Mediation 2017: Analysis

The seventh edition of Who’s Who Legal: Mediation features 381 practitioners from 299 firms across 53 countries who have been selected as the leading lights in the field.

JAMS International once again emerges as our top firm this year. With 19 listings in the US and the greatest number of collective nominations in our research by a sizeable margin, the network continues to include some of the world’s greatest mediation professionals. Independent Mediators, In Place of Strife and CEDR Chambers in London also perform highly.

At the UK Bar, Brick Court Chambers is the set most highly recommended for its mediators, with Keating Chambers and 3 Verulam Buildings also well regarded.

Asia Pacific continues to be a mediation hub with prominent names Strategic Resolution in Australia, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center and Bankside Chambers in New Zealand standing as pre-eminent outfits in the region. 


Thought Leaders
1. Kate Jackson Independent Mediators, London
2. William Wood QC Brick Court Chambers, London
3. Stephen Ruttle QC Brick Court Chambers, London
4. Mark Lomas QC Independent Mediators, London
5. Bill Marsh Independent Mediators, London
The Thought Leaders are those individuals who received the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources this year. Our research has identified them as being truly outstanding practitioners and the very best in their field.

Leading Firms

Who's Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.

IN PLACE OF STRIFE, one of England’s leading mediator networks, achieves a superb 13 listings in this year’s publication.
Mark Jackson-Stops “merits his position at the top of the leaderboard” and is recognised as one of the country’s leading mediators. One of his peers remarks, “He is one of the best mediators I have ever seen. A diplomat, superb, first class.”
David Richbell has over two decades of experience as a mediator. He is a specialist in construction and engineering disputes where he provides a leading service to numerous high-end commercial clients.
Lawrence Kershen QC demonstrates expertise in a range of sectors and is a respected and effective negotiator.
Amanda Bucklow frequently deals with top-end commercial mediation and is an expert in negotiating and resolving corporate conflicts.
Jon Lang provides longstanding expertise of the mediation process and keen skills in resolving conflicts across numerous industry sectors.
The “very highly regarded and well-respected” Charles Middleton-Smith is a leading mediator with a depth of experience and an ability to provide solutions in very high-value commercial disputes.
Jane Player comes “highly recommended, particularly in the IP field” and is recognised for her creative approach to disputes borne out of significant cross-border mediation experience.

INDEPENDENT MEDIATORS celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has nine expert mediators listed.
Kate Jackson is recognised as a leading figure in complex disputes and is a successful commercial and corporate mediator. One client says, “Kate is very pragmatic and immensely user-friendly. She has an ability to establish very good rapport with clients and to build bridges between the parties.”
Mark Lomas QC mediates commercial and insurance disputes and is recognised as a “hardworking” and diligent mediator. One respondent says, “He is very good at technical cases and has more ability than anybody I’ve ever come across to distil the important issues.”
Industry titan Bill Marsh is “outstanding, very capable and highly versatile”. He frequently undertakes international mediations in a vast array of countries involving disputes reaching the billion-pound mark and above in value.
Michel Kallipetis QC mediates partnership, banking, insurance and employment disputes. He is recognised as one of England’s best mediators and “brings real gravitas and works indefatigably to find a solution”.
Phillip Howell-Richardson has a superb international practice and is commended as “relaxed and reassuring; an excellent mediator”.

Leading international network CEDR CHAMBERS has a seven-strong English contingent.
Eileen Carroll QC has “a great reputation within the market” and is recognised for her longstanding expertise and excellent track record in commercial mediations, including multiparty complex disputes.
Tim Hardy is a highly respected and accomplished commercial mediator with a talent for dispute resolution. One respondent says, “He has honed his skills over the years to become one of the finest technically gifted mediators. His sharp legal acumen combined with his tough but fair negotiation style places him as a mediator in high demand."
Karl Mackie CBE is “an incredibly strong mediator” and is well regarded for his expertise in complex commercial mediations. Nick Pearson is recognised as a leading mediator with particular experience in multi-party and cross-border disputes.

