talent for breaking complex mandates down into simple terms”.

The “excellent” Klaus Ewald Madsen at BECH-BRUUN is an experienced patent lawyer who is an expert on the negotiation of licences. He is also a strong litigator, and frequently represents international clients in pharmaceutical patent cases.

Anders Valentin at HORTEN is an “outstanding” IP specialist who has built up a reputation as one of the top patent litigators in Denmark.


Justin Watts at WILMERHALE is “a star” when it comes to strategic patent litigation. Commentators highlight his “ability to think outside the box” to come up with creative solutions.

“Leading lawyer” Sara Ashby at WIGGIN is “an absolutely fantastic patent litigator” according to one impressed source, who goes on to describe her as “a real powerhouse”.

Clare Tunstall at PINSENT MASONS wins praise for her ability to “formulate original tailor-made strategies and execute them superbly”. She is a favourite among clients who consider her “a very talented lawyer who always gives crystal-clear advice”.

Gordon Harris at GOWLING WLG is a highly experienced practitioner in the intellectual property department whose prowess in patent infringement and validity litigation is well known across Europe.

Nigel Jones at LINKLATERS is regarded as “the best patent litigator at the firm” by one peer. He boasts more than 30 years’ experience in IP and is particularly well known for his work on high-profile cross-border patent disputes.


The “very impressive” Johanna Lilja at ROSCHIER ATTORNEYS is a star patent litigator who “turns cases around in record time”, according to one impressed client.


Tilman Müller-Stoy at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG leads the firm’s patent litigation practice and is internationally regarded as an expert in the area of standard essential patents and technology transfer agreements.

Peter Kather at KATHER AUGENSTEIN is a “superb litigator” who is “always on point” according peers. After working on IP litigation for more than 30 years, he is a truly eminent practitioner in the space.


Gerard Kelly at MASON HAYES & CURRAN is “a big name” in the market who is “massively rated” by peers thanks to his extensive experience litigating in some of the jurisdiction’s most high-profile patent law disputes in recent years.

Fiona O'Beirne at MCCANN FITZGERALD has “an excellent practice” and more than 25 years’ experience litigating in large-scale, international patent disputes.

The “brilliant” John Whelan at A&L GOODBODY has a strong presence in the market and is held in high esteem thanks to his “talent for patent litigation”.

Aoife Murphy at WHITNEYMOORE is an “outstanding” commercial litigator who regularly acts for clients from a wide range of industries in patent infringement and revocation proceedings.

Laura Scott at WILLIAM FRY is “the go-to patent specialist on the litigation front” according to one interviewee. Sources also praise her fantastic handling of multi-jurisdictional patent disputes for prominent life sciences companies.


Eran Soroker at SOROKER AGMON NORDMAN ADVOCATES & PATENT ATTORNEYS is a “practical and efficient” practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of patent law.

Tal Band of S HOROWITZ & CO is “a standout patent litigator” who is described by one impressed peer as “the go-to lawyer in Israel” for this type of work.

The “excellent” Eran Bareket at GILAT, BAREKET & CO, REINHOLD COHN GROUP is renowned for his expertise in patent opposition matters, with one source commenting: “He is possibly the best counsel I have ever worked with.”


Gertjan Kuipers at DE BRAUW BLACKSTONE WESTBROEK has “proven to be a stellar litigator and a great strategist”, effuses one source, adding: “Working with him on multi-jurisdictional patent litigation has been a privilege and a pleasure.”

The “exceptional” Rutger Kleemans at FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER enjoys a strong reputation in the market thanks to his expert knowledge of cross-border patent enforcement strategies and complex patent litigation.


Dag Sandart at SANDART & PARTNERS ADVOKATBYRÅ is “a phenomenal patent litigator” who is internationally regarded as a leading figure in the market.


Thierry Calame at LENZ & STAEHELIN is internationally regarded as an expert in intellectual property. Peers call him “one of the best” patent lawyers in Switzerland, noting his expert handling of pharmaceutical cases.

Andri Hess at HOMBURGER is highly sought after by clients for his first-rate work handling patent litigation and arbitration in an array of highly technical fields.


