Construction 2018: Expert Witnesses

This year we highlight 173 outstanding construction experts, who provide assistance to clients as expert witnesses in major construction disputes as well as advising on an array of quantum and delay issues.


Thought Leaders
1. David Barry Blackrock Expert Services, London
2. Wendy MacLaughlin HKA, London
3. Michael Stokes Navigant, London
4. Paul Barry gb2 LLP, London
5. John Mullen Diales Expert Witness Services, London
6. Joanne Prior Blackrock Expert Services, London
7. Franco Mastrandrea HKA, London
8. Liam Holder Navigant, London
9. Andrew Yendall Yendall Hunter Limited, London
The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.

Leading Firms

Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.

HKA boasts the leading construction expert witness offering in Europe, with 13 practitioners across four offices recognised for their exceptional work in the field.
In London, Wendy MacLaughlin stands out as “a top-tier expert” who is considered “a leading expert globally”. She is highly respected by peers who note she is “awesome on the delay side”, with one commenting, “It was an excellent experience working with her – she’s fantastic.”
Franco Mastrandrea is “excellent in adjudications” according to sources, who note he is “very highly thought of” and “well known in the international market”.
Geoff Bewsey is “hugely experienced” in the construction space, an area in which he boasts “a wealth of knowledge”, according to peers.
Mark Dixon stands out in the UK market as a quantum and delay expert who is highly sought-after by clients for his “hands-on approach” and “very thorough analysis”.
Russell Bates possesses over 25 years’ experience handling construction delay claims, where he is highlighted as one of the leading experts internationally.
The “impressive” Derek Nelson is a “much-respected” figure in the market, commended by respondents for his outstanding work dealing with quantum, delay and disruption disputes.

NAVIGANT CONSULTING receives eight listings in this edition, demonstrating its strong offering in the space across Europe.
Michael Stokes is “absolutely excellent on quantum matters”, an area in which he is considered by market sources to be “always on top of the case” and “technically sound”.
Liam Holder continues to impress respondents and is recognised as “an absolutely first-class quantum expert”. Clients “really like working with him”, and praise his “thorough and straightforward approach”.
Construction expert Robert McKibbin is “really good in a stressful environment” according to sources, who note he is “really easy to work with” and commend his “lovely understated approach”.  

BLACKROCK EXPERT SERVICES performs well this year with six individuals achieving nominations.
David Barry is “one of the best in the business on delay analysis” according to peers, who note, “His reputation as a leading delay expert precedes him.” He is described by market commentators as “very hands-on and fiercely independent”, and wins high praise as being “head and shoulders above the rest”.
Joanne Prior is an “excellent” practitioner, who is widely respected by peers and clients alike for her impressive expertise on the quantum side.
Rob Palles-Clark is “very well thought of” in the market where he boasts “a fine reputation”, particularly on the delay side. One source effuses: “He is my delay analysis expert of choice.”
David Goodman is highly recommended by peers for his outstanding work in construction disputes, where he is highlighted for his “confident” approach and “good, clear analysis”.

Other Leading Individuals

We highlight individuals at other firms who also scored very highly in our research.


GB2’s Paul Barry is an “accomplished” construction expert, recognised as “one of the best for quantum work”. One peer effuses: “If I’m conflicted, I recommend him every single time.”
Colin Byford boasts “great knowledge and expertise” in the construction field, where he is highlighted as “a leading name”, particularly when it comes to quantum matters. One respondent comments: “He is very intelligent and pays huge attention to detail.”
Charles Gurnham is “excellent “ when it comes to providing expert analysis in major construction disputes, an industry in which he boasts over 30 years’ experience.

John Mullen at DIALES EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES is “a hugely practical and independent expert”, renowned for his brilliant work on the quantum side. 

At YENDALL HUNTER, Andrew Yendall is praised as “an excellent delay expert” and is described by peers as “the type of expert all parties should be looking to appoint”.
Fellow co-founder Martin Hunter is a “top-class” expert, who focuses his practice on construction-related disputes, providing both expert witness and advisory services to clients.

Ian Robinson at TEMPUS DELAY ANALYSIS is “a highly experienced expert”, commended by sources as “a key name on the delay side”.

At ARCADIS, the “outstanding” Gary Kitt impresses respondents who “rate him really highly” and “would definitely recommend him” for his leading quantum expertise.

At FTI CONSULTING, Alastair Farr is widely respected among peers as a first-rate construction expert, well known for his excellent testifying work in both litigation and arbitration proceedings.


James Perry at PS CONSULTING is a widely recognised figure across the French construction market, highlighted for his strong international experience. He specialises in a wide array of construction disputes from contract negotiation through to claims management.


At HKA, Thomas Hofbauer draws widespread praise from international sources for his top-tier construction and engineering practice, and is considered a leading name for both quantum and delay issues.


OLM CONSULTANCY’s David O’Leary is a construction specialist, recognised for his strong expertise handling related arbitration disputes.


HKA’s Gerry Brannigan is “very well known” in the international construction space, most notably for his exceptional and impressive testifying work in arbitration and adjudication proceedings.
Doug Neville focuses his world-class construction practice on a wide array of related disputes, from contracts through to professional negligence claims.

North America

Thought Leaders
1. Don Harvey Secretariat International, Atlanta
2. Patrick McGeehin FTI Consulting, Rockville
3. John Livengood Navigant, San Francisco
4. Ted Scott Secretariat International, Los Angeles
5. Christopher Larkin FTI Consulting, Toronto

Leading Firms

HKA stands out as one of the most prominent construction expert offerings in North America, achieving nine listings across four US offices, highlighting its strong domestic presence.
The “excellent” Frank Giunta possesses over 30 years’ experience in the construction and engineering space, and is recognised for his first-class work handling related valuations and disputes.
Dennis Allen is “very cognisant in construction” according to sources who commend his work on both domestic and international disputes. One source notes: “He is my primary damages expert.”