Highly esteemed for its mediation capabilities, BRICK COURT CHAMBERS in London sees four barristers recommended.
William Wood QC enjoys commendations across the board from his peers for his distinguished record as a mediator. One respondent says, “He is very skilled and tenacious with an excellent manner with all parties.”
Stephen Ruttle QC is “superb, one of the best mediators in the country, and a really lovely human being”. He has an international commercial practice and has mediated cases in both the public and private sectors.
Tony Willis has a longstanding reputation in commercial mediation and is known as “an outstanding mediator with real gravitas”.
Geoff Sharp mediates high-end commercial disputes including significant national cases. He receives plaudits from peers, one of whom says “He is a mediation megastar. Geoff is hugely experienced and brings years of knowledge to each mediation.”

Stalwart of the international mediation scene JAMS INTERNATIONAL achieves three listings in Europe.
Peter Rogan in London is one of the foremost insurance and reinsurance experts and is recommended for his mediation skills in disputes in this sector.

KEATING CHAMBERS sees three silks listed in this year’s edition.
Rosemary Jackson QC has a longstanding reputation for her mediation skills in construction-related disputes where she is “very well prepared and hard-working”. She is highlighted by one peer as “the best construction mediator in the UK”.

SERLE COURT sees two leading mediators listed.
Beverly-Ann Rogers is a highly regarded commercial mediator who is recognised in the industry for her cross-cultural expertise. One client says of her, “She is excellent, really hands-on and very client friendly. A skilled and thoughtful mediator.”
The “top-notch” Elizabeth Jones QC has expertise in numerous fields including commercial and contract, partnership, civil fraud and the music business. She is recognised as an intellectual powerhouse and skilled mediator.

ALLENSMEDIATE.COM sees both of the firm’s mediators recommended for their abilities.
Tony Allen is a market leading mediator with specialisms in liability, quantum and causation issues. He is recognised as a skilful negotiator.
Heather Allen has over 20 years of experience and receives plaudits for her skills in resolving commercial and corporate disputes through mediation.

In Scotland, CORE SOLUTIONS GROUP stands out for its team of experienced mediators and achieves two listings.
Founder John Sturrock QC is “the name everyone knows in Scotland” and is an effective and well-respected mediator. One respondent says, “He has an excellent presence and ability to help clients see through situations.”
Charlie Woods has extensive experience in numerous industries in both the public and private sector which he uses to guide clients through commercial mediations. He is acknowledged as a leading figure in Scottish mediation.

Other Leading Individuals

We highlight individuals at other firms who also scored very highly in our research.


Elizabeth Birch at 3 VERULAM BUILDINGS is “a solid mediator with an excellent reputation”. She specialises in corporate and partnership disputes often involving high-stakes cross-border matters.

CLYDE & CO’s “terrific, well-regarded and highly capable” Jane Andrewartha is a recognised authority in mediation and is commended for her commercial acumen and longstanding market knowledge.

Christopher Newmark at SPENSER UNDERHILL NEWMARK has a distinguished career in dispute resolution and conducts high-end commercial mediations through which he has built a strong practice. He is recognised for his “easy style” and is “very alert to the issues at hand”.

Edwin Glasgow CBE QC of 39 ESSEX CHAMBERS is a pre-eminent figure in international mediation. He is recognised by his peers as a superb mediator who has a reputation for achieving good settlements for his clients. One of his colleagues says of him, “He is calm and unflappable and first rate – a real star.”


RESOLVER sees Thierry Garby in Paris recommended for his commercial mediation expertise and his ability to resolve disputes effectively and diffuse tense situations. Peers recommend him as “among the best mediators, an engaging speaking and very well respected”.

INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONER Claude Amar in Paris has over three decades of experience in real estate and hospitality. He has a pan-European practice and frequently conducts cross-border and domestic mediation where he is “very active in the market”.


KOAN founder Helena De Backer in Brussels is recognised as “an excellent mediator” with extensive market experience, particularly in transactions, IP and new technology.


Birgit Sambeth Glasner of ALTENBURGER LTD LEGAL + TAX in Geneva is “highly experienced, with a truly international practice”. She is commended for her strategic outlook when it comes to dispute resolution and her excellent record as a mediator.


DE BERTI JACCHIA FRANCHINI FORLANI STUDIO LEGALE sees Giovanni De Berti in Milan listed for his expertise in domestic and international mediations. One peer remarks, “He is well known by the international mediation market as one of the first Italian ADR specialists. He is a serious professional and very empathetic during mediations.”


The “excellent” Mercedes Tarrazón at DISPUTE MANAGEMENT, SL in Barcelona is a commercial mediation and conflict management expert. She is recognised in her field as “one of the pioneers”.


