UK Bar: Labour, Employment and Immigration 2018

This year we recognise 112 barristers across leading chambers in the UK for their expertise in labour, employment and immigration matters. This includes matters involving TUPE, people moves, and human rights and civil liberties cases before all levels of court.

Most Highly Regarded
1. Paul Goulding QC Blackstone Chambers
2. Thomas Linden QC Matrix Chambers
3. Daniel Stilitz QC 11KBW
4. Dinah Rose QC Blackstone Chambers
5. Bruce Carr QC Devereux Chambers
6. James Laddie QC Matrix Chambers
7. Daniel Oudkerk QC Essex Court Chambers
8. David Reade QC Littleton Chambers
9. Richard Leiper QC 11KBW
10. Gavin Mansfield QC Littleton Chambers
1. Jane McCafferty 11KBW
2. Diya Sen Gupta Blackstone Chambers
3. Amy Rogers 11KBW
4. Thomas Kibling Matrix Chambers
5. Andrew Smith Matrix Chambers
6. Mohinderpal Sethi Littleton Chambers
7. Sophie Belgrove 11KBW
8. Simon Cheetham Old Square Chambers


11KBW remains one of the leading sets for employment law with a robust and highly skilled set of barristers operating at the highest level. Eight silks are recognised in this year’s chapter.
Daniel Stilitz QC is recommended as one of the employment Bar’s leading advocates and is highly regarded for his expertise in the financial and professional services sector. He is a top name in disputes while sources call him “a superb advocate and excellent on injunctions”.
Richard Leiper QC acts for both businesses and individuals where he is recognised as “a leader in his field”. He has deep experience in whistleblowing claims, restraint of trade and complex discrimination matters and is regarded as “a consummate team player”.
John Cavanagh QC is very highly regarded for his expertise in employment and pensions law and is a well-known name in high-value cases. One respondent praises him for his “excellent tribunal litigation”.
Sean Jones QC receives praise for his work in commercial employment cases with a particular specialism in sport-related matters. He is a seasoned cross-examiner and one respondent says, “Sean is stellar on the law and great both with clients and as an advocate.”

LITTLETON CHAMBERS also stands out as a leading set for employment law. It achieves nine listings this year including two silks in this year’s list of most highly regarded practitioners.  
The “absolutely splendid” David Reade QC is a formidable practitioner in the field of employment and discrimination and has deep experience acting in TUPE and post-termination restrictive covenants. One respondent says, “David is a terrific trial lawyer.”
Gavin Mansfield QC is an esteemed figure in disability, race and age discrimination and whistleblowing matters where he is highly regarded for his “excellent advocacy and consistently strong performance in court”. One respondent declares him “one of the standout silks at the employment Bar”.
Jonathan Cohen QC continues to demonstrate his abilities as a top-notch employment barrister. He is an authority on interim and injunctive relief and is recognised as “a star of the Bar”.
Selwyn Bloch QC is “a leader in restrictive covenants” and an all-round outstanding employment silk. His expertise also includes international conflict law relating to employment issues.
Adam Solomon QC receives widespread praise for his employment law practice where he appears before both the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. He is recognised as “a tireless practitioner who will fight his corner hard”.

Well known for its standout employment and discrimination practice CLOISTERS CHAMBERS sees nine silks recommended this year across a range of disciplines.
Paul Epstein QC is a renowned figure and a seasoned courtroom and tribunal performer in employment and discrimination matters. He is widely regarded as an expert in the field and frequently acts for law firms, public bodies and trade unions among others.
Caspar Glyn QC is one of the foremost employment silks at the Bar and is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer. One source says, “Caspar is very good on the big picture and is hands-on with the day-to-day work.”
Jason Galbraith-Marten QC receives high praise for his work in discrimination and equality cases as well as his experience built up over 20 years of practice. He is “a highly skilled operator with a tremendous knowledge of the field”.
Robin Allen QC is “a standout name” in equal pay, discrimination and public law matters and is renowned as “an elder statesman of the employment law Bar”.