Özge Atilgan Karakulak at GÜN + PARTNERS is a widely respected practitioner who comes highly recommended by peers for her tremendous experience handling complex patent validity and infringement proceedings for key clients in the life sciences area.


Thought Leaders
1. Morgan Chu Irell & Manella, Los Angeles
2. William Lee WilmerHale, Boston
3. Mark Lemley Durie Tangri, San Francisco
4. Donald Cameron Bereskin & Parr LLP, Toronto
5. Ronald Dimock DLA Piper, Toronto
6. John Ryan-Lussich Ryan-Lussich Abogados, Buenos Aires
7. Gunars Gaikis Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh, Toronto
8. David Aitken Aitken Klee LLP, Ottawa

Leading Firms

Canadian IP law firm BERESKIN & PARR lead the way in terms of nominations this year, with seven top-tier individuals receiving plaudits for their standout work in the patent litigation arena.
Thought Leader Donald Cameron is widely recognised as a leading figure in the market and is named “a top lawyer” by one commentator. He is a renowned litigator who represents clients from a wide range of innovative industries, including biotechnology, telecommunications and computer databases.
Donald MacOdrum is “a standout lawyer” with more than 40 years’ experience representing major international companies in a wide range of patent disputes, including validity and infringement proceedings.
Noel Courage focuses his top-tier practice on patent and licensing issues relating to biotechnology, chemical and mechanical inventions. He also boasts strong regulatory expertise and regularly advises on IP portfolio management strategies.
“Star lawyer” Daniel Bereskin QC is an eminent figure in patent law space who boasts extensive experience handling complex intellectual property disputes.

New York firm FITZPATRICK CELLA HARPER & SCINTO is a key player in the American market and achieves eight listings in the region.
Charlotte Jacobsen is a “terrific” patent lawyer, who focuses her first-class practice on patent litigation in the life sciences space. She is particularly well regarded for her work on complex litigation under the Hatch-Waxman Act.
Bruce Haas enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market as a specialist in patent infringement litigation involving mechanical devices and pharmaceutical products.
William Solander is “a fantastic lawyer” according to one impressed peer, thanks to his hands-on approach to managing high-stakes patent disputes.
Dominick Conde has dealt with large-scale patent litigation for more than 25 years and is particularly well regarded for his excellent work representing pharmaceutical clients in sophisticated abbreviated new drug application matters.
Lawrence Perry is a dedicated patent law specialist who impresses market sources with his vast knowledge of all phases of patent prosecution.

FISH & RICHARDSON is internationally renowned for its industry-leading IP litigation practice and this year has nine leading lights in the field recognised for their expertise.
Juanita Brooks is a renowned trial lawyer who is “involved in all of the high-profile patent cases”, according to one international commentator.
Peter Ludwig wins praise for his brilliant work advising companies and academic institutions in a range of sectors on an array of patent law issues.
Frank Scherkenbach is an outstanding patent trial lawyer who is widely regarded for his intimate understanding of high-tech mandates.
Frank Porcelli is a distinguished practitioner with a wealth of experience in litigating in many of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s most significant cases.

Four leading lights at DURIE TANGRI are recognised for their outstanding patent litigation practices.
Mark Lemley is “a leader in the field” who “knows more than anyone about this area”, according to one impressed peer. He is internationally recognised for his “extraordinary knowledge of intellectual property law”.
The “excellent” Daralyn Durie is a “fantastic lawyer” who regularly acts in high-value patent disputes for technology giants such as Twitter, Google and Netflix.
Ragesh Tangri garners effusive praise from commentators who consider him “a standout lawyer”. He is a strong litigator who is in high demand thanks to his superb performance handling complex patent validity proceedings.
Clement Roberts is an outstanding litigator who is particularly well regarded for his expertise when it comes to complex technological patents.

DLA PIPER also performs well, seeing four leading lawyers highlighted for inclusion.
Ronald Dimock ranks among the elite practitioners in the North American market, having litigated in more than 400 patent disputes over the course of his career. He is also noted for his expertise in handling complex trademark and copyright litigation.
Bruce Stratton is a leading light in the field who wins praise for his long-standing IP litigation practice. His strong technical background means that he is in highly sought after for complex cases relating to computer-related technology.
Angela Furlanetto is a vastly experienced trial counsel with more than 20 years’ patent litigation experience to her name. She focuses her first-rate practice on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mechanical and chemical fields.
In Chicago, Mark Feldman is a go-to IP specialist with vast experience in handling complex cross-border enforcement and licensing mandates.

