UK Bar: Insurance & Reinsurance 2018

This year we feature 72 outstanding barristers who are renowned for their expert handling of contentious, contractual and regulatory matters for a range of professionals in the field, including insurance underwriters, reinsurers, intermediaries and corporate insureds. 

Most Highly Regarded
1. Colin Edelman QC Devereux Chambers
2. Alistair Schaff QC 7 King’s Bench Walk
3. Christopher Butcher QC 7 King’s Bench Walk
4. John Lockey QC Essex Court Chambers
5. Gavin Kealey QC 7 King’s Bench Walk
1. Richard Harrison Devereux Chambers
2. Ben Lynch Fountain Court Chambers
3. Josephine Higgs 7 King’s Bench Walk


7 KING’S BENCH WALK remains the pre-eminent insurance and reinsurance practice at the UK Bar, achieving a stellar 16 listings this year.
The “brilliant” Alistair Schaff QC is “one of the finest lawyers around” according to sources, and stands out as “a massive name in the field” of insurance and reinsurance law.
Christopher Butcher QC is “outstandingly good” according to peers who consider him “a standout for insurance matters”. They note, “He is astonishingly quick at picking things up and incredibly persuasive” with one peer effusing, “He is without doubt the cleverest person I’ve ever met.”
Gavin Kealey QC is “a very experienced and effective performer”, recognised for his “sharp intellect” and “excellent” work on a wide array of insurance matters.
David Edwards QC is “a big name in insurance”, most notably when it comes to Bermuda Form work. One source notes, “He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about insurance and reinsurance matters.”
Jonathan Gaisman QC is “a very effective advocate” according to respondents, who consider him “excellent” in both litigation and arbitration proceedings. He is highlighted by peers as “a first-rate trial lawyer and cross examiner”.
The “immensely learned” Peter MacDonald Eggers QC stands out among peers for his “strong academic expertise” and is commended for his “genuine intellectual engagement with the legal questions”.
Dominic Kendrick QC is internationally recognised as a standout name in the insurance and reinsurance market. He is widely respected for his expert handling of related cases, particularly in relation to commodities and the shipping sector.
James Brocklebank QC is an “excellent” advocate whose impressive practice encompasses a range of insurance and reinsurance matters, including insurance-related arbitration proceedings.

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS also performs well this year, with 12 standout individuals recognised for their excellent work in the space.
John Lockey QC is “absolutely brilliant” according to sources who “rate him extremely highly”. They consider him “an impressive intellect and a great team player”, who boasts “a charming manner in court”.  
David Foxton QC is “a first-rate intellect”, widely recognised for his superb work on insurance and reinsurance litigation in both domestic and international contexts. 
Paul Stanley QC is highly respected by peers and clients alike who consider him “an expert on Bermuda Form work”.
David Scorey QC is an “enormously well-respected” figure at the insurance and reinsurance Bar who stands out for his active and highly regarded Bermuda Form practice.
Richard Jacobs QC “does an enormous amount of Bermuda Form work and is well known for it”, according to sources, who consider him one of the leading advocates in the space.
Mark Templeman QC is “a brilliant insurance lawyer”, renowned for his superb work on both marine and non-marine insurance matters.

FOUNTAIN COURT CHAMBERS sees eight impressive practitioners listed this year.
David Railton QC is “a real star” according to sources, who consider him “very diligent” and “incredibly bright”. One peer notes, “He is one of the most experienced lawyers in this field.”
“Huge name” Michael Crane QC is “one of the most highly regarded members of the Bar”, recognised for his work in both commercial litigation and international arbitration proceedings.
Stephen Moriarty QC is “a very experienced and brilliant advocate” known for his exceptional work handling complex insurance and reinsurance disputes.

BRICK COURT CHAMBERS achieves six nominations in this chapter.
Stephen Midwinter QC is an “authoritative” and “very impressive” trial lawyer, highly sought after by clients who commend his “cutting-edge advice”.
Mark Howard QC is “a star name” and is “incredibly highly regarded” among peers. According to respondents, “He is by far the best commercial litigator in town,” with one effusing, “He is perhaps the best cross examiner at the commercial bar.”
Neil Calver QC is “a standout name” in the insurance field according to sources who note, “He has a great eye for detail and is a thorough cross-examiner.”

3 VERULAM BUILDINGS also gains six listings this year.
Tom Weitzman QC is “very quick-witted” according to sources who highlight his “very incisive understanding of insurance issues”. They note, “His mind is capable of easily disentangling complex problems.”
Rory Phillips QC stands out as a “first-rate” and “very elegant” advocate. “He is bright, suave, commercial and persuasive,” according to sources who note, “He can talk the birds off the trees.”

4 NEW SQUARE sees five barristers highlighted for their strong expertise in insurance and reinsurance matters.
Justin Fenwick QC is “enormously experienced” when it comes to insurance and reinsurance disputes, an area in which he is considered a leading name.
Ben Elkington QC enjoys an excellent reputation in the insurance field as “a bright and sensible advocate” who is well known for his “natural confidence in court”.
Alison Padfield QC is “extremely well respected” among sources who consider her “incredibly effective and appealing” in her advocacy. They commend her “calm manner” and describe her as “excellent with clients”.

At DEVEREUX CHAMBERS, Colin Edelman QC is “at the top of everyone’s list”, according to respondents. They “really recommend him” for his “effective and persuasive” manner in court, and consider him an “eminent” figure in the insurance space.

Philip Edey QC at 20 ESSEX STREET CHAMBERS is “incredibly knowledgeable in all things insurance and reinsurance” according to peers, who “would rate him extremely highly for insurance work”.
Christopher Hancock QC is “very highly regarded” in the field of insurance and reinsurance, an area in which he is described as “very knowledgeable of the law”.


Richard Harrison at DEVEREUX CHAMBERS is a “very well regarded” name in the field who is considered “extremely knowledgeable” when it comes to insurance and reinsurance matters.

Ben Lynch at FOUNTAIN COURT CHAMBERS is an “exceptionally good” junior, highlighted for his strong expertise and specialism in insurance and reinsurance matters including coverage, contractual disputes and arbitration and mediation proceedings.

At 7 KING’S BENCH WALK, Josephine Higgs draws high praise from peers for her top-tier work in the field, and is regarded as “very clear thinking and knowledgeable”.

At 3 VERULAM BUILDINGS, Robert Purves is considered “the best on insurance regulation at the Bar at the moment” according to impressed sources, who comment that he “really knows his stuff”.

Daniel Shapiro at CROWN OFFICE CHAMBERS is “a very impressive and experienced advocate” recognised for his “calm and authoritative court presence”. 

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