Leading commercial and employment set MATRIX CHAMBERS sees six silks listed.
Thomas Linden QC is well known for his ability to handle work-related disputes effectively and for his expertise in extraterritorial effect and conflict of law matters. One source says, “Thomas is one of the best barristers in the employment field – cerebral in style and great for a difficult appeal on a novel point of law.”
James Laddie QC is highly sought after for his experience in complex trials. He represents trade unions and corporations in high-stakes matters and is “very impressive, with excellent lateral thinking both in his cross-examination and in his submissions”.
Karon Monaghan QC receives praise as “a star of equal pay and discrimination” and is well known for her long-standing employment practice. One respondent says, “Karon is a fantastic advocate who does not give in.”

Six outstanding silks are recognised at OLD SQUARE CHAMBERS.
Michael Ford QC is a top name in both individual and collective employment disputes and is widely regarded as an authority on labour law. One source says, “Michael is a person of long-standing experience whom I respect very much.”
Oliver Segal QC is well known for his superb employment and discrimination practice and is particularly well respected for his body of work representing trade unions. One respondent calls him “the best trial advocate at the employment Bar”.
John Hendy QC is a leading figure in industrial relations and collective labour law cases, where he has a well-established practice. He frequently represents both employers and trade unions and is “unparalleled in all matters of collective labour law” and “a sonorous courtroom presence which commands respect."

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS achieves five listings in this year’s chapter.
Daniel Oudkerk QC is one of the employment Bar’s most esteemed figures and is widely regarded as a skilled courtroom performer. He also has expertise in cross-border matters and is “one of the top practitioners in the High Court employment litigation arena”.
David Craig QC is a leading silk in complex employment litigation with a reputation for handling high-stakes cases. He has experience of team moves, wrongful termination and bonus disputes. One source notes, “David is exceptionally bright, totally dedicated and is our first choice for injunctive work.”
Andrew Hochhauser QC has long-standing experience in employment law and continues to be “a leader in the field” as well as a frequent courtroom presence.

BLACKSTONE CHAMBERS includes some of the powerhouses of employment law in its four listings.
Paul Goulding QC is one of the foremost names at the employment Bar. He has experience of TUPE, whistleblowing and discrimination and equal pay matters and has a raft of cases acting for both claimants and defendants. One respondent says, “Paul is the doyen of the Bar when it comes to restraint of trade and injunctions matters.”
Dinah Rose QC is recognised as a leading silk in commercial litigation and a gifted advocate. She has particular experience in civil liberties cases and is described by one peer as “phenomenal, a class act”.
Jane Mulcahy QC draws praise for her deep expertise in employment and sports-related cases as well as her abilities as an arbitrator and mediator.
Thomas Croxford QC is a go-to name on High Court employment litigation and is also highly experienced in TUPE, whistleblowing, union rights and general statutory employment claims. One peer praises him for his “steady and dedicated manner”.

FOUNTAIN COURT sees four leading silks recommended.
Stuart Ritchie QC is a respected High Court performer and is highly regarded for his expertise in boardroom disputes and directors’ duties. He is recommended as “one of the best employment and commercial silks in practice” and “is superb with clients and has a formidable intellect”.
The “fantastic” Adam Tolley QC is recognised as a superb litigator who is “great on statutory employment law matters”.

DEVEREUX CHAMBERS sees three renowned silks recognised in this year’s research.
Bruce Carr QC is a leading figure in industrial action cases, frequently acting for leading corporations in complex employment litigation. He is recognised by peers as “extremely persuasive in the appellate court” and “a tough advocate”.
Akash Nawbatt QC is highly regarded for his outstanding knowledge of restrictive covenants, TUPE and unfair dismissal matters. He is a formidable presence in tribunals and the High Court where his advocacy is widely respected.
Andrew Burns QC receives widespread praise for his expertise in trade disputes and injunctions and is recognised as a committed and effective practitioner.


HASTIE STABLE sees Brian Napier QC recognised once again as one of the most distinguished figures of the Scottish employment Bar. He is renowned for his high-value appellate work and is “outstandingly bright and sensible”.


