Construction Expert Witnesses 2016: Analysis

In our most comprehensive research into the construction consulting expert market to date, 103 leading figures in quantum and delay are identified from across 11 jurisdictions.

Several firms achieve a high number of listings including international constuction specialists Hill International which is represented by 17 experts across Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East. The global offerings of Navigant, Secretariat and FTI Consulting also among those to feature prominently in this year’s results, while a number of prominent indivduals from local outfits are also widely regarded by the international construction legal market.

Most Highly Regarded Experts – Worldwide
Don Harvey Secretariat International, Atlanta
Amit Garg Secretariat International, Singapore
Patrick McGeehin FTI Consulting, Rockville
Jon Prudhoe Navigant, Singapore
Paul Barry GBsqd, London

Hill International top this year’s research with an impressive 17 listings from across its offices in North America, Australia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. The US is home to a number of the firm’s outstanding expert witnesses. In New Jersey, the “pre-eminent” Thomas Driscoll has amassed over 45 years of experience in the field and, according to respondents, has attained “a rare degree of technical insight and clarity that only comes from a lifetime of experience”. In the firm’s Los Angeles office, William Cook is praised for his “vast industry awareness” and “intelligent and intuitive approach” to matters. Kenneth Baker is commended for the “exceptional quality” of his work. An expert with over 30 years of experience in the field, he is “a seasoned veteran who manages to convey complex analysis with ease”. Felipe André Isoré Gutiérrez is “incredibly bright” and has been active as an expert in over 15 arbitrations in the past few years. He handles the firm’s consulting and expert witness services for construction disputes in Latin America and is “highly proficient” at providing expert testimony in terms of quantum and delay analysis during the construction process.

The “impressive” Timothy Chitester is “a prestigious expert witness” whose reputation for “precise and detailed analysis” extends into product management, delay analysis and cost projections. By all accounts he is “technically gifted” when consulted on disputes arising out of power plant projects. Joining him in Philadelphia is Robert Dieterle, a highly experienced expert with a particular focus on preparing cost and liability analyses, damage calculations and estimate evaluations. Dieterle is commended for being particularly impressive under cross-examination with one source adding that “he never falters from the powerful narrative and analysis that he lays out”. The “eminent” Peter Wallace has extensive experience testifying before various dispute resolution forums. Clients were impressed with his “deep industry awareness” and “critical eye”. Managing director of the firm’s construction claims and consulting operations in the Americas Frank Giunta is “a leading authority” who comes “highly recommended” for his expertise across a wide variety of civil engineering project types. He has served as an expert witness in a variety of litigation and arbitration proceedings and also has considerable experience in various alternative dispute resolution forums.

In London, Stephen Briggs is lauded for his significant experience as an expert in delay analysis and has provided testimony in both domestic and international arbitration and litigation proceedings. Briggs is rated highly by peers and clients, with one source claiming that he was able to provide “thorough and comprehensive delay analysis in a simple and straightforward manner”. David Carrick boasts an impressive portfolio of international construction dispute work. According to clients, “He is never fazed by the gravity and severity of the situation and delivers confident and pivotal quantum analysis when required.” Geoff Bewsey’s expert witness experience centres on delay analysis, productivity analysis and the quantification of disruption in engineering works. Bewsey “endeavoured to know the details of the case inside out and was composed and accurate during his testimony”, one source said. Head of the firm’s global expert witness service Franco Mastrandrea is “a distinguished expert” with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. Described as “an unflappable witness that stands up well to cross-examination”, Mastrandrea has given evidence both in court and in arbitrations across a number of sectors. Mark Dixon is a “distinguished quantum and delay expert” that is celebrated for “providing analysis and testimony of the highest order”. In Scotland, David McIntyre at Cadogans, a Hill International company, is renowned for his work on the more serious and complex disputes. He offers clients considerable expertise on a range of issues, including serious and fatal accidents, and clients commend him for being “exceptionally thorough” and “a pleasure to work with”.