INDEPENDENT PRACTITIONER Irena Vanenkova in Moscow is a key figure in international mediation. She has over 15 years of experience and is a highly skilled commercial mediator.

North America

Thought Leaders
1. Donald R Philbin Jr ADR Toolbox, USA, TX
2. Cliff Hendler ADR Chambers, Toronto
3. Edna Sussman Fordham Law School, Sussman ADR LLC, USA, NY
4. Lela Porter Love Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law, USA, NY
5. Kenneth R Feinberg The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Feinberg, PC, USA, DC

Leading Firms

JAMS and JAMS INTERNATIONAL see 16 mediators from across the USA listed as some of the leading individuals in dispute resolution.
Linda Singer in Washington, DC is an “eminent name” with over three decades of experience. She is a leader within the practice and provides clear and effective resolutions.
Michael Lewis specialises in complex, multiparty, high-profile disputes where he is “clever and persistent; a pioneer with an international reputation”.
Michael Young in New York is a skilled mediator and specialises in insurance, construction and employment disputes. He receives plaudits from his peers as “a leading mediator for decades” and “a very accomplished name”.
Robert Davidson is one of the country’s foremost mediators and is a respected and well-known figure who source say delivers results for his clients.
Richard Chernick in Los Angeles is recommended for his expertise in conducting complex multiparty mediations and is a distinguished figure both nationally and internationally.
The “very impressive” Bruce Edwards conducts mediations across numerous sectors with a specific focus on construction, employment and healthcare. One respondent says, “He is an excellent speaker. In my view, he is one of the country’s top mediators.”
Daniel Weinstein is recognised for his ability to effectively resolve disputes in multiple sectors both on a domestic and international level and is “a leader in mediation and a great personality”, according to interviewees.
Terrence Lee Croft in Atlanta is described as “an excellent mediator” and is recommended as one of the region’s leading dispute resolution figures.

Vancouver-based dispute resolution firm SINGLETON URQUHART achieves three listings.
The “highly impressive and well-respected” Barbara Cornish is a leading figure in mediation with a particular focus on workplace and insurance mediation.

ADR CHAMBERS in Toronto sees two individuals recognised as some of Canada’s leading mediators.
Cliff Hendler has “an excellent reputation as a highly respected mediator” where he has significant industry expertise in handling some of the most contentious disputes.
Allan Stitt specialises in multiparty mediation and has experience in conducting ADR in a wide range of practice areas. Peers describe him as “a recognised leader in mediation”.

UPCHURCH WATSON WHITE & MAX sees two mediators from Miami recommended for their leading expertise in the field.
Lawrence Watson Jr focuses on complex multiparty commercial mediation including construction claims where he is “an outstanding mediator and great at complex cases”.
John Upchurch is a distinguished figure in US mediation. He is recognised for his longstanding experience in the field and ability to resolve complex disputes.

 Other Leading Individuals


Donald Philbin Jr at ADR TOOLBOX in Texas is recommended for his “exceptional” mediation skills and depth of knowledge of the mediation process. One client says of him, “His grasp of the forces that drive a successful mediation is always spot on. There is not a mediator working today that I would trust more in bringing a case to resolution.”

FORDHAM LAW SCHOOL, SUSSMAN ADR’s Edna Sussman has a distinguished reputation for her mediation work over many years and is commended as “brilliant, experienced and effective” by commentators.

The “exceptional” Lela Porter Love at BENJAMIN N CARDOZO SCHOOL OF LAW specialises in civil and employment discrimination mediations where she is a recognised authority and one of the stars of the New York mediation scene.

THE LAW OFFICES OF KENNETH R FEINBERG sees Kenneth Feinberg in Washington, DC recommended by various sources as “a renowned mediator of multiple mass tort claims” and “a mediator in the top tier”.

Jeff Kichaven at JEFF KICHAVEN COMMERCIAL MEDIATION is “a thoughtful and skilled mediator” with extensive experience in commercial mediation and a strong international presence.

Eric Galton at LAKESIDE MEDIATION CENTER has over 25 years of experience mediating in a plethora of legal areas. He is described by one of his peers as “among the best and most well-regarded Texas mediators”.

