UK Bar: Civil Fraud 2018

This year we highlight 69 eminent silks and 17 leading juniors as standout advocates in the field of civil fraud. The individuals here boast broad experience advising and litigating in large-scale civil fraud disputes in the UK and abroad, and are all held in exceptionally high regard for their work in the space. 

Most Highly Regarded
1. Stephen Smith QC Erskine Chambers
2. Robert Miles QC 4 Stone Buildings
3. Jonathan Crow QC 4 Stone Buildings
4. Mark Howard QC Brick Court Chambers
5. Paul Girolami QC Maitland Chambers
1. Tim Akkouh Erskine Chambers
2. James Sheehan Essex Court Chambers
3. Adil Mohamedbhai Serle Court


BLACKSTONE CHAMBERS sees eight impressive silks listed in this chapter.
Anthony Peto QC is “a real intellectual” and an expert handler of high-value civil fraud disputes. He is commended by peers for his broad expertise in the space, with one noting, “He does a great mix of cases.”
Robert Howe QC stands out for his “brilliant advocacy” when it comes to civil fraud and asset recovery matters. According to sources, “His arguments are perfectly formed and never leave a gap.”
Peers speak very highly of Alan Maclean QC, who enjoys an outstanding reputation for his strategic arguments and relaxed courtroom manner.
Andrew George QC has great expertise in financial services. “He rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done to an exceptionally high standard,” say peers.
Sources “would certainly recommend” Robert Anderson QC for complex international fraud matters including search and freezing orders.
Ian Mill QC stands out as “a formidable advocate” and draws high praise from sources for his excellent work on behalf of both claimants and defendants.

MAITLAND CHAMBERS achieves seven listings in this chapter.
Paul Girolami QC is described as "one of the brightest minds at the Bar”. Sources state that “his advocacy is second to none” when handling complex civil and corporate fraud disputes.
Richard Morgan QC impresses market sources with his "encyclopaedic knowledge of fraud law”. Peers comment, “If you have an urgent freezing order then you take it to Richard."
David Mumford QC is described as "a real star who can handle anything. He is very mature advocate.” He is commended for his expert handling of commercial and civil fraud disputes.
Matthew Collings QC is highly visible in the market and a highly sought-after barrister in difficult cases. Peers speak highly of his strategic advocacy and vast experience in offshore disputes.
Mark Cunningham QC is a go-to litigator for sophisticated civil fraud disputes. He boasts broad experience in international dispute resolution and is praised as a formidable cross-examiner.

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS is home to six leading practitioners at the Bar.
Richard Millett QC is “a highly recommended” civil fraud lawyer with a superb reputation for his oral arguments and sophisticated advocacy skills.  
Paul McGrath QC receives wide-ranging endorsements for his excellent advocacy as well as his deep understanding of civil fraud matters.  
Nathan Pillow QC impresses peers with “his very good eye for the overall strategy alongside a mastery of the detail. He really is one of the very best at the Bar, and is a fantastic advocate on his feet.”
Joe Smouha QC is held in high esteem as “a leading light” in the field, particularly when it comes to complex commercial disputes and civil fraud matters.
Paul Stanley QC is an “exceptionally clever” advocate with broad experience representing claimants and defendants in complex cases in the UK and offshore.
David Foxton QC is a superb advocate and “standout name” for sophisticated civil fraud disputes.

Five outstanding lawyers from ONE ESSEX COURT are listed here.
Laurence Rabinowitz QC stands out for his “amazing intellect”. According to one peer, “There is no one at the Bar who can match him in terms of his knowledge and practical use of the law.”
Kenneth MacLean QC is described as “a hard-working and serious player” at the Bar and enjoys a fantastic reputation for his experience in civil fraud cases.
Michael Fealy QC is a "very dedicated and respectable opponent” with deep commercial expertise.
Richard Gillis QC is held in high esteem as "an incredibly intelligent and able advocate" with an impressive track record acting in multimillion-dollar disputes.
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC is “a very good brain” with fantastic expertise in damages and proprietary claims.

