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WWL: Competition is a comprehensive guide to the leading competition and state aid lawyers and economists around the world. The lawyers selected advise and represent clients in internal, regulatory and criminal investigations as well as assisting with merger filings, civil and criminal litigation and cartel matters.

The competition economists we feature are considered to be the best consultants, expert witnesses and advisers in the world, and are highlighted for their provision of expert knowledge and testimony in complex antitrust matters, alongside the superb advice they provide to lawyers and clients on intricate matters of competition economics.

We also feature the top practitioners aged 45 and under in our Future Leaders category.
We list 2379 practitioners from 1257 firms in 62 jurisdictions across this practice area.
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Germany 2021 – Competition

Canada 2020 – Competition

Canada 2020 – Competition Economists

Brazil 2020 – Competition

China 2020 – Competition

Japan 2020 - Competition

Experts - Economics - Competition Economists 2020 - Legal Marketplace Analysis

Australia 2020 – Competition Economists

Australia 2020 – Competition

Competition and Competition - State Aid 2020 - Legal Marketplace Analysis

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