Regional managing director of the firm’s Asian operations Derek Nelson is “a gifted quantum expert” that is commended for his “vigilance” during construction disputes. Nelson’s technical background coupled with his “intimate knowledge of international construction law and arbitration hearings” ensure that he is “highly sought after” to testify in disputes in the Asian region. Managing director of Hill International Middle East and Africa, David Merritt is a talented expert who is proficient at providing quantum analysis in disputes in the construction, civil engineering, transportation, rail and telecommunications sectors. According to clients, Merritt’s testimony is “regularly vital” and “comprehensively bulletproof”. In Brisbane, Wendy MacLaughlin is a specialist in analysing the delay to engineering and construction projects. She has acted as both tribunal appointed and party-appointed expert on a number of disputes across Europe, the Middle East and Australia and is credited as “an intellectually rigorous authority”.

Navigant is represented by 10 experts in this year’s edition. Managing director of the firm’s global construction practice Greg Crider is renowned in the field for the “superior quality” of his analysis and the “incredible strength of his testimony”. John Livengood is celebrated for the “intellectual rigour and technicality of his expertise” which focuses on delay analysis as well as damages and causation issues. He has testified at state and federal level, and is active in international arbitral proceedings and special administrative hearings. In the firm’s Florida office, Scott Gray is “a prodigious expert witness” who has testified before many of the major courts and arbitration forums in both the US and worldwide. He specialises in providing comprehensive analysis of costs and damages and comes “highly well thought of” among peers and clients alike for his “professionalism and diligence”.

In San Francisco, Peter Badala is a “knowledgeable and thoughtful expert” that has provided testimony before US state and federal jurisdictions, as well as numerous international arbitration forums. Clients claim that he is a “pleasure to work with” and that he “always endeavours to go the extra yard”. The “assiduous” Robert Davenport is “a notable expert” who specialises in providing testimony on design and construction processes. Respondents claimed that he is “consistently outstanding” and was “especially composed during cross-examination”. In New York, Darin Buchalter is the practice area leader of the global construction practice. Buchalter is described as “an invaluable asset” in complex disputes and bankruptcy proceedings who has served as a testifying expert in many proceedings. Recently, he was involved as an adviser and testifying expert during bankruptcy hearings surrounding a $2.2 billion, 57,000-acre residential master-planned community development.

In the firm’s Singapore office, Garry Crossley is commended for his “clear and persuasive style” during disputes. Joining him in Singapore is Jon Prudhoe, a highly regarded quantum and delay expert. He has significant experience acting as an expert witness during complex construction disputes, having amassed over 70 expert appointments and handles himself exceptionally well on the stand. In the firm’s London office, managing director in the construction practice Michael Stokes is an impressive expert witness that has extensive experience providing testimony in a wide variety of industry sectors including infrastructure, power, process, oil and gas, and building projects. In Dubai, Guy Elkington stands out as an “exceptional expert witness” who has considerable expertise in the evaluation of quantum for delay and disruption. According to sources, he has “truly honed his craft” and is cited as “a go-to expert in the Middle East”.

FTI Consulting achieves an impressive nine listings in this year’s research. Patrick McGeehin leads the North American construction solutions practice and is celebrated for his expert witness testimony work relating to the analysis of damages. Respondents were effusive in their praise for his services, claiming that he is “a top-drawer” expert. In Seattle, Paul Ficca is “a seasoned veteran” who has over 26 years of experience providing clients with in-depth and exhaustive quantum analysis during litigation and commercial disputes. Neil Gaudion is a delay analysis specialist that has significant experience testifying in international arbitration forums quantifying the effects of delay in the construction process. Toronto-based Christopher Larkin is an expert with a distinguished record of service in a large number of international construction claims. Recently, he was involved in the 250 million dirham claim on behalf of a contractor regarding a large residential development in Dubai. According to clients, he is “careful, comfortable and composed” in the witness stand.