This year we highlight four silks from 4 STONE BUILDINGS.
Robert Miles QC is “extremely calm and measured in his approach and really able to dictate the course of the hearing.” Sources effuse: “He can bring the court round to his point of view in a way that is really amazing."
Jonathan Crow QC ranks prominently for his deep expertise in civil fraud. He is described as an “exceptional advocate” who is “firm and fair”.  
Orlando Fraser QC is “a seriously clever advocate” with impressive experience in multi-jurisdictional civil fraud disputes.
Richard Hill QC draws praise as "a very impressive opponent”. One peer notes, “His cross-examination is outstanding."

20 ESSEX STREET CHAMBERS achieves three listings.
Duncan Matthews QC is an outstanding advocate and sophisticated civil fraud defence lawyer who is "very tenacious and really fights for his clients. He is so good that he is always given the most complex cases."
Stephen Atherton QC is celebrated as “a top-tier litigator” with expertise in disputes in UK, Asia and numerous offshore jurisdictions.
Paul Lowenstein QC draws praise from peers as diligent and effective advocate, who also note, “He plays a difficult hand extremely well."

ERSKINE CHAMBERSStephen Smith QC is described as “the outstanding go-to guy in the commercial fraud field”. “He is always at the top on the major cases,” say peers.

At BRICK COURT CHAMBERS, Mark Howard QC is a leading name in this year’s research, who draws praise for his "really impressive control of the courtroom”.

At XXIV Old Buildings Elspeth Talbot Rice QC stands out as “a highly effective barrister” with excellent oral advocacy skills and deep expertise in international dispute resolution.

At 7 KING'S BENCH WALK, Clive Freedman QC is renowned as "a very experienced and skilful civil fraud practitioner, particularly for defendant work”.

Justin Fenwick QC at 4 NEW SQUARE is endorsed as an “absolutely first-rate advocate” recognised for his exceptional work handling cross-examinations.

Hodge Malek QC of 39 ESSEX CHAMBERS is “thorough and sharp, and produces work of a very high standard”. Respondents note, “He is an excellent advocate who is quick to grasp key technical issues.”


Three leading juniors from ERSKINE CHAMBERS are highlighted here.
Sources “have a high regard” for Tim Akkouh, describing him as “a fine advocate” who “can certainly be recommended” in civil fraud cases. He draws praise as "a mature and persuasive advocate whose written advocacy is also very impressive”.
Ben Griffiths is held in high esteem as "a very good and technical lawyer”. Sources effuse: “He really stands out for his written advocacy."
Emily Gillett is “a fantastic barrister” who is “absolutely invaluable” in large global fraud cases.

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS is home to three impressive juniors.  
James Sheehan always handles civil fraud cases withconsiderable effect and great skill”, according to respondents. “He performs very impressively and his name should be lit up in lights,” says one commentator, while another calls him an “absolute megastar” at the junior Bar.
Ciaran Keller is highly regarded as a “technically excellent and very bright” barrister. Clients are particularly impressed by “his highly collaborative approach in preparing for trial on both submissions and cross-examination”.
James Willan is recognised as a “superb” advocate who is “stunningly able beyond his years”. According to sources, “His analytical powers are second to none."

SERLE COURT achieves three listings in this chapter.
Adil Mohamedbhai impresses peers as “one of the smartest juniors at the chancery Bar. He is exceptionally focused with a brilliant legal mind."
The “excellent” Justin Higgo is an esteemed expert in civil fraud. Peers speak highly of his involvement in high-profile proceedings and wide-ranging experience in offshore disputes. 
Dan McCourt Fritz draws praise as “a very personable and hardworking advocate” with deep expertise in domestic and international fraud disputes.

Two barristers from MAITLAND CHAMBERS are highlighted here.
Thomas Munby is “an extremely clever barrister with very thorough knowledge of fraud work”, according to peers. He has strong international experience and “handles the most complex matters with ease and confidence”.
The “outstanding” Louise Hutton draws wide-ranging endorsements for her experience in large fraud trials of dishonest assistance, misrepresentation and knowing receipt. 

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