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Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC

Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC

Professional Notice

Surveys of both in-house and outside counsel reveal Fross Zelnick are considered by many to be the premier firm worldwide for trademark, copyright, and design law. 

The firm was founded in New York in 1969 by a handful of leading international trademark lawyers who shared a commitment to provide premium client service and the lofty goal of working at the pinnacle of their field. Now, they are one of the largest firms in the world focusing exclusively on this area of law, and their attorneys are consistently and disproportionately recognised by leading publications around the globe as experts and go-to practitioners.

Fross Zelnick’s nearly 50 attorneys are from diverse backgrounds and focus on practical strategies aimed at driving business-centric solutions to the field’s most complex and intractable problems. Their unwavering focus on clients and on this legal niche has caused the firm to develop streamlined and efficient approaches aimed at providing the highest level of trademark advice at a reasonable cost.

Because they offer comparable strength in both US and international work (a rarity for a boutique) and maintain active relationships with leading practitioners around the globe, Fross Zelnick are uniquely positioned to help trademark owners establish, maintain and protect their brands. Each firm attorney is a trademark expert and an authority in several subspecialties of the field.

Litigate Intellectual Property Rights

Fross Zelnick stand in the top tier of trademark and copyright litigation firms in the US. Their creativity, combined with a sterling reputation for success, often leads to quick, favorable settlements without court proceedings. And, when US litigation is required, their litigators fight and win. Internationally, Fross Zelnick have unparalleled experience in foreign and multi-country litigation and a history of success in recapturing pirated well-known marks.

Register Trademarks, Copyrights and Design Patents

Familiar with every nook and cranny of the US prosecution practice, the firm’s attorneys work efficiently and effectively and consistently rank among the top US trademark filers. Fross Zelnick’s cross-discipline expertise allows them to leverage copyright and design patents to shore up strong and redundant protections for the most difficult marks and obtain rights that ward off newcomers and stand up in court.

Manage Global Portfolios

Fross Zelnick provide outstanding global intellectual property management. Working closely with a select and dynamic network of top foreign counsel, the firm protects brands in every corner of the world. They are experts in working to align and deploy a singular brand strategy, including copyright, trademark, trade dress, design and related assets, throughout diverse jurisdictions and against an array of challenges.

Negotiate IP Transactions

Whether a client is buying, selling or licensing an IP portfolio, Fross Zelnick have seen it before and can advise on how to structure the deal to fit the client’s goals. And when novel issues arise, the firm’s deep experience enable their attorneys to provide innovative solutions. Iconic brands look to Fross Zelnick to conduct due diligence on high-profile transactions and to record corporate changes against registrations worldwide once the deal closes.

Protect Characters and Celebrities

For decades, Fross Zelnick have protected famous entertainment characters through sophisticated copyright and trademark protection and enforcement strategies. They have retrieved numerous infringing or disparaging trademarks and domain names for celebrities, and litigated high-profile cases involving the unauthorised use of well-known names, likenesses and story elements.

Conquer the Internet

Internet law evolves as rapidly as the medium itself and much of it is rooted in trademark and copyright. Fross Zelnick litigate uniform domain name dispute resolution proceedings, advise on domain name registration and disputes, monitor the web for infringements, negotiate key word agreements, draft privacy policies and develop strategies for policing IP rights online. 

Combat Counterfeiting

Highly experienced in anti-counterfeiting, Fross Zelnick design sophisticated and cost-effective programmes to prevent the importation and sale of infringing or counterfeit products. This includes recording rights with customs worldwide, educating customs officials as to clients’ portfolios, and mobilising local agents for on-the-ground support.


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