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Battling Headwinds, US Commercial Real Estate Market Creeps Toward Recovery

Jay Epstien and Scott Weinberg, DLA Piper LLP (US)

Jay Epstien and Scott Weinberg oF DLA Piper LLP (US) discuss the slow but steady recovery of the commercial real estate industry.

Roundtable: Real Estate 2011

The International Who's Who of Real Estate Lawyers has brought together two of the leading practitioners in world to discuss key issues facing lawyers today.

Too Much Discretion Exacerbates ‘Too Big To Fail’

James H M Sprayregen - Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Stephen E Hessler - Kirkland & Ellis LLP

James H M Sprayregen and Stephen E Hessler, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Imagine a repeat of the darkest moments of the Great Recession, and major banks are failing quickly, as exemplified by Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy filing in September 2008. If this happens again, Congress has ensured the next time will be different – and potentially worse. James H M Sprayregen and Stephen E Hessler of Kirkland & Ellis LLP share their thoughts on 'too big to fail' banking structures.  

The Art of Identifying “The Most Economically Advantageous Tender” - The Use of Relative Evaluation Models in Public and Utilities Procurement

Joakim Lavér and Olof Larsberger, Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd

Joakim Lavér and Olof Larsberger of Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd discuss the advantages and disadvantages of relative evaluation models in public and utilities procurement.

2B, Or Not 2B, That is the Question…

Anna-Marie Curran, A&L Goodbody, Dublin

The question of the scope of procedural obligations applying to the award of contracts falling within Annex IIB of Directive 2004/18 (Annex XVIIB of Directive 2004/17) has been the subject of much academic and judicial comment, but recent case law from the Court of Justice has helped shed some light on the topic.

Roundtable: Public Procurement 2011

The International Who's Who of Public Procurement Lawyers has brought together three of the leading practitioners in world to discuss key issues facing lawyers today.

Cost-Effective Options for Brand Enforcement in the UK

Anna Carboni and Rebecca Lawrence, Powell Gilbert LLP

The traditional route of conducting trademark litigation before the English High Court can be an expensive exercise, involving a significant amount of resource from internal and external lawyers, as well as third-party agencies such as survey companies. In addition to a party’s own costs, there is the potential financial risk from the High Court rules, which dictate that the ‘loser pays the winner’s costs’. While the High Court is undoubtedly an excellent forum for many disputes, these factors have in the past deterred some trademark owners from protecting the investment in their brands by seeking to enforce their rights in the UK. But times are changing. The recently reformed Patents County Court, which aims to provide a relatively quick and lower-cost forum for smaller IP cases, now represents an attractive alternative for some brand owners. Mediation has also been under the spotlight, with the recent implementation of the European Mediation Directive.

Dilution by Blurring V Freedom of Competition

Daniel Bereskin QC, Bereskin & Parr

Daniel R Bereskin traces the common law action of passing off, and explores the significant impact dilution by blurring can have on competition rights.

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