In London, Tim Haynes is recommended by respondents for his “incredible quantum expertise” that has seen him act as an expert witness in a considerable number of disputes. According to sources, he provides “clear and detailed analysis during tough court testimonies”. The “greatly respected” Alastair Farr joins him in the firm’s London office. He is “a prominent expert” on the market and has experience testifying on matters of quantum and delay. Jas Cheema is regarded as a “consummate professional” whose “strong attention to detail and strength during cross examination” ensures he is “highly sought after” for his services during domestic arbitration proceedings. In Hong Kong, Chris Jackson garners praise for his activities as an expert in delay analysis. Clients commended his “meticulous approach” and “erudite manner”. Senior managing director and head of the Asia-Pacific construction solutions practice Graham McNeill joins him in Hong Kong. McNeill is renowned as an expert that provides “formidable” quantum analysis and ensures that he is an “expert witness of choice” for large, high stakes construction disputes on the international stage.

Construction consulting firm Secretariat International enjoys four listings in this year’s research. The “illustrious” Don Harvey is celebrated by peers and clients alike for his “supreme capabilities” in the field of delay analysis. According to sources, he is blessed with a “clear and articulate” style that proves “invaluable” during testimony. Leader of the firm’s Asian operations Amit Garg is “a leading authority” in delay analysis and has “a wealth of experience serving as an expert in complex, international disputes” across Asia, North America and the Middle East. Ted Scott is a delay specialist who has appeared as an expert witness in several international arbitrations arising from large, high stakes construction disputes. He also has “significant expertise” in damage assessments. His colleague Mike Saulsbury is commended for his expertise in the field of scheduling and project delay and has acted in a wide variety of disputes. He is “rigorous and transparent”, according to sources.

UK-based quantum expert outfit GBsqd is represented by founding partner Paul Barry, named as “one of the most highly regarded quantum experts in the field”. Fellow founder Colin Byford is a “prominent” quantum expert active in international arbitral proceedings and regularly testifies at the TCC.

At AMOG Consulting, two leading experts are identified. Founding partner Andrew Potts is a “leading authority” in the offshore oil and gas sector on account of his “unparalleled technical knowledge and industry-specific insight”. Technical director Paul Sincock is a “diligent and careful” expert witness and is noted for his expertise in naval architecture and hydrodynamics and structural and mechanical engineering.

Construction claims specialist firm The Rhodes Group is home to two “excellent” expert witnesses. The “highly sought after” Andrew Rhodes is commended for providing “cast-iron testimony”. According to sources, he offers “highly credible and persuasive testimony”. Laura Miller is a highly visible expert in the North American region with over 20 years of experience in the field. Her analysis of construction delay and disruption related damages is “exceptional” and she is noted for being “a calm and collected expert”.

Founder and chairman Steven Huyghe at CORE International Consulting is “a talented expert” with considerable experience offering testimony on a number of issues including programming, damages calculations. He has testified on a number of issues including disruption, labour productivity and construction means and methods across domestic and international court venues.

Frank Adams at Interface Consulting International has provided expert witness testimony in over 50 separate claims during his career as an engineering and construction expert in the field. He is lauded for his technical capabilities across the board with clients adding that he was “particularly strong when dealing with quantum analysis relating to the assessment of damages”.

Jeffrey Fuchs at Delta Consulting Group is “a stellar expert witness” with a reputation for handling the larger, more high profile cases with ease. He was recently involved in an ICC arbitration in London regarding defects and the loss of profits relating to a satellite project for a large aerospace company.

At Hunter Consulting in Glasgow, John Hunter is a “talented” expert witness whose “oral testimony on quantum and delays matters is always of the very finest standard”.

Mohamad Zaki at EGYPTROL is “a leading authority” on power plant projects, as well as desalination plants, and is well regarded in the Egyptian market. According to sources, he is a “star” whose 30-year career in the field ensures that “he knows all there is to know about large scale engineering projects” in the natural resources sector.

Marianne Ramey at Project Advisors International is a “leading expert” with considerable expertise providing prospective or retroactive delay analysis, particularly in claims involving civil infrastructure projects.

At KPMG, Andrew Weir heads the firm’s global building construction and real estate practice and is described as a “top-notch” expert with “fantastic technical ability”.

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