Mediation 2015: Analysis

We are pleased to introduce our fifth edition of Who's Who Legal: Mediation. This comprehensive volume lists 294 practitioners from across 233 firms and 45 jurisdictions.

Due to the nature of the practice, many mediators are stand-alone practitioners. Nevertheless, several firms and chambers house a deep bench of specialists.

Renowned ADR specialist JAMS International boasts a global network of mediators, demonstrated by a large number of listings across the US and Europe. Based in London, Independent Mediators and In Place of Strife are leading mediation chambers recognised for the excellence of their specialists. CEDR Chambers is also a prominent name in international mediation. At the UK Bar, Brick Court Chambers houses several of the world’s leading mediators.

Most Highly Regarded Individuals
Tony Willis Brick Court Chambers, London
Bill Marsh Independent Mediators, London
Michel Kallipetis QC Independent Mediators, London
William Wood QC Brick Court Chambers, London
David Richbell David Richbell Partnership, Olney
Eric Green Resolutions, Boston
Alan Limbury Strategic Resolution, Woolloomooloo
Stephen Ruttle QC Brick Court Chambers, London
Bruce Edwards JAMS, San Francisco
Geoff Sharp Sharp Commercial Mediation, Wellington/Brick Court Chambers, London

JAMS is once again recognised as the pre-eminent provider of mediation services in our research with 22 experts selected for inclusion, with several more affiliated individuals appearing under their own names. The majority of listed nominees are based in the US, where leaders have been identified across six states. In Washington, DC, Linda Singer has a “hugely respected” mediation practice and served as a special master to the US District Court, SDNY. She is joined by the “truly exceptional” Michael Lewis, who mediates disputes in the business, public policy, employment, environment and governmental sectors. In New York, Michael Young has conducted over 1,250 mediations and arbitrations in 30 states and abroad; clients are full of praise for his “superb approach” in financial services-related mediations. Margaret Shaw comes highly recommended for her “sector-leading experience”, having participated in thousands of disputes throughout the US. Robert Davidson also stands out due to his “comprehensive understanding and respect for the mediation process”. In California, founding partner Bruce Edwards has a “stellar reputation” and has mediated over 4,500 cases across the US, Canada and Mexico. He is joined by the “incredibly gifted” Zela Claiborne, who focuses on disputes in the construction, engineering, energy and intellectual property sectors. In Boston, Eric Van Loon is a “first-rate” mediator with particular experience in franchise and environment disputes, while the “impressive” John Hinchey in Atlanta is a “go-to figure for complex construction disputes”. In Italy, Giuseppe De Palo receives widespread praise for his “expert handling” of complex cases across a diverse range of industries.

Independent Mediators also performs strongly in our research with seven practitioners selected for inclusion, all of whom are based in England. Bill Marsh is once again recognised as one of the most highly nominated figures in our international research with contributors describing him as “a true leader in the field”. With experience in disputes involving parties from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and Australasia, he is “highly sought after” for his expertise in multimillion-pound cases. Michel Kallipetis QC is also named among our most highly regarded individuals and is described as a “real favourite” among clients. He regularly conducts cases relating to partnership, banking, insurance, employment, construction and negligence and is praised for his “nuanced approach” to complex disputes. Phillip Howell-Richardson has over 20 years’ experience in the field and is a “superb advocate for the future of commercial mediation”, while Nicholas Pryor is “very well reputed” for his expertise in mediations across a range of industries. Mark Lomas QC is praised for his “exceptional management” of multiparty disputes and recently acted as lead mediator in a complex dispute value at over £120 million. Charles Dodson comes highly recommended for his expertise in high-value and cross-border disputes, while Jonathan Lloyd-Jones is a “bona fide expert” with regard to construction, property, partnership and employment-related cases.

CEDR Chambers sees five of its individuals nominated in this year’s edition, including the “truly outstanding” Karl Mackie CBE, who regularly mediates high-profile cases and is widely acknowledged as “one of England’s finest practitioners” in the field. Heather Allen is a founding member of the CEDR Chambers practice group and head of CEDR’s mediator training faculty. Recognised as a “leading authority” on contractual claims, she has mediated various disputes between professionals and their regulatory bodies across a range of industries. Tony Allen comes highly recommended for his experience in the field, while Eileen Carroll appears in disputes involving public sector organisations, entrepreneurs and international businesses. The firm’s presence in Hong Kong is recognised with the inclusion of Danny McFadden, who is fluent in Mandarin and is commended for his ability to “build a strong understanding of the pivotal issues in complex cases”.

