Competition - Future Leaders 2017: Economists Analysis

This year we identify 75 competition economists from over 20 firms and institutions across 17 countries. The featured economists are considered future leaders in the space. They are highlighted for their provision of expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust matters.


Most Highly Regarded
1. Adrian Majumdar RBB Economics, London
2. Andrea Lofaro RBB Economics, Brussels
3. Miguel de la Mano Compass Lexecon, Brussels
4. Raphaël De Coninck Charles River Associates, Brussels
5. Bojana Ignjatovic RBB Economics, London

RBB ECONOMICS leads the research this year, illustrating its prominent position in the market. The firm offers clients unrivalled strength in depth with 18 of its experts highlighted in this edition, with all but two of those nominees hailing from the firm’s offices in Brussels, London, Madrid, Stockholm and The Hague.
In London, Adrian Majumdar is considered “an undisputable leader in the field” and “one of the absolute best” when it comes to complex investigations work. Sources praise his “ability to grasp the key issues, his great manner and excellent understanding.”
The “outstanding” Bojana Ignjatovic is an expert in merger-related competition work in both the UK and the EU. One respondent notes, “She possesses superb analytical skills and is strong in every department.”
According to clients, Daniel Gore “brings a great depth of knowledge and strong grasp of the details to every meeting.” He is “an exceptionally hard working and responsive individual” and is recognised for his “technical excellence” when handling horizontal and vertical merger cases.
Brussels-based Andrea Lofaro “would come top of the list” for many sources who “would recommend him without hesitation.” His practice spans a wide array of competition matters including horizontal mergers and Article 102 cases, and he is considered “one of the best in the business”.
Francesco Rosati is “an incredibly smart economist” highlighted for his “wise and pragmatic approach to cases”. He is well versed in handling competition matters across a range of industries from telecoms and media to financial services and transport.
Stockholm’s Petter Berg is “the true go-to guy for top quality economic advice”, according to respondents. Regarded as “the number-one economist in Sweden”, he is valued by clients for his “thorough grasp of the legal challenges associated with economic evidence in a competition law context.”

Leading economic consulting outfit COMPASS LEXECON also performs well in this year’s research. The firm’s strong transatlantic offering is highlighted by the fact that its European offices are home to eight of its 12 listings.
In Belgium, the “terrific” Miguel de la Mano draws praise from international sources who consider him “a brilliantly clever and detail-oriented economist”. They highlight his strong regulatory background and knowledge, with one noting, “His long experience at DG Comp gives him a unique insight and makes him a trusted partner in strategic discussions.”
London-based Neil Dryden is “a definite leader in the field”. He stands out for his “incredible ability to marshal huge amounts of complex information all at once.”
Kirsten Edwards-Warren draws praise for “her ability to tackle problems quickly and offer practical solutions.” She possesses over 15 years of experience in the field, having handled matters across various jurisdictions, including France, Germany, Australia and the US.
In Düsseldorf, Thilo Klein is considered a key name, particularly when it comes to matters in the Austrian market. Clients praise him as “a pragmatic and business-oriented economist”.
Madrid-based Elena Zoido is “very hardworking and has a deep knowledge of antitrust economics” according to sources, who consider her “one of the leaders in the area in Spain.”

Nine leading economists at leading global consulting firm CHARLES RIVER ASSOCIATES are highlighted in this edition. The firm’s strong team of economists offers a wealth of experience carrying out economic analysis and testifying in proceedings across Europe, North America and Australia.
In Brussels, the “excellent” Raphaël De Coninck is a prominent name among peers and clients alike, with market commentators considering him “an outstanding and pragmatic economist”. Certain respondents single him out for his exceptional expertise in tender analysis and econometrics.
Lars Wiethaus is “top pick” for many seeking expertise in merger cases including vertical restraints and Article 102 matters. He wins praise among clients for his “excellent subject matter knowledge and great client service.”
London-based Matthew Bennett comes highly recommended for his “strong analytical work and excellent ability to simplify complex issues for clients”. He is frequently engaged in high-profile merger cases such as BT’s combination with EE.
The “fiercely intelligent” Diana Jackson is “an innovative and highly dedicated economist”. She is known for her significant experience dealing with European Commission investigations in relation to mergers.

FRONTIER ECONOMICS, one of the premier players in the European consulting market, achieves five listings across its Brussels, Cologne and London offices..
David Parker is “absolutely top-notch” when it comes to dealing with competition matters, which span mergers, abuse of dominance cases and class actions damages claims. One source effuses: “He is one of the best economists I have come across in London.”
Also in the London office, David Foster is highly sought after for his “excellent technical skills and ability to analyse and present issues very clearly”. His first-rate practice covers the whole gamut of competition work from mergers and market investigations to litigation work, and he is particularly proficient in matters involving the telecoms sector.
In Cologne, Julia Dietrich stands out for her exceptional work handling competition matters relating to German speaking countries. She is noted for her first-rate assistance on litigation work with one source claiming, “She manages to explain the most complex economic matters in a way that the lawyers, the client and the judge understand."

OXERA also excels this year with five of its leading European experts highlighted for their impressive work in the space. The firm’s economists advise companies, policymakers, regulators and lawyers on a wide range of economic matters relating to competition and regulatory issues.
In Belgium, Pascale Déchamps is renowned as “an incredibly smart, diligent and innovative economist”. She regularly deals with merger and cartel investigations, abuse of dominance cases and litigation matters.
London-based Avantika Chowdhury is described as “one of the leading competition economists in the UK” and is well versed in testifying before both national and international courts across Europe.

North America and the Rest of the World

Most Highly Regarded
1. Jonathan Orszag Compass Lexecon, Washington, DC
2. Elsa Chen Allen & Gledhill, Singapore

COMPASS LEXECON’s Washington DC office is home to highly regarded economist Jonathan Orszag who enjoys a fantastic reputation in the market as “a leading light in the field”. He possesses considerable experience testifying before US and international courts with sources considering him “a high-quality economist who always adds a lot of value.”

Elsa Chen at ALLEN & GLEDHILL is a leading name in the Singaporean market and is recognised for her “analytical and practical approach”. One source notes: “She is the top merger control practitioner in Singapore.”

At CHARLES RIVER ASSOCIATES in Washington DC, Joanna Tsai is widely recognised as “an exceptionally bright and smart individual”. She is valued for her strong connections with the Federal Trade Commission, with clients noting that “she has a real sense of how the agency works”. 

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