RESOLUTIONS sees Eric Green listed as a leader in complex multiparty mediations. He has particular expertise in finance, IP and antitrust-related matters. .

Jeffrey Krivis of FIRST MEDIATION CORPORATION has a distinguished record of resolving disputes in the employment, entertainment and insurance industries, including class actions. One respondent says, “He is an impressive mediator. In my view he is in the very top tier.”

INDEPENDENT MEDIATOR Dwight Golann “combines a scholarly approach with practical experience” and is one of the most highly regarded mediators in the United States.

STRADLEY RONON STEVENS & YOUNG sees Bennett Picker recommended as “an excellent mediator who is highly active”. He is renowned for his commercial expertise in mediation and his skills as a negotiator.

Teresa Wakeen of WAKEEN & ASSOCIATES MEDIATION SERVICES is “a very well-respected mediator” who has over 25 years of expertise and a broad practice including complex business disputes.

Kenneth Cloke at the CENTER FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION is a recognised leader in the field of mediation and is an expert in resolving complex multiparty disputes.

MCGOWAN DISPUTE RESOLUTION head Gary McGowan is respected for his abilities as a mediator and receives plaudits as a “very smart, pleasant, funny, and effective mediator”.

Simeon Baum at RESOLVE MEDIATION SERVICES is renowned for his leading mediation methodology and strong dispute resolution background. One peer remarks, “He is thoughtful and never gives up; a very strong mediator.”

MASUCCI DISPUTE MANAGEMENT AND RESOLUTION SERVICES sees Deborah Masucci recommended as an “excellent mediator” and a superb strategist by market commentators.

Lee Jay Berman, head of THE MEDIATION OFFICES OF LEE JAY BERMAN, is a leading figure in mediation and is recognised for his effective and pioneering methods. One respondent says, "Lee Jay is one of the top trainers of mediation techniques in the US.”

Paul Lurie at SCHIFF HARDIN is “particularly respected for his experience in construction-related disputes” and commended as "very knowledgeable about mediation practices in the US” by interviewees.


Harvey Kirsh at KIRSH CONSTRUCTION ADR SERVICES is a pre-eminent figure in construction-related disputes and is renowned both in Toronto and nationally.

George Adams QC of ADAMS ADR SERVICES has an “excellent reputation” and is “a recognised leader in mediation”. He is recommended for his creativity and problem-solving abilities in mediations.

INDEPENDENT MEDIATOR Paul Iacono QC has expertise across a wide range of sectors and industries with particular expertise in insurance. He is noted by peers as “a recognised leader in mediation”.

INDEPENDENT MEDIATOR John Wade is internationally recognised as a leading mediator and is well known and highly respected within the mediation community.

Duncan Glaholt of GLAHOLT is “recognised extremely highly for his exceptional work” and his skills as a commercial mediator.

At William G Horton PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION William Horton is a highly experienced mediator who deals with disputes across a wide range of sectors both in Canada and internationally.

The “seriously impressive” Barbara Cornish at SINGLETON URQUHART in Vancouver is a highly respected commercial mediator who specialises in employment and insurance disputes.

GOLDMAN SLOAN NASH & HABER sees the renowned Stanley Naftolin QC recognised as one of the foremost construction mediators working in the field today.

Asia Pacific

Thought Leaders
1. Alan Limbury Strategic Resolution, Woolloomooloo
2. Norris Yang ADR International Limited, Hong Kong
3. George Lim SC Wee Tay & Lim LLP, Singapore
4. Danny McFadden CEDR Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
5. Ian Hanger AM QC Ian Hanger AM QC, Brisbane

Leading Firms

STRATEGIC RESOLUTION sees husband-and-wife team Rosemary Howell and Alan Limbury recommended once again as two of Australia’s pre-eminent mediators.
Limbury receives plaudits as a leading mediator who has seen over 2,000 commercial and IP disputes in numerous jurisdictions. One respondent says, “He is an excellent builder of rapport and can apply mediation skills in a broader business and social context. He’s one of the best.”
Howell, meanwhile, is recognised as “one of the leading mediators in Australia” and a standout negotiator, winning praise for her effective mediation skills.

