Mediation 2016: Analysis

The sixth edition of Who’s Who Legal: Mediation features 341 practitioners from 273 firms across 52 countries, who have been selected as leaders in the field.

Global ADR powerhouse JAMS International comes out on top this year. With a sensational 26 listings that span Europe and the US, the network demonstrates the great depth and breadth of its mediators’ expertise. London-based Independent Mediators and In Place of Strife also excel, showcasing the impressive work of its first-rate mediators.

The UK Bar continues to be well represented, most notably by Brick Court Chambers whose “fantastic” mediation offering includes two of our most highly regarded individuals. Our research also highlights a number of “stand-out” individual practitioners. 

Most Highly Regarded Individuals
Michel Kallipetis QC Independent Mediators, London
Tony Willis Brick Court Chambers, London
William Wood QC Brick Court Chambers, London
Bill Marsh Independent Mediators, London
Kate Jackson Independent Mediators, London
Rest of the World
Thierry Garby Resolvers, Paris
Alan Limbury Strategic Resolution, Woolloomooloo
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen & Associates Mediation Services, Seattle
Jeff Kichaven Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation, Los Angeles
Helena De Backer Koan Lorenz, Brussels
Giovanni De Berti De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Studio Legale, Milan
Martin Brink Van Benthem & Keulen, Utrecht

JAMS International emerges as the leading mediation outfit in our research for the fifth year in a row, with a tremendous 26 listings across Europe and the US. The majority of the listings hail from its strong US offering and span seven states. In Washington DC, Linda Singer brings over 30 years of experience in the dispute resolution space to her mediations. She regularly uses her “phenomenal knowledge of the mediation process” to assist private companies, government agencies and courts in the development of their own related programs. Alongside her, Michael Lewis boasts “a national reputation as a widely respected mediator” known for his “adept handling” of high-profile multiparty conflicts.

New York-based Robert Davidson is a “superb mediator” with experience in the fields of employment, insurance, intellectual property and securities. Michael Young is recognised for his “conciliatory and diplomatic approach to disputes”. He has previously participated in over 1,750 mediations and arbitrations in over 30 states, leading sources to highlight his “invaluable experience”. David Geronemus is “well versed” in both two-party and multiparty mediations, and comes highly recommended for his “exceptional communication skills”.

In San Francisco, Bruce Edwards is recognised for his “top-tier work” dealing with high-value disputes. He is joined by Daniel Weinstein, whose “ability to construct tailored and bespoke mediation processes” has earned him a “stellar reputation” in the space. "Alert, assertive and patient", Terrence Lee Croft from the Atlanta office is regarded among peers as "a naturally gifted mediator". Wayne Thorpe is also highly recommended for his work in the field.

In Europe, the “eloquent” Tsisana Shamlikashvili “instils confidence in participants” of complex cross-border commercial disputes. Peter Rogan is “a major player in the insurance market” whose recent highlights include a $300 million professional indemnity dispute and a policy wording dispute between two major companies.

London-based Independent Mediators achieves nine listings this year, including the “outstanding” Michel Kallipetis QC. He is “always well prepared” and possesses “an instinctive understanding of the personalities involved”. Kate Jackson “is always on top of the detail” and, according to clients, “never fails to have commercial resolution at the forefront of her mind”. Known for his "nuanced style", Bill Marsh is a "highly experienced mediator who demonstrates patience and tact" when dealing with international governments, businesses, organisations and individuals. He is widely recognised for his “aptitude for combining sensitivity with the requisite degree of firmness”.  Phillip Howell-Richardson is a “trusted mediator” who provides clients with a “winning combination of forensic analysis and wider judgement”.

Six impressive mediators from In Place of Strife gain recognition for their first-rate work in the field. “Trustworthy and easy to engage with” founder Mark Jackson-Stops is “one of the great mediators in the country”, having conducted over 1,000 mediations. Lawrence Kershen QC “brings a sense of calm to even the most fraught of mediations”, while Amanda Bucklow stands out for her “practical and anticipatory approach” to conflicts. 

CEDR Chambers achieves six listings, including chief executive Karl Mackie CBE. He is “quick to grasp the complexities of a dispute” and explore them “clearly and concisely” with clients. The “utterly brilliant” Eileen Carroll possesses over 20 years of experience in the field, and is regarded as a “dedicated and professional mediator”. Hong Kong-based Danny McFadden is “able to navigate tricky issues intelligently and sensitively”, leading many to consider him “a trusted individual”.

