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Jørgen Vinding

Jørgen Vinding

Norrbom VindingDampfaergevej 26CopenhagenDenmarkDK-2100
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Thought Leader

WWL Ranking: Thought Leader

WWL says

Jørgen Vinding has a superb reputation in the space for his expertise on contentious matters. Respondents describe him as “always thorough, to-the-point and offering both legal and practical views”.

Questions & Answers

Jørgen is managing partner at Norrbom Vinding and advises on all aspects of labour and employment law, but he has a special focus on employment issues of public authorities/privatised companies; legal investigations/inquiries for private and public sector employers; and advising employers in the media and pharmaceutical sectors. He also advises international clients, especially on setting up and doing business in Denmark. Jørgen is an experienced litigator and frequently conducts cases before the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice, the Labour Court and industrial tribunals. In addition, Jørgen has been a member of the board of the Danish Society for Labour Law since 2007.

Describe your career to date.

I have been passionate about labour and employment law for more than 30 years. My focus areas have always included, for example, collective labour law, advising international clients and litigation. I have represented clients in the Supreme Court on 26 occasions and today I am probably the Danish employment lawyer in private practice who has conducted most cases for employers before the ordinary courts, industrial tribunals and the Labour Court. I have been privileged enough to work on extremely interesting cases concerning the relationship between EU law and the Danish labour market model, according to which matters in the labour market are widely regulated through collective bargaining agreements.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of advising a host of international clients on setting up business in Denmark where it is important – and at an early stage – to get a general idea of the Danish labour market model and where international policies, platforms, etc, must often align not only with Danish law but also collective bargaining agreements.

In recent years I have mainly focused on managing Norrbom Vinding, which I established with Mariann Norrbom in 1998.

It has always been a priority of ours to be a top-tier firm, both nationally and internationally, within our field. In light of this, I am thrilled that we recently strengthened our firm by promoting more partners, thereby giving new talent a chance to grow and develop in the context of Norrbom Vinding to the benefit of our clients.

What attracted you to a career in labour and employment law and what do you enjoy most about working in the area?

First and foremost, labour and employment law is about people – regardless of whether you advise companies on share or incentive schemes, negotiate collective bargaining agreements or conduct court cases. You always need to bear in mind that tomorrow is another day. As a lawyer, you want the client to achieve the best result or win a case – but you also want the client to be successful in such a way that the employees working for, and organisations cooperating with, the client may not be pleased with the outcome, but they nevertheless respect it.

Secondly, labour and employment law matters are complex and multifaceted, not least because they involve politics and issues on a strategic level that must be taken into account. This interaction, or combination of factors, has always appealed to me and knowing how to go about it seems – to an increasing degree – to be a crucial skill to master in order to have a successful labour and employment law practice.

What challenges did you face when setting up your own firm?

We faced the same challenge when setting up Norrbom Vinding as we do today: to be the natural first choice for employers and management when they need labour and employment law advice.

From the very beginning, we have tried to establish a law firm that is considered leading in Danish and international contexts, and today we are pleased that we are described as an “employment powerhouse” in Denmark.

We continue to focus on attracting talent within our field, to provide space for and allow them to grow within the sub-areas that fascinate them. I think we have generally succeeded in doing exactly that, and today our team is Denmark’s largest in terms of experienced experts who, for instance, specialise in discrimination, litigation and industrial relations, as well as the interface between employment law and company law, stock exchange law, tax law and social security law.

At an early stage, our international outlook and ambitions resulted in our becoming the Danish – and very dedicated – member of the international alliance Ius Laboris, Global HR Lawyers. Likewise, we continue to attach great importance to putting efforts into the International Bar Association and the European Employment Lawyers Association.

What qualities do clients look for in an effective labour and employment lawyer?

In today’s market, clients need high-end and strategic legal advice and they look for lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of and experience in their particular industry.

Clients have always looked for such qualities, but this demand is ever-growing in a market where clients themselves employ highly specialised in-house counsel to a wide extent. So when engaging external counsel, clients need labour and employment lawyers with an extra dimension – and, in this context, experience is often what matters.

How has the nature of labour and employment disputes evolved since you first began practising?

The number of cases has increased massively and they are becoming increasingly complex due to the interplay between national legislation, including collective bargaining agreements, EU law and international law in general.

Global Leader

WWL Ranking: Recommended
WWL Ranking: Recommended
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