NAVIGANT CONSULTING sees nine experts recognised in this edition for their strong work in the construction space.
John Livengood boasts almost 40 years’ experience in the field of construction and draws high praise from respondents for his impressive work delivering expert testimony in litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.  
Israel Almodovar is a “very well regarded” name in the US market, highlighted for his testifying and advisory work on both US and international construction matters.
Scott Gray heads the firm’s Latin American construction practice and is widely recognised for his superb work providing cost and damages analysis on international construction projects.

We feature six individuals from FTI CONSULTING this year who stand out for their leading construction expertise.
Patrick McGeehin is “regarded as among the best damages experts in the US”. He is commended for his “fantastic testifying demeanour”, with one source describing him as “the go-to expert for the largest cases where quantum is an issue”.  
Christopher Larkin leads the firm’s construction solutions group in Canada and is highlighted for his standout work handling contractual matters as well as dispute proceedings.
Paul Ficca is “a senior quantum expert”, commended particularly by market commentators for his excellent work across the Middle East.

DELTA CONSULTING GROUP’s president and co-founder Jeffrey Fuchs is “one of the best experts out there” according to sources. He boasts over 30 years’ experience testifying in international dispute proceedings.
Gene Lash is “a fantastic consultant” who wins high praise for his first-rate financial damages valuations, delay analyses and testifying experience.

Other Leading Individuals


SECRETARIAT INTERNATIONAL’s Ted Scott is “highly regarded among peers for his testimonial ability and technical expertise”. Sources commend his “excellent rapport with clients” and note, “He organises his analysis in a straightforward and useful manner.”

“Senior statesman” Richard Sieracki at THE KENRICH GROUP is an “excellent” construction expert, highlighted particularly by sources for his “great experience on power generation projects”. One source comments, “He is very good on the witness stand.”

CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT’s Michael D’Onofrio is a well-known name in the construction space where he is considered a “diligent, hard-working and very engaged expert”.

THE RHODES GROUP’s Andrew Rhodes is a “fantastic” construction specialist who boasts a great reputation in the market among clients who “would use him in a heartbeat”.

Rest of the World

Thought Leaders
1. Guy Elkington Navigant, Dubai
2. Jon Prudhoe Navigant, Singapore
3. Garry Crossley FTI Consulting, Singapore
4. Amit Garg Secretariat International, Singapore
5. David Merritt HKA, Dubai

Leading Firms

HKA sees nine leading construction experts highlighted throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America.
Dubai-based David Merritt enjoys a strong reputation in the international market for his “deep knowledge of the construction industry as well as the arbitration process”. One source notes, “He is a clear thinker and is outstanding at brokering consensus with his opposing expert.”
Michael Tonkin is “one of the leading names” in the field in the Middle East, widely respected for his impressive work as a quantum expert.
David Atkinson continues to impress market commentators with his first-rate work in the construction space, who highlight his “superior preparation” and consider him “a hard worker eager to meet client needs”.
Peter Atkinson comes “highly recommended” by peers for his outstanding quantum expertise, as well as his extensive experience on a range of construction projects from oil and gas to infrastructure.

In Singapore, FTI CONSULTING’s Garry Crossley is a firm favourite among clients who “highly rate him” and commend his “great track record” on large international construction projects.
James Taylor is “a well-known name” among peers who “stands out” in the construction space for his invaluable experience as an expert witness.
David Murphy enjoys “a great reputation” across the UAE for his excellent work on high-value and complex construction projects, as well as related disputes. 
In Perth, Stephen Rae is widely recognised for his world-class construction practice, which spans the whole gamut of related matters including valuation, delay analysis and cost management.

Other Leading Individuals


TBH’s Jonathan Shahady is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the field of construction, highlighted for his extensive experience dealing with major projects and related disputes.

Hong Kong

At CONSTRUCTION EXPERT SERVICES, John Molloy receives plaudits from sources who describe him as “a great construction expert” who is “very independent and really knows every detail of a case”.

Scott Adams at SCOTT ADAMS CONSULTANTS is “excellent on the programming side” according to respondents, an area in which many consider him “a specialist” and a “first choice”.

John Battersby at BATTERSBY KINGSFIELD boasts “a strong reputation in the market” for his “excellent” work on construction projects, where he possesses over 50 years’ experience.


At NAVIGANT, Jon Prudhoe stands out as “the leading light for quantum work in Singapore” and is considered “one of the best known delay experts” in the region.

SECRETARIAT INTERNATIONAL’s Amit Garg enjoys “an excellent reputation in the market” for his impressive advisory work on construction projects as well as the first-rate analysis he provides in related disputes.

John Lancaster at DRIVER TRETT is “one of the top delay experts” in Singapore. He is described by respondents as “very strong in oil and gas disputes, very steady when giving evidence” and “provides good quality reports”.

United Arab Emirates

NAVIGANT’s Guy Elkington is “very well known in the region” as one of the leading quantum experts in the construction space. He draws widespread commendation for his exceptional work providing valuation analysis on sector-related disputes.

Mike Saulsbury at SECRETARIAT INTERNATIONAL is “a great delay expert”, well known for his outstanding work in both an advisory and testifying capacity.

BERKELEY RESEARCH GROUP’s Michael Kenyon is “up there with the best” in the construction industry and is particularly commended for his exceptional quantum expertise.

John Boultwood at TURNER & TOWNSEND is a “highly experienced” and “very well-known” construction expert, recognised as a leading name in the Middle East.

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