Home to some of the most highly regarded individuals in our research, Brick Court Chambers continues to demonstrate the depth and breadth of its mediation expertise and its leading position at the UK Bar. The "absolutely charming and totally brilliant" William Wood QC is described by many as "one of the best mediators in England". He has experience mediating in Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, Johannesburg, UK and Nairobi making his practice “truly international”. Considered "an elder statesman of the mediation field", Tony Willis is recognised for his "distinctive ability to adapt to any given conflict". For many respondents, Stephen Ruttle QC is "a truly sensational mediator" and is admired for his "instinctive and intuitive nature" when dealing with disputes in both the public and private sector. Geoff Sharp is a door tenant at the chambers and is "one of New Zealand's pre-eminent mediators". He possesses "vast experience mediating in Asia and the Middle East". Also a door tenant at chambers is Core Solutions Group’s founder and chief executive, John Sturrock QC. He is regarded as "a seasoned expert in the field", and is recognised for "the great ease with which he facilitates high-level disputes".

At 39 Essex Chambers, the "incredibly smart" Edwin Glasgow QC runs "a sensational international dispute resolution practice". With over 45 years of legal experience, he continues to be “at the top of his game”. Elizabeth Birch at 3 Verulam Buildings boasts "an excellent reputation in the market", most notably for her "careful handling of complex disputes" across a range of sectors including insurance and reinsurance, energy and telecommunications.

At King & Spalding, the "terrifically talented" Jane Player is highly sought after for her "tremendous understanding of the mediation process". She regularly mediates both domestic and international disputes, particularly in the fields of energy, TMT and life sciences.

At Resolvers, Paris-based Thierry Garby is “a true authority on conflict management” and wins praise as “a flexible and creative problem solver”. In Brussels, the “incredibly intelligent” Helena De Backer at Koan Lorenz is “first choice” for clients dealing with cross-border contract negotiation disputes. Giovanni De Berti at De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Studio Legale is a “diligent and dedicated individual” who demonstrates “practicality and commercial awareness” no matter what the dispute. Van Benthem & Keulen’s Martin Brink possesses "a unique set of interpersonal skills that makes him a stand out at any negotiation table", according to clients.

At her own firm in Seattle, Teresa Wakeen possesses “a manner that allows the parties to get into a resolution mindset”. Respondents describe her as “an excellent listener” who “does not allow the emotional elements of a case to distract her”. Los Angeles-based Jeff Kichaven handles approximately 200 mediations a year, and is praised by clients for his “dedication and perseverance throughout the mediation process to reach a successful and mutually accepted conclusion”.

Adrian Bastianelli III at Peckar & Abramson is a "world-class mediator" renowned for his "unparalleled expertise in construction law". Clients "would not hesitate to recommend" Edna Sussman for her "exceptional experience in the field". Michael Mullin at Kutak Rock is a “well-established mediator” and impresses with his “brilliant facilitative style”.

In Canada, the "remarkable" Stanley Naftolin QC at Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber wins praise for his "organised and meticulous approach to mediation" and is considered “a real authority on construction law”. At Glaholt, “sector specialist” Duncan Glaholt is considered a “go-to mediator” when it comes to complex construction disputes. Alongside him, Harvey Kirsh is a “leading authority” on construction law and has a great reputation for his “nuanced mediation style”. 

In Australia, Alan Limbury at Strategic Resolution is “one of the leading mediators in Australia”. He is highlighted for his “fantastic work” in the commercial and intellectual property spheres, and has mediated over 2,000 related disputes. Singapore-based George Lim SC at Wee Tay & Lim is "widely respected" among peers for his ability to "take the initiative and steer a mediation towards a successful outcome". Aequitas Law’s Tat Lim is "always prepared for the unexpected", a quality that makes him "a true asset to any mediation".

In Hong Kong, the "top-tier" Christopher To is admired by peers for his "calm and measured approach". Considered "an adaptable and open-minded individual", Kwok Ng & Chan’s Ting Kwok IU is "a leading figure" in the Singaporean mediation market. At ADR International Limited, founder Norris Yang’s dynamic background in science, computing, business and law has resulted in his "strong commercial awareness", and has led many to hail him as "an extremely accomplished mediator". 

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