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UK Bar: Labour & Employment 2016

This year 75 practitioners have been identified by our research as the leaders in the field.

Most Highly Regarded Individuals
Leading Silks
John Cavanagh QC 11 King’s Bench Walk
Christopher Jeans QC 11 King’s Bench Walk
David Reade QC Littleton Chambers
Thomas Linden QC Matrix Chambers
Paul Goulding QC Blackstone Chambers
Robin Allen QC Cloisters Chambers
Leading Juniors
Adam Solomon Littleton Chambers
Andrew Edge 11 King’s Bench Walk
Amy Rogers 11 King’s Bench Walk
Jonathan Cohen Littleton Chambers
Richard Leiper 11 King’s Bench Walk
Jane McCafferty 11 King’s Bench Walk


Littleton Chambers leads the research with an impressive either nominations. David Reade QC is considered the “silk of choice” regarding difficult and complex cases. Alongside him, Gavin Mansfield QC is a “major name” in the field, and gains recognition for his particular “expertise” in business protection disputes. Stuart Ritchie QC is a “class act”. His practice covers a broad range of commercial, civil fraud and employment law, and he is often involved in both domestic and international litigation and arbitration. The “great” Selwyn Bloch QC is revered by peers for his “fantastic High Court work”, and regularly deals with employment cases that involve overlap with other practice areas such as intellectual property. Andrew Clarke QC’s practice specialises in restricted covenants, discrimination, equal pay and industrial action. He is admired by peers for his “unrivalled” cross-examination skills. The “confident” Daniel Tatton-Brown QC is a “safe pair of hands” when it comes to employment matters. Damian Brown QC is “a favourite among clients” who praise him for his “extensive knowledge” of the practice area. Naomi Ellenbogen QC focuses her work on employment, commercial and professional negligence law, and has particular experience within the financial services, insurance and property sectors.

11 King’s Bench Walk achieve seven listings in this chapter. The “sensational” John Cavanagh QC has appeared in more than 100 reported cases, and is “one of the leading practitioners at the bar”. Christopher Jeans QC is a “very clever individual” and “an incredibly hard worker”. He is known for his work on high-profile media and sports cases. Sean Jones QC is “brilliant with clients” and specialises in all aspects of employment law. Daniel Stilitz QC runs a “terrific” practice which focuses on the financial services and professional services sectors. Also representing the set is Simon Devonshire QC who possesses “in-depth legal knowledge” of the practice area, specifically restrictive covenants and whistle-blowing disputes. Anya Proops QC is “extremely tough in court”, and is praised for her “client-friendly” practice. Akhlaq Choudhury QC runs a “dedicated” practice, which focuses on commercial, employment, procurement, information and public law.

Matrix Chambers achieves five listings this year, including the “fantastically clever” Thomas Linden QC who is lauded by peers as a “superstar” at the “top of his game”. Nicholas Randall QC has been described by clients, who include high-profile individuals and financial institutions, as “an integral part of any team”. Karon Monaghan QC is “well-known” for her discrimination work and a “genuine employment specialist”. Alongside them, the “superb” James Laddie QC gains recognition for his “unparalleled” cross-examination skills. The “personable” Paul Nicholls QC conducts the majority of his work before the High Court, and has developed a particular focus on public procurement claims. 

Cloisters Chambers receives four nominations in this practice area. The “innovative” Robin Allen QC is a “leading figure” at the employment bar, and is regularly involved in cross-border employment disputes. Jason Galbraith-Marten QC has over 20 years of experience at the bar, and continues to provide “straightforward and clear advice” to clients. Paul Epstein QC is admired by peers for his “impressive roster of clients” who include top UK law firms, trade unions, public bodies and financial institutions. Caspar Glyn QC is an “amazing” trial and appellate lawyer, and regularly lectures at conferences on the practice area. 

Essex Court Chambers garners four listings this year. Andrew Hochhauser QC is a “ferocious cross-examiner” with a “phenomenal appetite for work”. He is joined by the “stand-out” David Craig QC, whose practice specialises in unlawful competition, team moves and breaches of fiduciary duty. Daniel Oudkerk QC is “prominent” at the employment bar, and is “always sensitive to the client’s needs”. The “authoritative” Martin Griffiths QC has experience in the High Court, Court of Appeal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Privy Council.

Blackstone Chambers is fielded by three leading silks in this chapter. Paul Goulding QC is “the master of major cases” and when dealing with cases, “leaves no stone unturned”. Dinah Rose QC is a “very worthy opponent” and is known for her work on “cutting-edge cases”. Jane Mulcahy QC is “an established name” in the field, and works on various labour issues including restrictive covenants, garden leave and unlawful discrimination.

At Fountain Chambers three silks receive nominations, including Paul Gott QC, whose “niche and specialised” practice delivers “concise counsel” to clients. Charles Béar QC is recognised for his “focused” manner by clients who include major institutions as well as private individuals. The “calm and engaging” Adam Tolley QC deals with legal cases involving both High Court and Employment Tribunal litigation.