BANKSIDE CHAMBERS in New Zealand achieves three listings from its leading mediation contingent.
Hon Sir Ian Barker QC has had an esteemed career as a mediator. He handles commercial disputes in numerous sectors including construction, energy, insurance and IP.
Warren Sowerby is one of New Zealand’s leading mediators and is recognised by commentators as a facilitator who can reach an effective solution for his clients.
Robert Fisher QC has over a decade of expertise in mediation and has a distinguished legal background. He is noted as a superb negotiator and problem-solver.

The HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTER sees two mediators recommended.
Roger Nissim is a leader in the region and is recognised as one of the foremost construction mediators in the market.
Julian Stargardt is a “top commercial mediator” with over 40 years of experience in alternative dispute resolution. He is a recognised expert in mediation with a strong reputation among his peers.

Other Leading Individuals


INDEPENDENT MEDIATOR Ian Hanger AM QC is pre-eminent in the field of mediation having overseen numerous commercial mediations and sitting on several panels and commissions across the Asia-Pacific region.

Hong Kong

Norris Yang at ADR INTERNATIONAL comes highly recommended for his ability to resolve disputes, often with cross-border elements and including multilingual parties. One of his peers remarks, “Norris is a highly regarded mediator, one of the big names in the Hong Kong market. He is very pleasant to deal with, hardworking and very passionate about mediation.”

CEDR ASIA PACIFIC sees Danny McFadden recognised as “a top commercial mediator” who is “definitely worthy of inclusion.” He has over two decades of experience and is a fluent Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian speaker.

John Bishop of ARBITRATION CHAMBERS HONG KONG specialises in construction and oil and gas projects and is a leading disputes specialist with a superb profile in the mediation market.

“Top commercial and construction mediator” Peter Ho at DRIVER TRETT is recognised as one of Hong Kong’s premier mediation experts.

INDEPENDENT Christopher  To is recommended for his “very friendly and soft approach that puts parties at ease”. He has a depth of experience in the region and frequently handles complex cross-border cases.

CALDWELL founder Peter  Scott Caldwell is “a leading name in the market” who handles mediations in a wide range of jurisdictions and industry sectors.

Robin Egerton at PARKSIDE CHAMBERS receives acclaim for his “vast experience” and is one of the Hong Kong bar’s most respected mediators.

THE RESOLUTION MEDIATION CONSULTANTS sees Jody Sin Kar Yu listed for her experience in commercial disputes including employment and workplace matters and shareholder disputes.


Sriram Panchu of Sriram Panchu MEDIATION is a figure of renown in Indian mediation. He is recommended as “a great guy who is always calm and collected in mediations”.

The INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ARBITRATION & MEDIATION’s Anil Xavier is “certainly worthy of inclusion” and is one of India’s most decorated mediators and dispute resolution experts.

New Zealand

Deborah Ann Clapshaw at MEDIATION AUCKLAND is a superb negotiator with over 20 years’ experience in mediation and 35 in dispute resolution. She receives plaudits for her exceptional commercial practice.


At WEE TAY & LIM the “terrific” George Lim SC is recognised as one of Singapore’s most eminent mediators and is renowned in the international market for his outstanding practice.

Nadja Alexander at CONFLICT COACHING INTERNATIONAL is a leading mediator and conflict coach. She receives plaudits from market sources for her creative mediation methods.

THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE’s Joel Lee is a pioneer and highly respected figure within the Singapore market for his mediation expertise.

Middle East & Africa

Leading Individuals


Mordehai (Moti) Mironi at THE UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA is “a true scholar and a superb mediator”. He handles major national and cross-border disputes including employment-related matters.

United Arab Emirates

DENTONS sees Peter Richard Shaw in Dubai listed as a leading mediator in the field of construction. He has over 30 years of experience and is highly respected in the market.

Tim Taylor QC at KING & WOOD MALLESONS is a distinguished mediator both within the region and internationally.

At HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS Craig Shepherd is highly respected in the field of construction disputes where he has built a pre-eminent practice.

Alec Emmerson at CLYDE & CO has an international profile and is known as a leader in complex construction, shipping and insurance disputes.

Latin America

Thought Leaders
1. Diego Faleck Faleck & Associados, São Paulo

Leading Individuals


FALECK & ASSOCIADOSDiego Faleck is regarded by peers as “among the best coaches and mediators in Brazil” and receives plaudits from peers across the world.

Andrea Maia of FINDRESOLUTION is a superb mediator who specialises in corporate matters. She has a record of delivering results for her clients in multiple industry sectors.

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