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Arsenio Oré Guardia is an exceptionally well known litigator with decades of experience handling an array of complex disputes.


With more than 50 years of professional experience, Arsenio Oré Guardia is considered one of the most important criminal lawyers in Perú.  Currently he manages the different teams of lawyers in his law firm in charge of the criminal defense of some of the most important national and international companies with operations in Peru, among which, companies in the mining sector stand out.

During his long and successful career, he has had the opportunity to serve 22 years as reserve judge.

The academic activity is another of the pillars of his renowned career. He is a professor at the most important private and national universities in the country as well as a national and international lecturer.  He is also de author of many books, among which “Manual de Derecho Procesal Penal” (Manual of Criminal Procedure Law) stands out.

Due to his authoritative opinion, Arsenio Oré Guardia has been part of important review and drafting committees of constitutional and criminal procedure codes. As a criminal expert, he has also been an advisor to the Peruvian Congress.

He is a promoter and a recognized benchmark of criminal procedure reform in his country, following the line of change experienced in the region since the early 90’s.

He is the founder of INCIPP – Instituto de Ciencia Procesal Penal (Institute of Criminal Procedure Science) in 1994, a pioneering institution in research and training of criminal procedure matters.

Currently his work combines the management of his law firm, as a founding partner, the criminal and strategic defense of his clients, as well as the academic acitivity which includes the constant conferences and investigations that he undertakes together with his team of outstanding law professionals.

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