Three silks at Old Square Chambers are listed this year. John Hendy QC is “one of the greats” at the bar, particularly regarding his work handling industrial relations cases for unions. Alongside him, Michael Ford QC is regarded by peers as “a doyenne in the field” when it comes to working-time cases. Jane McNeill QC is noted for her “ability to isolate key issues” in complex cases.

Devereux Chambers is represented by two silks including the “supremely clever” Bruce Carr QC, who receives particular praise for his “phenomenal” work on industrial action cases. Andrew Burns QC has “an incredible eye for detail”, and has represented clients such as British Airways, BT and Citylink in industrial disputes.

Paul Gilroy QC at 9 St John Street is known for his “sensational” work regarding sporting claims and has written extensively on the practice area.

Outer Temple Chambers is represented by Andrew Short QC, who is revered by peers as an “outstanding trial lawyer”.

Brian Napier QC at Hastie Stable “always delivers”, and wins praise from clients for his “sharp and quick-witted style”. 


11 King’s Bench Walk leads the research with a strong eight nominations this year. The “tenacious” Andrew Edge specialises in employment law, and deals with an increasing amount of litigation in the High Court. Amy Rogers is the “junior of choice” when it comes to employment issues. She is regarded by peers as “absolutely brilliant” and “a cut above the rest”. Richard Leiper is a “class act” and is admired by clients for his “creative” approach. The “charming” Jane McCafferty regularly deals with multi-jurisdictional disputes that involve team moves, misuse of confidential information and commercial fraud. Simon Forshaw has written widely on employment law, and is known for his “vast knowledge” of the practice area. Judy Stone gains recognition for her “excellent courtroom manner” and “careful handling” of sensitive cases. The “incredibly academic” Marcus Pilgerstorfer deals with a broad range of employment matters from the Senior Courts to the Tribunal. Andrew Stone is admired for his “easy manner” and is described by clients as always being “one step ahead of the game”.

Littleton Chambers boasts six nominations in this chapter. Adam Solomon is a “distinguished player” in the field, and practises both regulatory and public law in areas such as education and sport. He is joined by Jonathan Cohen, described by peers as “one to watch”. Mohinderpal Sethi is “thoroughly deserving of recognition” in this chapter, and uses his twenty years of experience to advise clients including multinational corporations and foreign governments. Charlotte Davies runs a “dedicated” practice that specialises in competitive activity, fiduciary duties and confidential information. The “astute” Dale Martin is “consistently on the ball”, particularly when dealing with injunctive and high-value tribunal matters in court. John Mehrzad runs a “very impressive practice”, which covers commercial, employment and sports law.

At Devereux Chambers, Akash Nawbatt is one of four juniors to garner inclusion this year. His practice encompasses a wide range of employment law including restrictive covenants, breach of confidence and wrong and unfair dismissal. The “charming” Sophie Belgrove is always “in command of the details”, particularly when advising on complex and high-value cases. Shaen Catherwood runs a broad practice, and is commended by clients for his “highly responsive” approach to advisory work. Alice Mayhew is a “delight to work with”, and acts on behalf of clients from various industries such as aviation, construction and financial services.

9 St John Street achieves three listings this year. Rachel Wedderspoon is a “rising star”, and frequently advises on matters relating to equal pay, maternity and paternity rights, working time and public interest disclosure. Stefan Brochwicz-Lewinski is a “class act”, and is known for his “expertise” in disputes concerning restrictive covenants and employment injunctions, while Joanne Woodward is described by peers as an “effective advocate”.

Two leading juniors at Blackstone Chambers are listed in this chapter, including Thomas Croxford, who is regarded by senior peers as a “leading junior” in the field. He is joined by Diya Sen Gupta, who, according to clients, is “unflappable under pressure”.

Cloisters Chambers also receives two nominations, including the “superbly intelligent” Dee Masters who regularly works on high-profile and sensitive cases. Tom Coghlin deals with cases both at first instance and on appeal, and is described by peers as a “smart operator”.

At Matrix Chambers, Thomas Kibling acts on behalf of a range of clients on high value, complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Andrew Smith is “on the way up”, as he is recognised for High Court and employment tribunal work.

Representing River Chambers is Jonathan Walters who, according to clients, “stands head and shoulders above the rest”.

As head of the employment team at Kings Chambers, James Boyd “demonstrates considerable talent” and “deep insight” in the practice area.

Richard Hignett at No5 Chambers has 18 years of experience representing clients on labour and employment matters, and is admired by them for his ability to “think outside the box”.

Mark Whitcombe at Old Square Chambers writes regularly for employment law publications, and is recognised for his practice and the “impressive client service” that it provides.

At St Philips Chambers, Edmund Beever “goes beyond the call of duty” to assist clients and fully understand their case.

Parklane Plowden Chambers is represented by Seamus Sweeney, who “inspires confidence in clients” such as local governments and authorities.

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