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Jürg Schneider has a stellar reputation as “experienced, knowledgeable and always a pleasure to work with”. He has considerable experience in e-commerce and information security law.

Questions & Answers

Jürg Schneider is a partner at Walder Wyss Ltd and head of the Lausanne office. Jürg Schneider has more than 20 years of experience practising in the areas of information technology, data protection and outsourcing. He advises on comprehensive system integration and global outsourcing projects and has extensive experience in the field of data protection, in particular in international contexts. Jürg Schneider regularly publishes and lectures on ICT topics. He is a member of several professional organisations and serves on the board of directors of ITechLaw.

Describe your career to date. 

Ever since I started working at Walder Wyss, I have been specialising in the areas of IT, data protection and outsourcing. If, at the beginning, my work was more focused on traditional licensing and outsourcing deals, the past few years have increasingly included advice around AI, cloud services, XaaS and data protection. As a partner at Walder Wyss, I regularly handle complex IT transactions and data protection compliance projects in an international environment.

What inspired you to specialise in data law? 

I have been attracted to and inspired by the truly global, transversal and overreaching nature of data law. In fact, data law is not limited to a particular type of business but impacts and plays an important role in all economic and human activities. Knowing not only the data laws but also the nature of the clients’ business and how it is impacted by societal developments is key in this respect.

In your opinion, what is the importance of blockchain for the future of data law? 

Blockchain technology poses a new set of challenges from a data law perspective. This is due in part to its decentralised configuration as well as the permanent nature of any information shared on the blockchain. Because blockchain technology looks like it is here to stay, as institutional actors are progressively adopting it, I expect that it will become an increasingly noticeable topic in data law in the future. 

What has covid-19 changed for your practice and your clients’ data programmes? 

Generally speaking, the move from working on-site to working from home has raised several questions from a data protection (especially data security) perspective. There has been a recurring need for our firm’s clients to adapt their data programmes to take into consideration matters pertaining to the limits of their ability to process employee personal data from a health perspective. Indeed, many clients sought to set up systematic covid-19 screening and reporting processes and thus had to undertake data protection compliance efforts.

What are the greatest challenges facing data lawyers today? 

Keeping up with technical innovation. New technologies are leading to the emergence of novel legal issues and call for a deep and transversal understanding of the law. This means that data lawyers today not only need solid skills in data protection, but also a sound knowledge of related areas such as employment law, criminal law, etc. 

In your opinion, what does the future of AI in the legal industry look like? 

It looks very promising! AI has already proved helpful in allowing us to further increase efficiency. Indeed, at Walder Wyss, we are progressively using AI tools to handle administrative and/or redundant tasks. This allows us to streamline our internal processes, ensuring fast delivery times even for work-intensive matters. So far, I am happy with the results and believe there remains great potential for further uses of AI.

How does Walder Wyss stand out from its competitors in the market?

Walder Wyss was one of the first large Swiss law firms to provide specialist data law advice and we have one of the most prominent practices in this area in Switzerland. Our lawyers understand the industry as well as the clients’ business and practical needs and stay at the forefront of any developments in the area of data law. Furthermore, as a full-service firm and due to our presence in all language regions of Switzerland, we are able to provide seamless one-stop-shop, personalised and high-quality services, taking into account local particularities.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

When I first joined Walder Wyss as a junior associate, one of the senior partners told me that the quality of a piece of work is always measured by its practical usefulness for the client. Therefore, understand the needs and interests of the client, be proactive and solution-oriented!

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Jürg Schneider is a “talented data professional” according to sources who admire his “very robust Swiss and international practice in information technology, data protection and outsourcing”.


Jürg Schneider is a partner in the IT and IP team of Walder Wyss, one of Switzerland's leading law firms, and head of the Lausanne office.

His primary practice areas include information technology, data protection and outsourcing. He regularly advises both Swiss and international firms on comprehensive licensing, development, system integration and complex global outsourcing projects. He has deep and extensive experience in the fields of data protection, information security and e-commerce, with a particular focus on transborder and international contexts. In addition, Mr Schneider regularly publishes and lectures on ICT topics at national and international conferences. He is a member of several professional organisations and is member of the board and former co-chair of the data protection committee of the International Technology Law Association.

Jürg Schneider was educated at the University of Neuchâtel (lic iur 1992; Dr iur, 1999). He has previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Neuchâtel, as a trainee at the legal department of the canton of Neuchâtel, and in a Neuchâtel law firm.

Jürg Schneider speaks German, French and English. He is registered with the Vaud Bar Registry and admitted to practise in all of Switzerland.

With around 240 legal experts, Walder Wyss is one of the most successful and fastest growing Swiss commercial law firms, with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Berne, Lausanne and Lugano. The firm specialises in corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, intellectual property and competition law, dispute resolution and tax law. Clients include national and international companies, publicly held corporations and family businesses as well as public law institutions and private clients.

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