CLOISTERS CHAMBERS continues to stand out in the market for its leading set of juniors. Nine are listed in this chapter for their expertise as employment and discrimination advocates.
Dee Masters is one of the leading juniors in the market for discrimination law cases. She regularly advises employers, employees, trade unions and government agencies and is widely regarded as an authority on equal pay and age discrimination.
Claire McCann is widely respected for her superb abilities as an advocate and cross-examiner. Her advice on complex employment matters and her skills in litigation are very well respected.
Anna Beale is highly regarded in the field of employment and discrimination law and is praised for her expert handling of complex litigation. She is frequently instructed by corporations, trade unions and government bodies for her deep experience in the field.
Tom Brown is a go-to name in employment and immigration law and is well regarded as a highly experienced advocate in the appellate and High Court. One source says,Tom is our ‘go-to’ counsel of choice. He is extremely bright and in command of the legal issues while also being commercially astute and very user-friendly.”
Daniel Dyal comes highly recommended as “a fast-rising junior” with significant litigation experience. He is a specialist in regulatory proceedings arising from employment matters.

OLD SQUARE CHAMBERS is regarded as one of the leading employment and discrimination sets, with nine juniors listed this year.
Simon Cheetham is one of the most distinguished juniors at the employment Bar and is frequently instructed on high-value cases. His ability to handle complex cases in a range of matters including TUPE, contractual disputes and whistleblowing makes him highly regarded within the market.
Betsan Criddle is a go-to name on restrictive covenants and has deep experience in high-stakes redundancy matters. One source says, “Betsan has a highly analytical mind and can communicate difficult points in a way that is readily understandable.”
The “excellent” Stuart Brittenden is commended for his strong expertise in the Equality Act 2010 and equal pay matters. He also receives widespread praise for his work in collective bargaining.
Nadia Motraghi has experience in both the public and private sector where she acts for financial institutions, local authorities and NHS trusts. Peers commend her as “a fantastic cross-examiner” and “a top employment and regulatory lawyer”.
Katharine Newton receives high praise for her work in high-profile complex whistleblowing and discrimination claims, with experience at all levels of the English courts.

11KBW sees eight standout juniors recommended in this chapter.
Jane McCafferty comes highly recommended as “an excellent technical lawyer” who is “strong advising on commercial issues and strategy”. She has deep experience in team moves and misuse of confidential information, particularly in the financial services sector. One source describes her as “a brilliant senior junior”.
Amy Rogers is widely regarded as one of the leading juniors on employment disputes and is an expert on team moves and cross-border litigation. One source says, “Amy is the standout junior in her area.”
Sophie Belgrove is a leading name in employment law, particularly employment-related insurance disputes and is praised for her courtroom performance. One source effuses: “Sophie is a superb advocate who masters the detail of difficult cases effortlessly.”
Judy Stone receives praise for her expertise in directors’ duties claims, restrictive covenants and contractual disputes where she is “very effective in cross-examination”.

Four leading juniors are listed at LITTLETON CHAMBERS.
Joint head of the employment group Mohinderpal Sethi is a leading name in employment litigation. He is frequently instructed by corporations, banks and governments on high-stakes matters and is recommended as “a definite inclusion”.
The “very impressive” Charlotte Davies is a well-known name in employment law and an expert in business protection issues. She receives high praise for her commercial litigation skills.

GARDEN COURT CHAMBERS sees four juniors listed for their sterling work in this field.
Patrick Lewis is highly regarded for his expertise in immigration, asylum, detention, deportation and human rights law. He is an authority on UK immigration matters and receives praise for his top-quality advocacy.
Adrian Berry is regarded as a go-to junior on immigration and human rights matters. He represents NGOs, communities and individuals and is a seasoned courtroom performer.

MATRIX CHAMBERS sees three leading figures listed.
Thomas Kibling is an impressive junior with a leading expertise in whistleblowing claims and high-value discrimination matters. He frequently acts for financial services and corporations alongside individuals. One source says, “Thomas is QC-quality and experience in a junior package; he is invariably our first choice of barrister.”
Andrew Smith receives plaudits for his employment and discrimination expertise and is also highly respected for his arbitration work in sports matters. One respondent says, Andrew is probably my go-to junior – he is great with clients and super responsive.”
Claire Darwin is widely respected within the market for her expertise in employment and discrimination law, often with human rights and public law elements. She is praised as “responsive, approachable, supportive, imaginative and decisive”.

At BLACKSTONE CHAMBERS, Diya Sen Gupta is praised as one of the leading juniors in employment law. She is recommended for her “very thorough approach to her cases” and peers recognise her outstanding skills in high-stakes discrimination litigation.

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