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Robortella e Peres Sociedade de Advogados

Robortella e Peres Sociedade de Advogados

Professional Notice

Our new corporate name is Robortella e Peres Sociedade de Advogados. The firm was established in 1975 under the name Robortella Advogados by Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella and Luiz Fernando Amorim Robortella, mainly practising corporate labour law.

Founding partner Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella, managing partner Antonio Galvão Peres and the firm receive honorary mention in the most renowned Brazilian and foreign legal publications. Both received PhDs in labour law from the University of São Paulo Law School. They also act as undergraduate and graduate professors, delegates and speakers at national and international events.

Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella has dedicated over 45 years to studying the modernisation and flexibility of labour relations, having published, individually or as a co-author, approximately 50 books and 250 articles in Brazilian and international journals relating to the many aspects of individual, collective and procedural labour law.

Antonio Galvão Peres has published dozens of articles and books on labour law, with noteworthy mention of the international labour agreement and international jurisdiction study, of major interest given the growing transnationalisation of workers and capital.

Both partners actively participated in the 2017 Brazilian Labour Reform through meetings with officials, lectures, press articles, production and review of the draft bill. Peres was also invited to explain his ideas at public hearings in the Brazilian Senate and House of Representatives in Brasília.

This track record bestows on the partnership with the privilege of exclusively focusing on consulting in medium and high-complexity strategic litigation. This constitutes the essence of its current strategic planning: a firm comprising a high-level team, legal culture, experience, dedication, dynamism, management and quality of service.

Over the years, our firm has set aside practice in “mass litigation”, to focus on the practice for which we are best known: “special cases”, such as class actions, collective labour claims, and complex or high-value labour claims.

Our partners are attorneys with a solid academic background who are always up to date with the most recent doctrine and case law through internal study meetings and periodic workshops.

We sponsor cases and defences at all levels of jurisdiction: labour courts, regional appellate labour courts, the Superior Labour Court, as well as the Supreme Federal Court.

We are resourceful in filing preliminary injunctions and urgent injunctions, interlocutory relief, correctional and constitutional claims with courts of any level.

We act on administrative and out-of-court litigation, defence and appeal vis-à-vis the federal government and other public or private institutions.

We also present verbal or written legal opinions on several matters regarding material and procedural labour law, from simple questions on companies’ routine to complex legal strategies.

We offer our services in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.

Our modern technology enables us to deliver reports, assess risks, estimate contigencies and provide other essential information on conflict management.

Our firm’s internal digital library ensures access to important national and international sources, in addition to over 4,000 specialised books and journals.

In our current working model, our main goal and feature remains to improve the standard of labour relations and add value to investments, providing fast and safe solutions that mitigate the risk of conflict and its impact on corporate activity.

Robortella e Peres Sociedade de Advogados, Brazil

Alameda Santos, 1978 - 8th floor São Paulo Brazil 01418-200 www.robortella.com.br

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