Several members of the UK Bar are recommended for their expertise in mediation, and Brick Court Chambers is home to some of the world’s most respected individuals. Tony Willis emerges as the most highly regarded individual in our international research, and is described by peers as “unparalleled when it comes to complex regulatory and business disputes”. With over 25 years’ experience in international litigation, he is “incredibly well placed to manage the most high-profile and valuable disputes”; he is also recognised as a “true innovator” in the design of dispute resolution processes. He is joined by the “distinguished” William Wood QC, who inspires “calmness and precision in even the most contentious and tense disputes”. Stephen Ruttle QC comes highly recommended for his “superb handling” of disputes across a broad range of industries. Geoff Sharp, a door tenant at Brick Court with his own practice in New Zealand, is once again included among our top 10 mediators and is regularly “in high demand for his practice covering the Asia-Pacific region”. At Core Solutions Group in Edinburgh, John Sturrock QC has an “immaculate reputation” in the field and is also registered as a door tenant at Brick Court.

Also in England, David Richbell specialises in cases of an international nature and receives widespread praise for his “superb application of the mediation process to construction-related disputes”. At Clyde & Co, Jane Andrewartha is a “first-class operator” who maintains a full disputes practice alongside her mediation work; she is recommended for her “practicality and commercial awareness” in complex disputes. From In Place of Strife, Mark Jackson-Stops has conducted over 1,000 mediations and is a “major player” in the field, while Lawrence Kershen QC has an “outstanding” cross-border practice. Anthony Glaister also comes highly recommended. Amanda Bucklow has “considerable experience” in conflict management and is “renowned” for her expertise across a diverse range of commercial and employment disputes. At Pinsent Masons in Birmingham, Andrew Paton comes highly recommended for his “sector-leading expertise” in professional negligence, construction, commercial, property and shareholder-related mediation. The firm also demonstrates its international reach with the inclusions of John Bishop in Beijing and Björn Gehle in Dubai.

Eric Green at Resolutions in Boston once again leads our US research and is described as “one of the very best in the field”. He regularly mediates high-profile cases throughout the US and recently managed the United States v Microsoft antitrust case. In Texas, Eric Galton at the Lakeside Mediation Center has conducted over 7,000 cases and is recognised for his “exceptionally high” settlement rate. At MarksADR in Maryland, Jonathan Marks has a “greatly respected” practice and is widely acknowledged as “one of the foremost mediators and trainers in the eastern US”. In California, Jeff Kichaven is an “incredibly talented and diligent” mediator who focuses on disputes involving insurance and bad faith. At Sussman ADR in New York, the “excellent” Edna Sussman ranks among the leading mediators in our research and is able to draw on her litigation experience in adopting a “tailored approach to the commercial demands of each case”.

In DC, Kenneth Feinberg is the founding and managing partner of Feinberg Rozen, and is routinely praised for his “superb balance between facilitative and evaluative styles”. At First Mediation Corporation in California, Jeffrey Krivis stands out for his “extensive experience” in the field, having conducted thousands of mediation in sectors including entertainment, employment, and insurance. In Boston, Dwight Golann has a “fantastic reputation” for his work in disputes pertaining to contract, tort, real estate and intellectual property, while the “pre-eminent” Paul Lurie of Schiff Hardin in Chicago is highly recommended for his construction expertise.

Our research recognises a number of experts across Europe. In France, Thierry Garby of Lerins Avocats is a “major player” in the Parisian market who conducts cases across a diverse range of industries. Also in Paris, Claude Amar stands out for his “exceptional handling” of complex real estate and construction disputes. In Munich, Renate Dendorfer has “sector-leading” experience and is also recognised as a “wonderful trainer”, while Brussels-based Helena De Backer of DS De Backer & Bastin is recommended for her “very impressive pan-European practice”. She is joined by the “superb” Marie-Anne Bastin. At Dal & Veldekens Law Firm, Patrick Van Leynseele is regarded as a “first-rate” practitioner.

In Canada, Cliff Hendler of ADR Chambers has a “truly international practice”, having acted in more than 3,000 cases over the past 25 years. He is joined by the “incredibly gifted” Allan Stitt. Australia is well known for its thriving mediation market and is home to some of the foremost experts in our research. At Strategic Resolution, Alan Limbury is one of the most highly nominated individuals in our research and is “highly sought after” for his expertise in commercial and intellectual property cases; clients praise his “nuanced and intelligent approach to each case”. Rosemary Howell also comes highly recommended for her “comprehensive understanding” of the mediation process. In Sydney, Joanna Kalowski has an “outstanding” mediation practice, while the “greatly respected” Ian Hanger AM QC in Brisbane is known for his expertise in all types of commercial disputes as well as cases pertaining to employment and partnership.

The continued inclusion of several Asia-based experts in our research reflects the region’s growing status as a hub for mediation. At the Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution in Hong Kong, Nadja Alexander is “highly sought after” for her expertise in cross-cultural disputes. Christopher To has experience across the full range of commercial disputes in the Asia-Pacific region and is described by clients as a “genius” in the field.

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