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The "excellent" Luiz Fernando Alongi is highly adept at providing expert testimony in complex construction disputes.


Luiz Fernando is a civil engineer, specialised in administration at the University of São Paulo. He also undertook mediation training at the Harvard Negotiation Institute in 2009, and dispute board member training at the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation in 2011.

Luiz Fernando Alongi has worked for more than 20 years in construction companies. Most of these years were spent on construction sites, most notably two hydroelectric power plants and one offshore port.

In 2009, Luiz created the Aequitas Consultancy; since then he has been acting in arbitration procedures to solve infrastructure contracts controversies.

As a consultant he has been focused on identifying the evidence to be presented during the adversarial procedure, and on seeking it in the available technical and contractual documentation. The aim is to identify, technically and strategically, the core controversy; and to meet the needs of the represented party, and its lawyer firm, during the dispute.

When acting as a tribunal expert, Luiz aims to prepare the best analysis possible, drawing on his background and experience, in order to help the tribunal in its decision making.

Exclusively for civil engineering issues, Luiz Fernando is able to act as expert witness, tribunal expert, technical assistant, mediator, dispute board member and contract revision claim consultant.

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