SMART & BIGGAR/FETHERSTONHAUGH is Canada’s largest law firm specialising in IP and technology law. This year, four exceptional practitioners have been recognised from its offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.
Gunars Gaikis is highly rated by sources who admire him for his longstanding reputation in the life sciences space. He is an accomplished patent litigator who often represents major clients in the pharmaceuticals sector.
Steven Garland has more than 25 years’ experience litigating in a wide range of intellectual property disputes. He is well known for his patent law expertise, and has acted for numerous innovator companies in proceedings under the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations. 
Sheldon Hamilton is recognised for his extensive experience appearing as trial and appellate counsel in a range of proceedings involving patent infringement, validity and quantification of damages.
François Guay is a highly rated intellectual property litigator with more than 30 years’ experience in the field. He counts some of the world’s best-known companies among his clients, including Microsoft and Nike.

Leading commercial law firm GOODMANS boasts a strong intellectual property offering. This year, four exceptional IP litigators have been highlighted.
Harry Radomski is an accomplished practitioner who possesses more than 30 years’ experience dealing with complex patent litigation cases.
Dino Clarizio is widely recognised for his expertise and boasts a wealth of experience in patent litigation and prosecution, particularly in the chemical and biotech sectors.

American law firm WILMERHALE also achieves four recommendations in our research this year.
Thought Leader William Lee “needs no introduction” according to one international peer, who names him “one of the country’s foremost intellectual property, commercial trial and appellate lawyers”.
With more than 35 years’ global patent litigation experience, Trevor Cook is an eminent figure in the market. He is strong name for pharmaceutical and biotechnology patents matters and is also recognised for his work relating to the protection of regulatory data.

Other Leading Individuals


John Ryan-Lussich at RYAN-LUSSICH ABOGADOS ranks top in the Argentinian market in our research this year and is greatly appreciated for his “impressive patent strategies and litigation prowess”. One respondent praises his “detailed knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry”, adding that, “He always produces results efficiently."


David Aitken at AITKEN KLEE is a seasoned litigator with more than 30 years’ experience in the field. He is widely considered a top name, and earns recognition for his excellent work in the life sciences sector.

Trent Horne at AIRD & BERLIS has more than 20 years’ experience expertly guiding clients through complex IP disputes. He is a “pragmatic, thoughtful and responsive” lawyer who is appreciated for providing “clear, concise and practical advice”.

Peter Wilcox at BELMORE NEIDRAUER is a dual-qualified lawyer and patent agent who is “really good” at handling complex biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent litigation, according to sources.

Christine Pallotta at BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS enjoys a stellar reputation as the leader of the firm’s Canadian IP litigation practice group.  She has handled numerous patent infringement actions at federal level and is held in high regard for her work in the space.

Anthony Creber at GOWLING boasts “an excellent reputation” in the market thanks to more than 35 years litigating in some of Canada’s most notable chemical and pharmaceutical patent infringement cases.                 

Sources describe Douglas Deeth at DEETH WILLIAMS WALL as “a standout lawyer” in the patent litigation sphere. He is also a trusted adviser, and is regularly called upon to draft and negotiate licenses for prominent companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Rodrigo León Urrutia at SILVA stands out in the Chilean market thanks to his “responsiveness and professionalism” when handling complex patent disputes.


“Top-notch lawyer” Morgan Chu at IRELL & MANELLA is an internationally renowned Thought Leader who is “highly respected by peers and clients alike”. Peers consider him to be “a great trial lawyer with an excellent reputation handling high-profile patent cases”.

John Desmarais at DESMARAIS is warmly endorsed by peers who consider him “a fantastic lawyer”. He notably achieved a high-profile win for Alcatel-Lucent against Microsoft in one of the largest plaintiff jury verdicts in a patent infringement action.

INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONER Patricia Martone is “a very knowledgeable and a skilled practitioner” who consistently impresses with her “extensive knowledge of US patent litigation”. One commentator notes: “Her institutional knowledge and diligence is second to none.”

