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Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados

Professional Notice

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados is a Brazilian law firm formed by dynamic and highly specialised attorneys in tax, corporate, contracts, real estate, civil and labour law. Its attorneys have deep knowledge and experience in different economic areas, particularly civil construction, infrastructure, steel, chemical and food industries, energy, mining, agribusiness, healthcare, international trade, TMT and logistics.

As a result of the experience acquired by its partners at well-known local and international law firms and law schools, the firm advises clients in the structuring and implementation of foreign investment deals in Brazil and abroad. The practice covers the entire Brazilian territory from its offices in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Practice areas

Labour and employment: Structuring of profit-sharing and variable compensation programmes; due diligence and strategies to prevent and reduce labour liabilities; negotiations with unions and class agencies, intermediation in collective negotiations and during investigation procedures; assistance in labour health and safety issues; labour judicial or administrative proceedings and in labour-related mediations.

Tax: advice relating to the application of federal, state and local tax laws; tax planning; foreign trade transactions, tax regimes and incentives; due diligence, assessment of tax contingencies and review of tax procedures, including identification of unused credits; tax judicial and administrative proceedings.

Real estate: purchase and sale of urban and rural properties; structuring of real estate projects and developments, including leases, built-to-suit, shopping centres, hotels, construction agreements; real estate due diligences; real estate financing and security; advice on investment funds and real estate credit securitisation; regular standing of real estate property and administrative procedures with registry offices, local and federal authorities; real estate-related litigation (including eviction, rent revision, possession actions, termination of purchase and sale commitment, court adjudication).

Corporate: mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring operations, public offerings and sale of assets; advice on investment funds and other potential investors; investment in emerging and consolidated companies; corporate documents and governance models; due diligence processes; commercial and civil contracts in general.

Litigation: representation of clients in judicial or administrative proceedings, settlement negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution methods; review of business practices and client’s potential or incurred liabilities aiming at reducing contingencies; credit renegotiation and recovery; due diligence to identify possible challenges and liabilities; assistance in motions for validation of foreign decisions and arbitral awards.

Experts (by practice area) 

Labour and employment:

Alessandra Roberta Tavolassi  alessandratavollassi@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Bruno Galiotto brunogaliotto@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Carolina de Santana Neves carolinaneves@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Celso Goulart Mannrich celso@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Fábio Tadeu de Lima fabiolima@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Keoma Oliveira Amorim keomaamorim@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Marcela Andrade Ferreira marcelaferreira@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Mirella Costa Macêdo Ferraz mirellaferraz@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Mônica Santiago Iezzi Tomiatti monicatomiatti@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Nelson Mannrich nelsonmannrich@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Priscila Freire da Silva Cezario  priscilacezario@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Roberto Aguirre Rossetti  robertorossetti@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br


Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos breno@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Carla Mendes Novo carlanovo@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Josy de Oliveira Almeida josyalmeida@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Maria Raphaela Dadona Matthiesen mariaraphaela@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Thais Romero Veiga Shingai thais@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Letícia Marchioni Sequeira leticiamarchioni@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Real estate:

Daniel Cardoso Gomes danielgomes@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Mariana Parreira Giraldes marianagiraldes@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Renata Rugna Vaqueiro renatavaqueiro@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br



Ananda Palazzin de Almeida anandaalmeida@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Cristiane Pedroso Pires cristianepires@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Gilberto Martins Vasconcelos  gilberto@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino marcosabino@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

São Paulo Office
Avenida Paulista, 1776 | 23º andar | São Paulo-SP | CEP 01310-200
Tel/Fax: +55 11 3737 7777
Uberaba Office
Rua Artur Machado, 174 | cjs 208-210 | Uberaba-MG | CEP 38010-020
Tel/Fax: +55 34 3332 0300
mvsp@mannrichvasconcelos.com.br | www.mannrichvasconcelos.com.br

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados, Brazil

Avenida Paulista, 1776 23rd floor São Paulo Brazil 01310-200 www.mannrichvasconcelos.com.br
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