About Who’s Who Legal

What does Who's Who Legal do?

Who’s Who Legal is one of the world’s leading directories of legal practitioners.

Our service is designed to reduce the short-term costs incurred in finding a lawyer or expert, but more significantly to minimise the transactional expense and risk of receiving poor counsel. The publications are designed primarily as a reference source for companies seeking to corroborate the reputations of expert lawyers recommended by another party. However, because numerous referrals are lateral, we also endeavour to create a referral network between the lawyers listed, for though they will have a thorough knowledge of the ablest lawyers in their own practice area, their familiarity with other fields in interdisciplinary and international transactions may not be as extensive.

What does Who's Who Legal publish?

Who's Who Legal publishes 34 individual practice area guides covering corporate and commercial law. In total, we list more than 24,000 private practice lawyers from over 150 national jurisdictions. We also publish an annual compendium volume of all of the individual practice area guides. All of these guides can be viewed for free via this website.

Following the success of the international publications, Who's Who Legal also publishes a series of special reports. These go into greater depth in local or regional markets identifying the leading individuals across a number of practice areas, as well as providing further in-depth editorial analysis of each area and a breakdown of the leading firms overall.

In addition to lawyers, many of our guides also cover consulting experts, including expert witnesses, accountants and legal consultants. We now publish an annual edition comprising the leading experts across the individual practice area guides.

Who reads these publications?

Our readership is extensive and influential. Publications are distributed by request and free of charge to counsel and officers at over 8,000 of the world's leading corporations, as well as to the lawyers listed in the book. They are also delivered to executive partners at pre-eminent firms. If you have someone in mind that you think should receive our publications free of charge, please contact us. We also distribute our publications at leading international business law conferences.

How much do hard copies of the publications cost?

For those not eligible for free distribution the compendium edition costs £270. The individual practice area volumes cost £100 each.

The Research

What is the research process for Who's Who Legal?

The research begins with conversations with private practice lawyers of renown either in the practice area in question or in related fields, as well as with general counsel, experts and other market sources; the individuals and firms they recommend are then canvassed using questionnaires. The returned data is collated with information gleaned from the legal and financial media and feedback from corporate counsel, and we are then able to compile and distribute a preliminary listing to all the practitioners who have been mentioned to us in our research, requesting their comments. The practitioners are initially invited to submit their opinions in written form, and these are incorporated into our listing.

Subsequently telephone and face-to-face interviews are conducted internationally to permit us to refine the listing to a selection of practitioners who, by general agreement, are considered the pre-eminent in their field.

At Who’s Who Legal we pride ourselves on our rigorous and independent research process; only those receiving the highest number of recommendations from peers and clients are listed in our publications. We aim to ensure our guides act as useful tools to private practitioners in search of counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions as well as to clients in search of a lawyer or expert, and in order to achieve this we uphold the highest standards of integrity. We conduct our research afresh each year and through conversations with practitioners worldwide ask whom they have been working with recently that they could recommend from personal experience.

Recommendations for a lawyer within the same firm or Swiss Verein are not considered nor are votes for a lawyer known by reputation but not first-hand experience.

Which areas of the law are covered?

The practice areas that we currently cover can be seen by visiting our Practice Areas.

When is research conducted?

Each of our practice area guides are researched during a dedicated research period each year. Country/region special reports also have their own research period. Please contact us to receive details about when each practice area/special report is researched.

Do you list law firms?

We do not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The firms whose individuals receive the most nominations in the research are featured in our editorials, but this does not amount to a listing for the firm.

How do I get listed in the print editions or on the Who's Who Legal website?

Please contact us to let us know why you should be considered for inclusion and in relation to which practice area. We may require corroboration of your expertise via the submission of client referees whom we can contact for an appraisal. We may then allow your name to go forward for possible nomination in the research.

How can I take part in the research process?

We are always interested in people's recommendations or comments. Please contact us to make any suggestions in full confidence. Alternatively we can be reached by telephone at +44 20 7908 1196.

Is it possible to pay for a listing on this website?

No. We set a high nomination threshold for inclusion in our publications. Only those lawyers who have met our independent research criteria are recommended and listed on this site. Financial considerations play no part in the research process. All listed lawyers receive a free, basic listing in the book and on our website.

How can I publish a biography in print editions or on the Who's Who Legal website?

All those listed in our guides, and only those listed, are invited, under no obligation, to publish a professional biography to enhance their listing and facilitate the task of instructing parties to identify the appropriate lawyer or expert. This process allows us to conduct and disseminate our research at no expense to law firm clients. If you are a nominee and would like to publish your biography in Who's Who Legal, please contact us.