After more than 25 years’ experience handling complex patent litigation, Nicholas Groombridge at PAUL WEISS RIFKIND WHARTON & GARRISON is “a clear leader in the field” according to sources.

The “outstanding” Dan Altman at KNOBBE MARTENS OLSON & BEAR garners effusive praise from commentators, who consider him an expert in international patent protection and licensing issues.

David Pritikin at SIDLEY AUSTIN is “a standout name” in the US patent litigation arena who has served as lead counsel in many successful patent litigation cases involving a range of technologies.

David Kappos at CRAVATH SWAINE & MOORE is a “top-notch lawyer” who stands out for his “fantastic” work devising global intellectual property strategies for major clients across a range of industries.

Jesse Jenner at ROPES & GRAY impresses peers with his broad expertise in the electronics and telecoms sectors. With more than 40 years’ experience he is a truly eminent figure in the market.

“Star practitioner” Jack Blumenfeld at MORRIS NICHOLS ARSHT & TUNNELL is a key player in the Delaware patent litigation arena and stands out for his excellent work on pharmaceutical patents.

The “exceptional” Edward Reines at WEIL GOTSHAL & MANGES is a top litigator who is internationally recognised as a leader in the patent community.

Charles Verhoeven at QUINN EMANUEL URQUHART & SULLIVAN is “a really strong practitioner” who is widely considered to be one of the most skilled trial lawyers in the region. He has a particularly strong track record as a plaintiff-side litigator.


Thought Leaders
1. Ella Cheong Ella Cheong & Alan Chiu Solicitors & Notaries, Hong Kong
2. Eiji Katayama Abe Ikubo & Katayama, Tokyo
3. Sarah Matheson Allens, Melbourne

Leading Firms

Premier full-service law firm LEE & KO emerges as the leading firm in the Asia-Pacific region, seeing six standout practitioners in the field of patent law recognised for their expertise.
Young-Mo Kwon is “really well known in the market” and is highlighted by peers for his “extensive knowledge of IP matters”.
Jae Hoon Kim is a skilled advocate who regularly represents multinational corporations in patent litigation proceedings across a range of areas, including telecommunications, computer software and electricals.
Hwan Sung Park is an expert on IP surveillance and border enforcement and is applauded for his impeccable understanding of patent litigation proceedings in the US.

Leading IP boutique firm ELLA CHEONG & ALAN CHIU SOLICITORS & NOTARIES also ranks prominently in the region, achieving two nominations.
Ella Cheong is recommended by peers and clients alike for her “deep knowledge and professionalism”. One commentator describes her as “a super-energetic professional with high-quality service”, adding that she is “the best in the patent field”.
The “really excellent” Alan Chiu receives accolades for his “superb” handling of a wide range of contentious patent matters and transactions with an IP component.

Other Leading Individuals


Shaun McVicar at HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS has a wealth of experience litigating in high-profile patent validity and infringement proceedings for key clients in the pharmaceutical sector.

The “outstanding” Sarah Matheson at ALLENS is widely recognised as a “top lawyer”, drawing praise for her expert handling of a wide range of contentious and non-contentious intellectual property mandates.

Christian Dimitriadis SC of NIGEL BOWEN CHAMBERS is a prominent figure at the Australian intellectual property bar who secures widespread endorsements for his superb advocacy.

Matthew Swinn at KING & WOOD MALLESONS is a “really impressive” IP litigation specialist according to one international peer, who describes him as “really helpful and responsive”.

Hong Kong

The “excellent” Matthew Laight at BIRD & BIRD enjoys a strong reputation in the market thanks to more than 20 years’ experience handling the full spectrum of contentious and non-contentious patent law issues.


Koichi Tsujii at NAKAMURA & PARTNERS is a standout patent litigator in the Japanese market who receives widespread acclaim thanks to his vast expertise handling disputes across a wide range of fields, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Eiji Katayama of ABE IKUBO & KATAYAMA “is very strong in patent litigation and has the ability to see the bigger picture”, according to peers, who note his experience in the pharmaceutical industry as particularly helpful to “quickly understand the technical nature of his clients’ work and apply it”.

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