Arbitration 2018: Expert Witnesses Analysis

In this edition we highlight 219 practitioners across 63 jurisdictions who are recognised internationally for the quality of their testimony in arbitration proceedings.


Thought Leaders
1. Philip Haberman Haberman Ilett, London
2. Carlos Lapuerta The Brattle Group, London
3. Richard Boulton QC Berkeley Research Group, London
4. James Nicholson FTI Consulting, Paris
5. Boaz Moselle Cornerstone Research, London
6. Mark Bezant FTI Consulting, London
7. Kai Schumacher AlixPartners, Munich
8. Alexander Demuth Alvarez & Marsal, Munich
9. Chris Osborne FTI Consulting, London
10. John Ellison KPMG LLP, London
The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.

Leading Firms

Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.

FTI CONSULTING boasts the foremost arbitration team in Europe, achieving 12 listings in this edition across its London and Paris offices.
James Nicholson stands out as one of the leading expert witnesses in the French market, and is highly regarded by respondents who note, “He definitely knows what he’s talking about.”
Mark Bezant is commended as “an excellent quantum and valuation expert”. One source effuses: “Mark’s performance in the witness box was impressive – he was fully on top of the relevant arguments and material and came across as articulate and persuasive in the face of cross-examination.”
Chris Osborne continues to impress clients with his first-class work as an arbitration expert witness, drawing high praise from international sources.
Mike Pilgrem boasts “significant knowledge and experience in the field” of international arbitration, and is regarded as “a very bright individual” who “is able to communicate his findings in a clear and convincing manner”.
Paris-based Juliette Fortin possesses “a great eye for detail” and never fails to deliver “sound, clear and realistic” advice to clients.

Financial advisory firm ACCURACY also enjoys a strong European presence and sees nine leading practitioners highlighted this year.
In London, Hervé de Trogoff boasts extensive experience in the arbitration arena and is particularly commended by market sources for his outstanding work as a delay expert.
Roula Harfouche is “an excellent expert” who gains widespread recognition for her “great technical skills” when it comes to handling contentious valuations.
Erik van Duijvenvoorde possesses more than 25 years in the field and wins international praise for his exceptional expertise handling arbitration-related valuation matters.
Ekaterina Lohwasser is a widely recognised figure in the German market who is considered “a true expert” when it comes to handling valuations of damages claims.

London-based HABERMAN ILETT is one of the leading specialist accounting firms in the European market with six individuals recognised for their outstanding work in the arbitration field.
Philip Haberman “is at the very top of his field” and commands “great respect” from peers who consider him “one of the very best” arbitration expert witnesses in the world. One respondent notes, “The calmness and accuracy of his work is always very impressive.”
Frank Ilett enjoys a fantastic international reputation as a leading valuation expert who is commended for his “exceptional attention to detail” and “straightforward approach”.
Sources comment that Debbie Revill is “bright, responsive and most importantly very easy to work with”. She impresses clients, who note, “She truly understands the intricacies of very complex valuation assessments.”
Liz Perks is “simply excellent” and “inspires confidence in clients and lawyers alike with her expertise and diligence”. One source comments, “Liz remains at the top of my list.”

International professional services firm KPMG achieves six listings in this chapter, spanning its offices in London, Madrid, Paris and Prague.
John Ellison is internationally recognised as one of the leading arbitration expert witnesses in the region. He stands out particularly for his vast experience handling investor state disputes. 
Jean-Luc Guitera “truly shines during hearings” according to respondents, who consider him “a quick-witted, effective and persuasive witness”.
In Prague, Michael Peer is a standout name in the market, highlighted as a first-rate expert witness in both commercial and investor state arbitration proceedings.

International accountancy firm DELOITTE receives six nominations from across three of its European offices.
Anthony Charlton is a highly respected name in the French market, commended for his “growing reputation in international disputes”.
Andrew Flower is a well-established figure in the international arbitration arena who wins high praise from peers as a world-class damages expert.  
Philip Rees is “an excellent valuation specialist” who many peers would consider “number one” on their list of referrals.

Other Leading Individuals

We highlight individuals at other firms who also scored very highly in our research.


Sources have “the utmost respect” for Carlos Lapuerta at THE BRATTLE GROUP, who is “very smart and practical”, most notably when it comes to gas pricing disputes. One source effuses: “Carlos is the best I’ve ever seen!”

BERKELEY RESEARCH GROUP’s Richard Boulton QC is “extremely impressive” and receives plaudits from widespread sources who describe him as “a top testifying expert”. One respondent notes, “He is the best expert I’m working with at the moment.”

Boaz Moselle at CORNERSTONE RESEARCH is “one of the top names” in the field, particularly when it comes to providing expert testimony in disputes on the energy and regulatory side. “His high-level technical abilities and specific industry knowledge are invaluable when handling complex cases.”

INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONER Will Inglis is “a senior figure” in the arbitration space and is highly praised by sources, one of whom notes, “He is one of the best experts I’ve come across in the market.”

At BDO, Gervase MacGregor draws praise for his vast experience in international arbitration and compelling oral arguments. He has given oral evidence in more than 50 arbitrations worldwide.


At ALIXPARTNERS, Kai Schumacher stands out as “a first-class expert with the ability to convince a tribunal even in very difficult circumstances”. He is “sharp as a knife” and is considered “great in rebutting arguments put forward by the other side”.

The “diligent” Alexander Demuth at ALVAREZ & MARSAL is highly sought after by clients who note, “He convincingly stands firm on his opinion, even under intense questioning.” 

North America

Thought Leaders
1. Brent Kaczmarek Navigant, Washington DC
2. Howard Rosen FTI Consulting, Toronto
3. Manuel Abdala Compass Lexecon, Washington DC
4. Pablo Spiller Compass Lexecon, New York
5. Santiago Dellepiane Compass Lexecon, New York
6. Laura Hardin Alvarez & Marsal, Houston

Leading Firms

To go with its European scope, FTI CONSULTING also stands out as the deepest expert witness offering in arbitration proceedings across North America, with 11 individuals nominated for inclusion this year.
In Toronto, Howard Rosen is “exceptionally quick on his feet” and widely respected as “an excellent quantum expert” whose “knowledge and experience is unique in Canada”.
Neal Mizrahi is recognised for his impressive experience in arbitration proceedings, as well as “his thorough analysis and preparation for hearings”. 
Greig Taylor is a firm favourite among clients who praise his “great ability to quickly pick up key issues at the heart of a dispute which he can then translate into clear and easily understood damages calculations”.
James Searby is “a very smart individual” who is considered by respondents to be “a class act” when it comes to testifying in arbitration proceedings.

ALVAREZ & MARSAL also boasts a strong regional presence, with eight experts highlighted in this edition.
Laura Hardin consistently “exceeds clients’ expectations” and is highlighted for her “exceptional work as an expert witness” in both investment treaty and commercial disputes.
Dean Graves is particularly commended for his outstanding expertise in the oil and gas space, an area in which he is considered one of the leading experts in the country.
Luke Steadman draws widespread international praise for his top-notch work in arbitration proceedings where he is known for delivering “clear and convincing arguments”.

Economic consulting company COMPASS LEXECON also sees eight practitioners in the region highlighted in this edition.
Manuel Abdala is “considered among the gold standard of quantum experts” according to sources, who consider him “a real leader in the field”, particularly when it comes to investor state arbitrations.
The “thorough and results-oriented” Pablo Spiller is “unparalleled in strategic thinking” and is recommended for “his deep understanding of how best to present expert evidence”, particularly in ICSID cases.
Santiago Dellepiane wins high praise from clients who are “impressed with his attention to detail” and consider him “an excellent quantum expert in construction and energy disputes; a rising star internationally”.

Other Leading Individuals


Jeffrey Harder at DELOITTE is “a pre-eminent witness” who impresses clients with “his thoroughness, attention to detail and mastery of the documents”. One source effuses: “When he testifies in court, he has an ability to take really complex concepts and distil them down to make them easily understandable and digestible.”


Brent Kaczmarek at NAVIGANT CONSULTING is “excellent with investment disputes” and boasts “a stellar reputation” for his engagement in high-profile matters.

At ECON ONE RESEARCH, Daniel Flores is “always a few steps ahead” when testifying in arbitration proceedings, according to sources, who note he is “hardworking, full of integrity and highly knowledgeable in the field”.

Kiran Sequeira at VERSANT PARTNERS is a fantastic expert witness recognised for his first-rate work handling valuation, quantum and damages matters in arbitration proceedings.

Rest of the World

Thought Leaders
1. Jon Prudhoe Navigant Consulting, Singapore
2. Graham McNeill FTI Consulting, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, FTI CONSULTING’s Graham McNeill is “a top-class expert” who is highly respected in the international market for “the level of constructive analysis and new and interesting perspective he brings to arbitration proceedings”.
Singapore-based Garry Crossley boasts “strong analytical skills” which have earned him a fine reputation among peers and clients alike for his assessments. He is also fêted as “great on the stand” during dispute proceedings.
Montek Mayal is a standout name in the Indian market and gains recognition as “one of the best valuation experts in the country” whose “reports are of a high standard, succinct and easy to read and digest”.

Jon Prudhoe at NAVIGANT CONSULTING is “outstanding all round” according to sources, whom he impresses with “the depth of his technical industry knowledge of construction and engineering projects”. One respondent notes: “Jon is quite simply one of the best experts that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

SECRETARIAT INTERNATIONAL’s Amit Garg enjoys “a very good reputation in the market” for his superb work providing expert testimony, most notably in relation to construction disputes. 

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