What else do you research?

In addition to our practice area guides and our special reports, we also conduct ad hoc research, including, but not limited to, an annual pro bono survey, now in its fourth year, as well as research into topical issues such as Brexit.

Thought Leaders

What is Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders?

Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders brings together the insight, expertise and wisdom of some of the world’s foremost lawyers in a single book. Through interviews with the practitioners themselves, our Thought Leaders guide aims to shine a light on what makes these lawyers the apogee of the profession.

We are also publishing Thought Leaders guides for some individual practice areas, including Arbitration and Competition. Please contact us for more details about these publications.

Who are the Thought Leaders?

The Thought Leaders are the best of the best, according to our research. Only those listed lawyers who obtained the biggest number of nominations from peers, corporate counsel and other market sources in our most recent research cycle are considered.

Entry into our guides, is, of itself, no easy feat, with fewer than half of those nominated obtaining a listing. The bar to be considered a ‘Thought Leader’ is even higher: The individuals invited to participate in Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders 2017 comprised just the top two per cent of all the lawyers listed across all our guides.

How do I get into Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders?

It is not possible to nominate yourself for inclusion in Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders. Those individuals scoring most highly in our research are invited to participate.

Future Leaders

What is Who’s Who Legal: Future Leaders?

While our various practice area editions cover more than 24,000 outstanding lawyers and experts internationally, it became clear that there is a tremendous amount of first-class work being done by younger practitioners currently unrecognised by our research. With Who’s Who Legal’s Future Leaders editions we aim to address that, focusing for the first time on the outstanding members of the next generation: the future leaders of the profession.

We currently run Future Leaders editions in Arbitration and Competition.

Who are the Future Leaders?

Future Leaders are the leading individuals aged 45 or under in the practice area concerned. In order to be eligible, a practitioner must be 45 or under at the end of the year of publication.

How do I get listed in Who’s Who Legal: Future Leaders?

The research process is very similar to our standard practice area guides. Please contact us to let us know why you should be considered for inclusion.

The Who’s Who Legal Awards

How are the Who's Who Legal Awards determined?

All the professionals on this website are leaders in their fields but the exceptional performances of some deserve particular recognition. The editors choose one individual and one firm as outstanding in each of the practice areas we survey. We also select an overall ‘Law Firm of the Year’ and ‘Experts Firm of the Year’.

In judging the Who's Who Legal awards we study the nominations made by clients and fellow professionals. Our bespoke database weights each recommendation according to the standing of the nominator: so a vote from the general counsel of a major corporation or one of the practice area's leading lights carries greater weight than that of a less frequently nominated lawyer. The firm awards are determined by the number of its members that feature in the publication as well as by the number of nominations its lawyers received during the course of the research. We also give Who's Who Legal awards to the outstanding firms in major jurisdictions around the globe. These are also determined by the number of nominees a firm has in the publication and by their standing within the research.


What should I do if my contact details on this site are inaccurate?

Please contact us to and give the correct contact information and we will change it as soon as possible. We are very grateful for such notification as we pride ourselves on the veracity of the information on this site.

What should I do if my professional biography is inaccurate?

Please contact us, to provide the appropriate corrections and we will make the changes as soon as possible.

Law Business Research Ltd

What other publications are published by Law Business Research Ltd?

Law Business Research is an international legal publishing company based in London.

In addition to Who's Who Legal, we publish a number of other publications, including Global Competition Review, the international journal of competition policy and regulation, Global Arbitration Review, Global Investigations Review and Global Restructuring Review.

We also publish Latin Lawyer magazine - the business law magazine for Latin America – as well as The Law Reviews, which provide insights into a range of different practice areas.

The Getting the Deal Through series provides comparative international analysis for corporate counsel and cross-border legal practitioners in key areas of law and policy. The growing series includes books on Corporate Governance, Merger Control, Mergers & Acquisitions, Cartel Investigation, Telecommunications, Insolvency and Restructuring, Securities Finance, Private Equity, Project Finance, Public Procurement, Oil Regulation, Gas Regulation, Mining, Patents, Trademarks, IP & Antitrust, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, Private Antitrust Litigation.

Who should I contact for more information on Who's Who Legal?

For more information on Who's Who Legal please contact the Editor, Rupert Wilson or Tel: +44 20 3780 4117, Fax: +44 20 7229 6910.

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Nominees have been selected based upon comprehensive, independent survey work with both general counsel and private practice lawyers worldwide. Only specialists who have met independent international research criteria are listed.

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